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Charles M. Young
Published: Tuesday 27 September 2011
The Process is how stuff gets worked out when you don’t have leaders, only Facilitators who facilitate group decisions.

13 Ways To Look at The Occupation of Wall Street

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1) I had brunch on Sunday in Chinatown with a friend who works in local television news. He complained that the Occupy Wall Street people had sent over video that they said showed demonstrators getting maced. It didn’t show any such thing, my friend insisted. After brunch I walked over to occupied Zuccotti Park (two blocks north of Wall Street) and told somebody at the Media table that they had to be careful about claiming more for their video than it actually showed. Then I went home and looked at the video, and it clearly showed several young women, who presented no physical threat, getting wrapped up by police in a plastic net and pepper sprayed in the face.

2) My friend’s other complaint about Occupy Wall Street was that they didn’t have a list of demands. Nobody knows what they want, said my friend. It is true that they don’t have a policy statement yet, nothing to spoonfeed the corporate press. But they are trying. On Saturday night, I sat through their General Assembly meeting in the park and heard the report of the One Demand Working Group. Basically, they wanted to demand that other autonomous groups in other cities join them. Most of the General Assembly pointed their hands down and wiggled their fingers, meaning disapproval (in a supportive way). Several people said that you can’t demand solidarity from an autonomous group, you can only encourage it. And everyone seemed to think the language wasn’t “provocative” or “funny,” which meant it had way too much Process jargon and not enough Anglo Saxon monosyllables. It was suggested (not decided) that the One Demand Working Group try another draft and perhaps combine their efforts with the Principles of Solidarity Working Group.

3) The Process is how stuff gets worked out when you don’t have leaders, only Facilitators who facilitate group decisions. There are lots of Facilitators, so the police can’t nail anyone as a leader, not that anyone would want a leader anyway.

4) The Ad Hoc Caucus of Non-Male Identified Individuals wanted help writing a letter to Stephen Colbert, who had done a report that focused on a Non-Male Identified Individual who was in a state of disrobe while protesting Wall Street on the sidewalk. The report featured only interviews with Male Identified Individuals commenting on the naked Non-Male Identified Individual. The Ad Hoc Caucus of Non-Male Identified Individuals wanted Colbert to rectify this imbalance. Male Bodied Individuals, who were not wholly Male Identified, were welcome at the meeting of the Ad Hoc Caucus of Non-Male Identified Individuals.

5) I think that the corporate press has a difficult time understanding Occupy Wall Street because, like 99% of Americans, they have no experience with democracy. They spend most of their time enslaved by large totalitarian collectives known as “corporations” and have never once decided anything for themselves as a group of equal workers. Instead they follow orders and write about elections, which are big puppet shows financed and scripted by Wall Street.

6) Most journalists wouldn’t know democracy if it bit them on the ass.

7) In 1991, Charles Bufe wrote a great book called Alcoholics Anonymous: Cult or Cure? (See Sharp Press). Bufe found the 12 Steps unacceptably irrational with their emphasis on God, but he strongly endorsed the 12 Traditions as a model of anarchist organization. After all, AA has been around since 1935, it has millions of dysfunctional members, it very self consciously has no leaders, and it is by far the largest anarchist group in the world. Zuccotti Park is a lot like a big AA meeting for the purpose of sweeping Wall Street into the dustbin of history.

8) Occupy Wall Street is living proof that people can organize around egalitarian principles and do things for themselves, thereby demonstrating in real time that the moguls who cook numbers in the skyscrapers around them are at best useless and at worst lethally dangerous. Just look at the guy from the Sanitation Working Group who zips around on his skateboard sweeping cigarette butts into the dustbin of history. Nobody ordered him to do it, and the sidewalk is remarkably clean.

9) No Woodstock-esque mountain of garbage for this generation.

10) At the southeast corner of Zucotti Park, there’s a four-story red/orange sculpture built with I-beams. It looks like a giant Nazi tank trap on the beach at Normandy. At the northwest corner, there’s a cherry-picker with a bullet-proof cab on top, which takes cops up and down to observe the park. It seems useless, since the park is surrounded by cops who can see everything, anyway. Maybe the cops use the cherry-picker to take naps. They seem pretty bored amidst all their paddy wagons, flashing lights and high tech anti-terrorist doodads. It makes for a vibe just outside the park that is a cross between1984 and War of the Worlds. Inside the park, rumors abound about when the police might clear the place. So far, Mayor Bloomberg appears to think he can wait them out by making life as uncomfortable as possible (No tents! No structures of any kind! No writing in chalk on the sidewalk!).

