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All Hail Hungary: Country Bravely Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn - AGAIN

Christina Sarich
NationofChange / News Report
Published: Thursday 22 August 2013
Many farmers did not even know they were using GMO seed, so the search and destroy will likely continue.
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More than 1000 acres found to have been planted with genetically altered maize crops have been destroyed in Hungary. Standing up to the biotech giants of Monsanto, Dow, and BASF, the country has boldly banned GMO seed. Peru has passed a ban for at least ten years on GM foods, along with Italy, Portugal, Greece, Spain and Austria with their own bans, as well as many other countries. We can only hope more will follow soon.

Hungary’s Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development, Lajos Bognar, has made sure that the genetically modified crops don’t spread – he says that ‘the crops have been ploughed under but pollen has not spread form the maize.’

When checking the fields for GM crops, Hungary found Pioneer Monsanto seed among crops. Many farmers did not even know they were using GMO seed, so the search and destroy will likely continue. It is not surprising that so much seed is being planted without farmer awareness since Monsanto’s acquisition of Seminis way back in 2005 allowed them to corner more than 40% of the seed market. They now own many seeds and seed varieties.

In late May of this year another 500 hectares (more than 1200 acres) of GM crops were burned after their discovery in Hungary. The aggressive manner in which this country is trying to derail Monsanto’s plans to overtake even organic crops with hybridization due to pollen spread by wind and pollinators including bees and butterflies is not only necessary but valiant. This isn’t the first few times that GMO crops have been destroyed. They have also been burned in previous years when found out.

The Organic Consumers Association offers a list of all the countries that have banned GMO crops. Hopefully the US will eventually follow the trend, and with activist help, it is indeed possible to defeat Monsanto and their GM friends for good. There is currently a petition to ban GMO test crops in Hawaii that will go before the Hawaii State Senate, if you would like to sign.

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