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Revolt Against Plutocracy: Grassroots Revolution Isn’t Just BS

Revolt Against Plutocracy: Grassroots Revolution Isn’t Just BS

Bernie Sanders has called for political revolution. And if you “feel the Bern” so strongly, Patrick Walker and a team of collaborators are asking you to take the pledge and join the Revolt Against Plutocracy.


Hillary’s “Whatever You Say, Say Nothing” Political Speech

This new oligarchic system, instead of a clear democracy, has abandoned citizens’ needs and has made so many doubtful of a positive future. Presidential candidates, like Hillary, do not help instill a sense of hopeful progress to the nation, but deter many away from the belief in true change.


Hillary’s a “Bold Progressive”? Has Anyone Warned Her Donors?

According to the author, Hillary is a self-seeking opportunist with her interests held in the deeply corrupted capitalist system. Unless she becomes more genuinely progressive, possibly with help from Elizabeth Warren, Hillary might not see a successful outcome in this presidential election.