11) I met a couple who drove from North Carolina to be part of the protest. I met a “student and seasonal worker” from Oregon who bought a one-way plane ticket to New York. I met a drummer with a Masters degree in urban planning, a lot of debt and no job. I met a topless Non-Male Identified Individual who had wrapped a python around herself. I met a lot of people from the surrounding neighborhood who were bringing food and money and a desire to chat. People from overseas were phoning in orders of pizza for everybody (a neat trick from the occupation in Madison). Everything was transparent except for last names. Last names weren’t cool. You didn’t want informers figuring out who to target for arrest.

12) If you want to make a ruckus and annoy the ruling class, I would suggest you go to Zuccotti Park during the day. If you want some wonderful free entertainment at night, I’d suggest you go at 7 p.m. and catch the General Assembly. Then wander around and talk to people who want to change the world. If you get arrested, call the National Lawyers Guild at 212-679-6018. Write that number on your arm, because the police take all your stuff when they put you jail.

13) On Sunday night I saw a terrific band (Megafaun) at Mercury Lounge and walked down Broadway for my second trip of the day to Zuccotti Park. Nice warm night. No rain. A few hundred people in little groups around the park. Very little noise in the Wall Street area at that time, just the hum of intense conversation. If you want to talk about something that matters, this is probably the best place in America.

“I hitchhiked here from Maine,” said Troy Thibodeau (last name used by permission) under the giant Nazi tank trap sculpture. He was 47 years old, had long hair, shapeless jeans and dried paint on his sneakers. It was about 2 a.m. “If the police think we’ll go home just because they’re making things difficult, then the police don’t know how difficult things are at home. I’m eating better here, with all the donations and stuff. Back in 2008, I was so depressed that I wanted to kill myself. The only thing that stopped me was I couldn’t figure out how to do it without hurting my family. You don’t want to leave people with that thought about you.

“I was a handyman in Ft. Lauderdale for 24 years. All the work dried up in 2008 when the economy collapsed, and somebody stole my drum kit. I used to play in a band, Spontaneous Combustion, and be out all night, then get up after an hour’s sleep and dig post holes all day. Didn’t think anything about it, until it all just ended. Finally, I called my brother and said, ‘I got nothing. I’m on the street.’ He let me move into his attic in Maine, and he let me use a computer, for the first time ever. Oh man, I went down every rabbit hole doing research on that computer, learned the truth about the scumbags who work in these office buildings. Now I spend every nickel I got on making DVDs and printing flyers, trying to get the word out. In a couple days, I’m going back to Maine for the Harvest Festival. Then I’ll go to Washington on October 6 for that demonstration, or come back here. If you’re depressed, protesting is the best possible thing to do. This is how I’m going to spend the rest of my life. The only way I could be happier right now is if I was getting a blow job.”

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Dude, right on there btrheor.

Dude, right on there btrheor.

Thank you. As an insider

Thank you. As an insider organizing in Flagstaff, I loved your insider wit. I'm posting this on my FB page and sending to friends. A friend sent me this. That's how this New Movement works.

Fight for your future, my

Fight for your future, my young brothers and sisters.

Keep love in your hearts.

So far, these are only decent

So far, these are only decent people operating out of a sense of conscience and righteous indignance. Eventually there might be one or two wild-eyed bomb throwing wobblies. Neither one of those groups has amounted to much since about 1964, and I have my doubts about how much they actually accomplished back then, too. However. They will be truly dangerous to the status quo when they start doing it for the lulz. When the protesters harness the amazing power of petty schadenfreude and laughing at the expense of their victims annoyance, they will finally be a force to be reckoned with.

these folks belong in

these folks belong in washington dc while congress is in session - not NYC

So far, these are only decent

So far, these are only decent people operating out of a sense of conscience and righteous indignance. Eventually there might be one or two wild-eyed bomb throwing wobblies. Neither one of those groups has amounted to much since about 1964, and I have my doubts about how much they actually accomplished back then, too. However. They will be truly dangerous to the status quo when they start doing it for the lulz. When the protesters harness the amazing power of petty schadenfreude and laughing at the expense of their victims annoyance, they will finally be a force to be reckoned with.

