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Climate Judge Hansen “Profiles” Clinton’s Democrat Criminals

Climate Judge Hansen “Profiles” Clinton’s Democrat Criminals

It is important to find a candidate who will make it a priority to fight for the protection of our environment.


Iowa Gulls Set World Record for Getting Conned

Some said it couldn’t be done, that the party of Trump would not find another, far more outlandish, dangerous and ignorant candidate. And yet Trump’s numbers are falling as the new hero of the rightwing fundamentalists, Ben Carson, claws his way on top. That his mountain of mendacity hasn’t cut short his 15 minutes of fame is the subject of this essay, not without glimmering moments of satire. Here’s the latest winner of the Rogue Rubber Chicken award for national gullibility.


Clinton’s Updated Tammany Hall—Destroying Democracy and Climate Too?

“Clearly, without open revolt against a Democratic Party dominated by the corrupt Clinton’s new Tammany Hall—a political machine that has hijacked FDR’s party—that machine will shove the climate-unfriendly Clinton down our throats.”


Sanders Correctly Rattles Sabers—at the Climate Change Enemy (Part 1)

Bernie Sanders makes it a point to address climate change as a security threat while campaigning for presidency, but Hillary Clinton does not give this topic proper attention.


Fools, Fascists and Cold Warriors: Take Your Pick

The second 2016 GOP Presidential Debate had very disturbing candidates who focused on topics such as undocumented immigrants and debunking Planned Parenthood. Let’s hope these candidates continue to just be just ridiculous entertainment and not our next president.