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500-Page Report: FDA Failing to Keep Food Safe, Protect Consumers

Christina Sarich
Natural Society / News Analysis
Published: Monday 1 July 2013
It is probable that the FDA needs to overhaul its entire organization, since it is currently in charge of more than 150,000 food facilities, over a million restaurants, another two million farms and, in total, about 80 percent of the nation’s food supply.
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A 2010 report by the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council entitled Enhancing Food Safety: The Role of the Food and Drug Administration states that the FDA ‘lacks the vision’ and resources to protect consumers from unsafe food and foodborne illness. The report calls for more proactive instead of reactive measures, and asks the FDA to focus on more wide-spread measures to protect the food supply rather than trying to take cases on one by one.

Robert Wallace, a professor at the University of Iowa’s College of Public Health and the chairman of the committee that authorized the report said:

“As recent illnesses traced to produce underscore, foodborne diseases cause significant suffering, so it’s imperative that our food safety system functions effectively at all levels. FDA uses some risk assessment and management tactics, but the agency’s approach is too often reactive and lacks a systematic focus on prevention. Our report’s recommendations aim to help FDA achieve a comprehensive vision for proactively protecting against threats to the nation’s food supply. . . foodborne diseases cause significant suffering, so it’s imperative that our food safety system functions effectively at all levels.”

Unfortunately, many of the report’s suggestions have little bravado in suggesting reform at the deepest level, for example, getting those who are colluding with corporations like Monsanto out of the government due to a conflict of interest. As long as the agency is accepting scientific inquiry conducted by the companies themselves and not a neutral, third party, especially in the case of GMO crops, then it hardly matters if the agency is given greater authority (as in the recent allowances to the FDA which allow them to recall a product that a company produced when it is tainted, without negotiating with the business that created it.)

While senate leaders look at bills that would allow the FDA to recall peanuts or raw cookie dough that were making people sick recently, or to take action in accordance with the recent discovery of salmonella in alfalfa sprouts, these are not significantly important, and political leaders continue to completely overlook the obvious dangers of GMO crops.

In an earlier article here on NaturalSociety, Anthony Gucciardi reveals just 4 ways the FDA doesn’t care about your health, from allowing dangerous ingredients in the food supply to supporting dangerous GMOs and the companies who produce them. Needless to say, the FDA has much more to answer for than that.

It is probable that the FDA needs to overhaul its entire organization, since it is currently in charge of more than 150,000 food facilities, over a million restaurants, another two million farms, and in total, about 80% of the nation’s food supply.

The Agriculture Department oversees the safety of meat, poultry and some egg products. At least 15 government agencies have a hand in making sure food is safe under at least 30 different laws, some of which date back to the early 1900s.

The report did suggest a more positive step in the meantime, though, recommending a centralized, independent “risk-based analysis and data management center” free from political, corporate, and scientific institutions that might alter the results of food safety tests in alignment with the companies that are paying them for their ‘scientific’ testimony.

Oh me, Oh my! the FDA isn't

Oh me, Oh my! the FDA isn't functioning, since when? Doesn’t it want too? Oh, it does! It’s the 2%ers who don’t want it to?

How sad, just another validation of a ‘liberal’ billion dollar ideal waste of our taxpayer blood, sweat, etc.

If only all those damn imposed regulations and mandates were eliminated. Then there would be no bad news to report. Or for crap like the EPA, EEOC, etc to ‘enforce’, ‘insure compliance’. Pay for.

And again We could ‘believe & feel’ so much better about our 'Food', in the same manner as our safety & privacy, then that damn Snowden & Wiki leaks stuff, or some dumb ass toothless farmer somehow holds a flame to his kitchen faucet while the waters running. Bursting into flame, drama!

We've all seen those kitchen faucets flame tricks a hundred times. Hell! look at how well our SCOTUS, in the blink of an eye, fixed American Equal Rights. Now, that’s innovation, American style, yup. Sacred intervention somehow. God told'em so. I know it. The 2%ers told me so.

This isn’t about Government failure or ineptitude, or GMOs dangers, or banks sizes, etc. These minor manifestations of the same evil, the causal for so many devastating affects & effects.

Simple answer! it’s just that not enough of the 2%ers are dying needlessly right now. See, its only when a certain ‘unacceptable’ number of the other 98%ers, the you & me parts die, and only if that could impact and/or undermines their wealth fonts, are these types of stuff addressed or of any concern. As possibly variable new fonts of wealth & power. They whore out God, look around.

So want to fix what’s broke? Let’s start killing off the 2%ers, men, women, children, their grateful enablers. A Class war, not a political one.
Our Politics are the grandest, our Laws truly function, our military is bad ass, our basic untapped ability as a nation of people to prosper has never been destroyed. That explosive vibrancy placed in a 2%ers’ drug-like induced, debilitating stupor, and yet further hobbled, constrained to insure the 2%ers’ enhancement.

Our Nation, it has been thwarted, hijacked, whored, prostituted, scared & disfigured. All the ugly, but we, the people, have again & again before taken her to grander heights, looked beyond blurred yonders, reached and been greater outcomes.

In the past, the suffering has been too one sided. No more! We are in the 21st Century, aren’t we?

Maybe that’s why the Republican puppets for the 2%ers, are still demanding equal time for ‘flat earth & creationism’ to be taught in all schools?

When our red blood flows it should be theirs, any number of them is fine. A few hundred or thousands. Don’t forget, 2% of 350,000,000 is 7,000,000. Who’s the bully, ain’t been us. Been screaming this warning to them for a long damn time. Fools won’t listen to busy sloughing around in their filth.

They can take the lesson, look what we’ve taken. 50% of us in poverty each & every day & night, 1 in fifty live births autistic for a lifetime, how many incarcerated, etc. My number, my sorrow is legend.

My number grows, we, no longer sated by empty grumbling, or theatric scowling, or soon even mass protesting. Sooner, Louder, Action, Danger. Resolved…

Hold the tears, quell the angry surge, now we get it done!

It is not Lobbyists, it is not Banks, it is not Corporations! It is merely people, who eat, defecate, sleep, wake, all that stuff just like you & me, they aren’t any meaner or stronger than any of us.

Only by our grace are the 2%ers allowed to exist….

God don't bless America. We, the people...DO!

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