Love all the brainwork TZ...a

Love all the brainwork TZ...a few additions.
gotta get our vote back first...ERADICATE ELECTRONICS FROM THE VOTING PROCESS...see my MoveOn petition here:
sign and pass on please!!
You also do not mention oversight and enforcement of all things financial and all things get anything done though, we have to be able to have faith in and trust our voting abilities...afterall, our vote is first and foremost our most precious right.

a bit of back-up to how

a bit of back-up to how believing electronics is viable for our vote cast, count, tabulation...

"Diebold voting machines can be hacked by remote control - 2012 Elections"

Love all the brainwork TZ...a

Love all the brainwork TZ...a few additions.gotta get our vote back first...ERADICATE ELECTRONICS FROM THE VOTING PROCESS...see my MoveOn petition here:

I'm betting Wall Street's

I'm betting Wall Street's billions on the folks that are still tethered to reality. If anyone ends up in the dustbin of history it will be occupation Wall Street.

Right now it's an entertaining side show. Eventually it will by a minor nuisance. Ultimately it will be another societal undercurrent.

revolution has been happening

revolution has been happening since 1776, 1789, 1848, 1917 when the Russian soldiers refused to fight in WW1 and look what happens, the elitest take over again. Someone has to plant food and others need to guard them so you don't get compromised due to starvation.

Remember how quickly

Remember how quickly communism collapsed? We are now witnessing the collapse of capitalism which has painted itself into a corner. The real question is what will come next?
Occupy Wall Street is sparking the kind of mobilization we need to head off a dark future of decline and disintegration. Hopefully, it will spark a real conversation about what kind of economy we really want rather than the economy we have which is a product of massive manipulation. Some great work has been done on alternatives to capitalism and command style state capitalism (also known as "Communism"). I suggest that you take a look at the work of David Korten as one excellent example of this kind of creative alternative thinking. Wall Street cannot be reformed. It has committed economic war crimes. It must be abolished and replaced. This is perfectly feasible if the political will emerges to do it.
Through mass non-violent action we can win the battle in the streets but we must also win the battle of ideas through rationally persuading the American people that Wall Street and the corporatocracy are as unnecessary and pernicious as the kings and queens and aristocrats of old.

The self-styled masters of

The self-styled masters of the universe of Wall Street, like all tyrants, have finally over reached themselves. Americans are losing their faith in the great state religion of electoral democracy through the good cop bad cop two party system. Obama proved to be a false messiah. Just as we have met the enemy and it is us, we are meeting the messiah and it is us. The civil rights movement really began to take off when young people began to sit in at lunch counters across the South. Let us hope that the occupation of Wall Street will ultimately bear as much fruit.
Remember how fast Communism (in its neo-Stalinist form) collapsed. Capitalism (in its neo-liberal form) is next. What will replace these two great totalitarian ideologies? I suggest that people take a look at the work of David Korten. He does something truly amazing.
He distinguishes between capitalism and healthy markets. In fact, he argues that capitalism is the mortal enemy of markets and he draws upon Adam Smith's notions of the necessary conditions for healthy markets and shows how capitalism violates all of them. Korten argues that we must strengthen local and regional economies and re-embed the market in concrete communities that include the eco-sytems that sustain them. He calls for the abolition of Wall Street and its replacement by a financial system oriented towards the needs of real communities.
We will need to win (non-violently) the battle in the streets and the battle of ideas if we are to create a sustainable, democratic and humane alternative to capitalism.

Dear Occupiers, Keep on 'till

Dear Occupiers,

Keep on 'till those Wall St. folks show that they give a hoot about Main St.! I'd suggest projecting love to their lack of love, as the means to transform them. So, instead of just signs like, "Hungry? Eat a Banker!" I'd suggest some that say, "Hungry? Invite Your Banker to Lunch!".

When you have lunch with your fav. banker, be sure to tell them that we need them to help Main St. come up with the trampoline net to replace the safety net so we can bounce back into the work force after we're laid off instead of just collect unemployment checks. So, we need a new "Good Jobs for All" program to replace and/or augment the old tired paradigms of unemployment, disability, and welfare safety net stuff. Charities, towns, counties, states, and nations all have lots of projects that need to get done, and so they can arrange for work for everyone while at same time being sure to set up good marketing for those who work for cheap on their projects so that after 3 to 6 months of lower paid charity and good works community projects the laid off are bounced back well into private sector good jobs.

