CNN has come under fire in the last few days for pushing a pro-Hillary agenda and actually censoring reactions to the Democratic debate that took place on Tuesday night.

It started with a poll. CNN asked their audience to vote live for who they thought won the debate on Tuesday night. Poll results showed Sanders overwhelmingly as the winner, with over 75% of the votes. Suddenly, however, the poll disappeared, only to be replaced by a pro-Hillary headline story.

sanders cnn poll

CNN later declared Hillary Clinton as the winner of the night’s debate stating: “Hillary Clinton proved without a doubt Tuesday night why she is the Democratic Party’s presidential front-runner.”

Then, other Sanders supporters on Facebook started noticing their pro-Bernie comments being removed from CNN stories. 

According to Media Equalizer, there are certain messages being specifically targeted – mainly those that mention CNN’s conflict of interest in their support for Hillary. You see, CNN’s parent company, Time Warner, is a huge donor to Hillary Clinton:

Nancy hillarytimewarner

Media Equalizer also managed to take screen shots of some of the comments that were later deleted:


Supporters of Sanders haven’t given up though. Users are continuing to post their comments and call out the network any way they can, even if it means re-posting previously deleted content.

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