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African Center for Biosafety Orders Monsanto to Stop Making False Claims about GMOs

Christina Sarich
Natural Society / News Report
Published: Sunday 6 April 2014
The Advertising Standards Authority in South Africa recently banned a Monsanto radio ad claiming it was making unsubstantiated claims about GMO. Mariam Mayet, the executive director of the African Centre for Biosafety (ACB), is enraged by the arrogance of corporations like Monsanto.
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Since the 1970s Monsanto has falsely advertised their products – from insecticides to DDT, even when independent research proved how vile these substances truly were. DDT was eventually banned, overturning Monsanto’s then claims, that the substance was ‘safe.’ It now seems that the African Center for Biosafety is among the clear-headed, realizing that Monsanto’s GMO crops are nothing but another false advertising campaign gone amuck.

Furthermore, the Advertising Standards Authority in South Africa recently banned a Monsanto radio ad claiming it was making unsubstantiated claims about GMO. Mariam Mayet, the executive director of the African Centre for Biosafety (ACB), is enraged by the arrogance of corporations like Monsanto. She believes, like others, that they are trying to control the world of agriculture through falsifying information and promoting their propaganda with deep pockets.

“We are elated with this decision,” said Mariam Mayet, executive director of the African Centre for Biosafety. ”Monsanto has already been warned by the ASA as far back as 2007, that it needs to substantiate its claims from an independent and credible expert … regarding its claims of the so-called benefits of [GMO] crops. However, it appears Monsanto does not have much regard for South African law as it is hell bent on disseminating false information to the South African public.”

Mayet and the ACB lodged a formal complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa, reporting that Monsanto’s radio ads are unsubstantiated, and they upheld the complaint, according to AllAfrica.

The ad played on radio 702 claimed that GM crops used fewer resources and have been “strictly regulated and have been extensively researched and tested for safety.” The ad touted increasing crop yields, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and less pesticide use also — all unproven. Monsanto also claimed that they ‘produced more food sustainably,’ even though their Round Up Ready chemicals and GMOs have destroyed butterflies, bees, and other pollinators. How is this more sustainable farming?

The ASA also warned Monsanto to “ensure that it holds proper substantiation for its advertising claims” or risk attracting further sanctions.Perhaps South Africa is paying heed to other countries who have banned Monsanto from more than their airwaves – but also their agricultural markets. France and Sri Lanka recently banned Monsanto’s seed and Sri Lanka is banning the use of glyphosate – the main ingredient in Round Up, completely.

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Violet. Your comments are insightful and indicate a very analytical desire to be informed. Our commenting colleague, Fred, on the other, if knowledgeable, could do more to engage without all the imperiousness and condescension.

Keep up your efforts to seek truth.


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