You are right there in money America's REAL power center, (politicians lately all apparently beholden to big money), so definitely go right ahead and give those power monger workers of Wall St. some better ideas on how to run the country.

All the best,


They have taken over the

They have taken over the country. They own the media. They have bankrupted our people. They own the government. They send our young overseas to die or bring them back broken and emotionally overwhelmed. We are enslaved, captured, broken and broke. It is a toss up as to end the Federal Reserve or end the war. Which should come first. The government must print its own money based on what we produce for ourselves and others. The Occupation of Wall St. is just the beginning. It is time for us to get outside the box and discover how we can rebuild our nation. We can not do this alone. We have to go back to the beginning and believe, live and follow the loving God who created us. We are just creatures and we can do nothing by ourselves. It is time we humbly learn to pray and listen to God in our darkness and ask God to guide us in our journey to truth.

What On Earth Shall We

What On Earth Shall We Do?
Too many republicans are anti-environment, Anti working class, Anti civil liberty, and Anti prosperity except for their own crony system.
Many are Anti this and Anti that.
They are ANTI YOU ! ! !

Democrats are bought and paid for.

The American vote is made mockery of through buying and selling of Congress, President, and others in high authority.

So What Shall We Do?

Join America’s swiftly spreading “Quiet Riot”.

The Quiet Riot is a concerted conduct suddenly practiced by the 99% of Americans who have been disparaged, disenfranchised, and otherwise left out in the cold through the systemic abuses of what has become socio-political facist-capitalism. It is 100% legal, moral, and unstoppable by that 1-4% of America’s wealthiest controlling class dynasties, along with all of their wealth and power.

Simply put, the Quiet Riot involves as many of the 95-99% disenfranchised who are willing to suddenly just say NO. NO to all forms of consumerism. NO to all forms of buying except for outright survival. NO to credit cards and consumer loans, and banking accounts. Close as many accounts as humanly possible. Refuse to use banks. Refuse to shop. Refuse to spend. Refuse to purchase. Refuse to buy. Cease utilizing home utilities except required by survival necessity. . . .

What does this do?
It literally collapses the entire infrastructure of the capitalist system – stocks, bonds, equity trades, etc. . . . upon which even many governments are entrenched, intertwined, and dependent. Better -- it crushes company's, corporations, banks, oil power brokers, ranchers . . . everything . . . and FAST ! ! !

It destroys the controlling class -- roots up, and puts them at the mercy of the 99% common class for their very economic and political survival!

It is 100% Legal Revolution that cost the 99% not one "RED" penny to execute. No one even need leave their home to horde back every dollar and cent from spending against the Capitalist-Anarchist-Facist hostile take-over of America.

You can join the common class re-capturing of our country and of our government by simply saying NO to spending starting right now. Do it for as little as one month, and keep watching the news -- and laugh as you witness the elites lose their seats! it or not, the it or not, the USA's economy is based on consumption. Without the masses consuming, the super-vast majority of our economy will go down the toilet, along with the super-vast majority of all of us. Don't be stupid...

i remember growing up in the

i remember growing up in the sixties during the vietnam war surrounded by news of boycotts and sit-ins and refusing to buy certain brands of products and knowing that somehow this was having an effect because in my 10-year old mind people were talking about these things - recently i remember these things and the air of revolt that came from that time - now i think how said to be surrounded by so many sheep that would not dare to boycott bp stations for a month or walmart and shop somewhere else at a higher price to prove a point - people simply want what they want and don't want to be bothered to think a little bit about what's going on - i really think that the talk on the street for the majority of people isn't the dissent found on these sights where you find the real news - its the mundane day to day drivel on every cell phone - where you at and watchu doin and lets go to the mall and let's order a pizza and do dinner and a movie - can you imagine if just one town or county decided to not buy anymore junk for a month and just stick to the essentials ! or better yet - open your windows at a time like now and turn off the ac - the local power co. would have a fit on the money lost compared to last mo. -- you gotta get people to pull their heads outta their asses and come up for some air -but the way things have been so far i think it's like asking your dog to shit in the toilet instead of in the back yard

That and that the two party

That and that the two party system in the U.S. was created to give all appearances of providing us with a choice.

Troy Thibodeau just rose to

Troy Thibodeau just rose to the top of my awesome people list.

Sign the petition to jail

Sign the petition to jail Anthony Bologna for assault and remove Raymond Kelly as police commissioner!

