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5 Ways a 14-Year-Old Crushed an Arrogant Interviewer / Video Feature
Published: Monday 19 August 2013
By the end of the interview with Parent, O'Leary looked like a "condescending bully" because of Rachel Parent’s fight back during The Lang &O'Leary Exchange,

A 14-year-old, Rachel Parent, debates Kevin O'Leary on the issue of Genetically Modified Food. The young activist started the organization, “The Kids Right to Know,” which pushed for genetically modified foods be labeled. She has set up rallied, debates and speeches against GMO. In a recent interview with TV host Kevin O'Leary, she defended herself and other GMO activists after he called them "stupid." By the end of the interview with Parent, O'Leary looked like a "condescending bully" because of her fight back against him during The Lang &O'Leary Exchange, which broadcasts through the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

DUANE ALFORD's picture

He got owned by the 14yr.

He got owned by the 14yr. old, didn't want to talk about labeling, she was simply to good for his trap questions.

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