. . The true sadness is this

. . The true sadness is this is a repeat performance -.- The Republican National Held in New York City -. " law abiding citizens were assaulted by the police of New York city - Incarcerated on a pier without sanitary facilities" . . . Same Pepper spray formula ????. . . The police are supposed to be professionals not goons taking orders -assaulting law abiding demonstrators. . . IF THEY WERE THE PROFESSIONS THEY PRETEND TO BE WOULD ANY OF THIS BE NECESSARY ???? a professional not able to handle the situation -.- "a professional????"
at what level does the provocation -.- become an excuse to brutality ?.?.? Yelling ?.? Screaming ??? dis-orderly ?.? justifies VIOLENCE ?.?.?
think about what you're / they'r claimimg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

to protect and serve the

to protect and serve the people and uphold the law - fucking hamster brains - what do they say to their kids when they come home from a long day of pepper spraying people with no guns - i wonder how brave they're going to be when people will no longer be peaceful and start protesting with shotguns and pistols - it'll start looking like the middle east and the police will become donut eating targets - that gives me an idea - these protesters should set up a donut and coffee stand and maybe that would distract these goons long enough to stop spraying people

Drug testing for lobbyists,

Drug testing for lobbyists, also.

Hey-Hey, whadda you say?

Hey-Hey, whadda you say? Lets get on this band wagon and infuriate the Financial Institutions and the "Rich and Powerful" Individuals, Corporations, Companies and for Profit Institutions and Organizations.

My Suggestions of things to be for:
1.] Cap the Salaries and Benefits of the Executives of ALL Corporations, Companies and for Profit institutions and Organizations.

2.] Make the only way for an Executive to get a Bonus would be for them to exceed all of the Goals that they agreed to for the Year, and two that every Employee of the Corporation, Company, Institution and Organization get the same Percentage Bonus also.

3.] Write and Pass a Constitutional Amendment to Article One of the United States of America's Constitution to clearly define that an "Individual is a Living and Breathing Member of the Homo-Sapien Species" and only Individuals can contribute Funds to a Political Party's Campaign Funds or Directly to the Campaign Funds of an Individual that the Contributor is eligible to Vote for. That all said Contributed Funds must be sent to the F. E. C. with the specification of which Political Party it is to be given to or to what specific Political Candidate it is to be given to. The movement of the Contributed Funds must be done by the F. E. C. and it must be done Anonumously. This stops the "Rich and Powerful Individuals, Corporations, Companies, Institutions and for Profit Organizations from owning the Vote or support from the Elected Politician that they would give Contribution Funds to.

4.] That we write and Pass a Constitutional Amendment that would Establish the Requirement for a Balanced Budget. That Congress could waive the Balanced Budget for one year with a 2/3 or 67% in the event of a Declared war r a National Emergency.

5.] That we Write and Pass a set of Ethic Rules and Regulations that would apply to every person who works for the Federal Gavernment, who is Elected to a Political Office, who is appointed to a Federal Government Position. That a commision be set-up with in the Department of Justice to enforce these Rules and Regulations.

6.] That we separate Medicare and Medicaid from the Social Security Administration and put them in the General Budget because when the Republicans created them they did thier usual thing of not funding them.

7.] That all earnings no matter how they are earned be subject to Social Security Taxes. That any and ALL Caps be removed from the wages and earnings subject to Social Security Taxes. That the determination of eligibility to receive Social Security be "MEANS TESTED."

8.] That the entire Income Tax Code be r4epealled and rewritte. That ALL Exceptions, Exemptions and Deductions be eliminated totally. That all Wages and Earnings no matter how they are earned or where they are earned be subjected to the United States of America's Income Tax Code. That the Income Tax Rate for anyone earning less than $350,000.00 or more per year be set at 1/2 of it's existing Income Tax Rate. That the Income Tax rate for an Individual earning more than $350,000.01 or more per year be set at 50%. 50%. That Corporate Income Tax be set at 15%. That we create a Federal Sales Tax of 1.0% on every transaction where a commodity or a service is transferred.

9.] If anyone [police officer, prosecutor, attorney, judge, Forensic Expert, Defense Attorney] within the Justice System is ever convicted of Falsifing, Hiding, Destroying, Fabricating, or in any way of causing the conviction of an innoucent individual, then that individual shall upon thier conviction be sentenced to the sentence that the individual that they were trying to frame would have been sentenced to.

10.] That every Federal Law have a set Mandatory Sentence attached to it, that the Judge must render. States should also be required to have Mandatory Sentencing attached to every Law. There should be a specified sentence for Firt Time Offender, Second Time Offender, and Third Time Offender; in most States the third Time Offender is declared a Habitual Offender and sentenced to Life Inprisonment.

11.] That all of the Laws and Regulations that were put in place under FDR to control the Financial Institutions and to protect the American Citizen from thier Greed be completely re-instated and new Regulations and Laws be written to cover any New Products that the Financial Institutions have in place. That from the time this law is passed and forward that all new Financial Products must be aproved by the treasury Department prior to being offered.

12.] Stop the Hate Crimes that are based on Religion, and afor ny other Discriminqatory reason. Make Bulling a Felony.

13.] Spend $500 Billion dollars over the next 4 years to Create good Jobs with benefits for American Citizens in the United States of America.

14.] STOP the Wars we are involved in and bring our troops home.

15.] Make English the Official Language of the United States of America.

16.] Impeach any Elected Politician that refuses to do what is good for the Country and the Majority of the United States of America's Citizens.

17.] Make every Individual, and Corporation, Company and Organization be Legally responsible for the truth , honesty and accuracy of anything that they Say---Write---and or Publish.

Wow, requiring a balanced

Wow, requiring a balanced federal budget every, single year would kill our country's ability to grow & prosper. The Founders intended that the USA would be in some form of federal debt from the get-go.

The GOP didn't "create" Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security (SS)...get a clue!

Means-testing SS will just mean violating that social insurance program's original contract with all Americans & just make the program less popular than it is right now. SS isn't in future financial trouble because a few rich people get a ~$2000/month check from the federal govt. when they are old...once again. get a clue!

Repealing all tax "Exceptions, Exemptions and Deductions" & starting up a federal sales taxes would be extremely regressive on the poor & middle classes.

Setting mandatory sentences to all federal & state crimes will basically negate the meaning of having a separate judiciary branch in the first place! All "three strikes & you're out" laws do is overfill our already too-crowded prison system.

"Impeach any Elected Politician that refuses to do what is good for the Country and the Majority of the United States of America's Citizens."

WOW...can you say thought crimes?!

We need to rework the central

We need to rework the central banking system aka Federal Reserve

    "JP Morgan, publicly considered a financial luminary of the time, exploited his mass influence by publishing rumors that a prominent bank in New York was insolvent or bankrupt. Morgan knew this would cause mass hysteria, which would affect other banks as well. And it did.

    The public, in fear of losing their deposit, immediately began mass withdrawals. Consequently the banks were forced to call in the loans, causing recipients to sell their property, and thus a spiral of repossessions, bankruptcies and turmoil emerged.

    Putting the pieces together a few years later, Frederik Allen of Life Magazine wrote, "The Morgan interests took advantage to precipitate the panic... guiding it shrewdly as it progressed".

    Unaware of the fraud, the panic of 1907 led to a congressional investigation headed by Senator Nelson Aldrich, who had intimate ties to the banking cartels and later became part of the Rockefeller family through marriage.

    The commission, led by Aldrich, recommended a central bank should be implemented, so panics like 1907 could never happen again.

    This was the spark the international bankers needed to initiate their plan.

    In 1910 a secret meeting was help at a JP Morgan estate on Jekyll Island, off the coast of Georgia. It was there that a central banking bill called the Federal Reserve Act was written. This legislation was written by bankers, not lawmakers. This meeting was so secretive, so concealed from government and public knowledge, that the ten or so figures who attended were told they could only use their first names in addressing each other. After this bill was constructed, it was then handed over to their political front man Senator Nelson Aldrich who personally planned this, and in 1913 with heavy political sponsorship by the bankers Woodrow Wilson became President having already agreed to sign the Federal Reserve Act in exchange for campaign support.

    And two days before Christmas when most of Congress was at home with their families, the Federal Reserve Act was voted in and Wilson in turn made it law.

    Years later Wilson wrote in regret: "I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is now controlled by it's system of credit. We are no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men"

Well thought out and

Well thought out and absolutely do-able.

you may enter your list of

you may enter your list of demands on the occupy wall street demands list:

This is better than the 60s.

This is better than the 60s. For the first time in over 40 years, that vibe is back. Power to the people!

I am glad that there was

I am glad that there was enough of a ruckus fopr ABC to cover the occupation. I'd be there if I could, but pointing out the degre of media blockade is way important. That fifty Tea Baggers would get 24 hours News Attention while we need 75 arrests to get a mention says much about the media filter our news goes through before the mainstream gets it. The ownership of news outlets by other parent corporation frees the outlets from having to even make their own profit. They can be run at a loss as propaganda. they used to say the big difference between Soviet and U.S. citizens was that the Soviet citizen knew what he or she heard/read was propaganda.


To UNITE THE PEOPLE, SWAT should be employed, conceptually, by all people everywhere. But what context, or WHERE in their hearts should they be united to fight the good fight? Well, since 2008 INDIRA SINGH has been missing and the two radio shows listed below with her should be enough FUSE to light this bomb, to get SWAT for the first time to search for the right target, then aim for the bullseye where noone has ever identified so well what it is other than SINGH, money laundering.
We need both accuracy and precision, from an engineering point of view two completely separate details, but we also need a WORLD psychological agreement, or pact, so here is what we should be looking for in LAW ENFORCEMENT at the street level and the world level. First, at the street level, there are two programs to download to your ipods about Singh and pass around to everyone, the first is 2005, October, and Denver's Michael Corbin interview with her, Corbin murdered likely the same time she came up missing,
then on Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner, Faulkner still alive and reporting,
As for including the WORLD, the global issue should be about taking those to trial, ultimately the cabals (right?), in WORLD COURT, or in TheHague, Netherlands. This has to be. Here is what evidence should start that trial,
from Richard Gage's Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Remember, since the Nuremberg trials, the US has used the courts to implement heinous agendas all over the planet where they are exempt from the law (Chomsky). This has to stop in the eyes of the world, and with the participation of all. That is why TheHague is so important.

Finally, this young

Finally, this young generation has awakened. Stay with it until we finally put those speculators and con men who run Wall Street in a jail not of their choosing. Stand tall and don't back down. That's how the blacks did it with MLK. Stand tall, stand long and the press will have to cover the movement. Just as they had to cover Selma AL and finally the million man march in Washington.

Cutting back--way back--on

Cutting back--way back--on the killing machine we call the ":armed forces" would be good on the agenda,too. Seeing this demonstration, I can finally say I'm proud to be an American. I'd be there, but I'll be 75 in December and might not be able to handle it. Use my name? Absoolutely.

Los Angeles, San Francisco,

Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, San Diego... !!!

They need a clear, concise

They need a clear, concise plan!

You are right that the group

You are right that the group needs a list of demands. Here are a few examples.

1) Ending the war on Pot and Industrial Hemp.
2) Limits on corporate funding of politics.
3) Removal and Jail for CEOs of Banks and Financial institutions that accepted government money in the bailout.
4) Drug testing for Congress
5) No financial contributions to politicians from Multi-nationals.
6) Moratorium on Foreclosures.
7) Reductions in funding for Homeland Security.

Just a few Ideas.

PS. I'm not afraid of using my name.

Drug testing for lobbyists,

Drug testing for lobbyists, also.

Elected officials can accept absolutely NOTHING from lobbyists.

You may participate in the

You may participate in the process and list your demands at this website:

You just know that this has

You just know that this has the powers that be terrified or there wouldn't be a news blackout. What could scare them more than REAL DEMOCRACY?
In my opinion, the focus should really be on Wall Street because that is where the power is not Washington. The national media will cover the Washington occupation because they can't ignore it but annoying the politicians is somewhat pointless. They have no voice either except what the people who bought them told them to say. Keep it up in New York. New York is where they don't want demonstrations.

I am a child of the sixties;

I am a child of the sixties; don't forget how long it took for MLK and the anti-war movement to achieve success.

I've been going to anti-war rallies since Bush & Co started hinting about Iraq and I kept saying, "Where are all the young people?" It looks like they're starting to come out of their cocoons. Let's hope the movement grows.


FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT, I have been yelling kicking and screaming for the last eight years and FINALLY....yes we need to take to the street's in a peacefull manner..sit in ..sit in and pray and sing when the cop's start to attack, America is the Great Lady and we need to fight for her and her children...The Rich will never care never...

I think its great! It's about

I think its great! It's about time the people stand up and fight these corporate giants who want to take over our country. Keep up the good work.

God Bless

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