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Dave Lindorff
Published: Saturday 11 May 2013
What’s wrong with people in this country? Is it something in the water?

America, the WTF Nation

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I used to read the news in the morning and often find myself saying “This can’t be happening!,” which is actually how this news site got its name. But if I were just getting set to create the site these days, I’d have to call our publication “WTF!?,” which is what I find myself saying more and more often over my morning paper.

Just consider some recent news.

In late April, Cameron D’Ambrosio, a high school student and amateur rapper in the town of Methuen, outside Boston, posted a rap on his Facebook page that made a musical, non-specific reference to making a bomb bigger than the Boston Marathon bomb. He didn’t do anything, didn’t make a bomb, didn’t attempt to get the materials for a bomb, and by all accounts didn’t know how to make a bomb. He just wrote and sangabout the idea. No matter, he was arrested by Methuen’s Finest, and is now in jail on -- get this -- $1 million bail -- awaiting arraignment on state “terrorism” charges that carry a potential prison sentence of 20 years. The kid has the misfortune of being 18, so he’s being treated as an adult, though he clearly is not one.

The chief of police of Methuen, exhibiting that incredible mentality of police these days in 9-11 all-the-time America, explained the arrest of an over-the-top wannabe songwriter saying, “When we're just recovering from what occurred in Boston, to make a threat and use what occurred in Boston to enhance your threat, is extremely alarming for us."

Really, what can you say to something like this but WTF!? Once when I was 14, I and two friends painted the side of a girl’s house orange on Halloween. I suppose that could have been terrifying, but when we got caught later, our penalty was to repaint the house, not arrest. Ditto when we threw some rocks at cars as kids and one broke a guy’s windshield as he drove by. Stupid, yes. Terror inducing for the driver, probably. And certainly worse than writing a song. But we didn’t get arrested or go to jail. We paid for a new windshield.

Then there’s the sad story of a five-year-old who fatally shot his two-year-old sister with a rifle while their mother had “stepped outside” the house, leaving the two small kids alone and unsupervised. Such tales of gun accidents by children are all too common, but this one came with a bizarre twist: the five-year-old was reportedly firing his own rifle! It was a cute little “starter” .22-cal. gun called a Crickett (motto: “My first rifle”) available in blue, pink and red-white-and-blue. His doting grandma had bought for him as a birthday gift.

The parents say, in their defense, that they didn’t realize that the gun, which had been left leaning against a corner in the house, had a bullet loaded into it. Which, of course, begs the question of why they even had a bullet for it. Also, it was only a single-shot rifle, so it should have been a pretty simple matter to check if it was being left loaded or not the last time the boy used it, presumably under close supervision. But really: a rifle for a five-year-old? I thought my parents were crazy for letting me buy my own .22-cal. rifle when I was 12! (They were: I used to go to the local hardware store and buy a gross of hollow point bullets for it and go out in the woods with friends to shoot down small trees. We’d also shoot our guns straight up in a local gravel pit to see if we could see craters form when they came back down.)

This kid’s uncle reportedly told CNN: “It’s just tragic. It’s something that you can’t prepare for.”

Say what? Something you can’t prepare for? How about not buying a five-year-old a real gun? How about if you do buy one, not leaving it around the house at ground level? How about not leaving bullets in it. Really, WTF!?

Hamid Karzai, the “president” of Afghanistan, has confirmed that over the past decade, while millions of Americans have been going hungry, entire school systems have been closing down for lack of funds, and millions of long-term unemployed workers have lost their unemployment benefits because of state and federal budget cuts, all to pay for a staggering and unprecedented trillion-a-year US military budget, he has been getting bags of cash delivered to him by the CIA. This money, amounting to over $10 million in bribes which the CIA was “deploying” supposedly in order to “buy influence” with the man that the US has spent over a trillion dollars propping up and protecting, has funded a vast culture of corruption among the warlords of Afghanistan, and has helped make it the world’s leading narco-state and producer/exporter of opium.

Even after this scandal was exposed, the CIA is carting shipping that dirty money to Karzai, and the US is still fully engaged in a horribly bloody war in that shattered and corrupt land, largely already destroyed at our own hands. WTF!?

President Obama has yet again blamed Congress for supposedly “blocking” him from fulfilling a 2008 campaign pledge to shut down the shameful and criminal US torture gulag in Guantanamo, Cuba, where some 160 captives, in violation of all international law, are still languishing in a lawless hellhole without trial or even charge, many for as long as 12 years now. Yet most of these people-- currently on a lengthy and desperate hunger strike over their plight--have been cleared of any crimes or terrorist link. Now it turns out that all along, the president could have ended this atrocity on his own. Under the terms of the 2011, 2012, and 2013 National Defense Authorization Acts, all of which Obama signed into law and which he claims prevent him from carrying out his promised shutdown of Guantanamo’s prison gulag, the reality is that the president has always had the authority to transfer or release any captive he wants, simply by asserting that the individual doesn’t pose a security risk! Likewise, his claim that the courts prevent him from releasing Guantanamo prisoners is a lie. As Guantanamo defense attorney Martha Rayner recently wrote in a scathing op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, “The courts have made clear that this is Mr. Obama's decision.” So really there is no reason to continue to have this national embarrassment that does nothing but piss off the rest of the civilized world. Yet we still are using Guantanamo to hold demonstrably innocent people without charge and without trial. WTF!?

Dzohkhar Tsarnaev, the 19-year-old, injured suspected bomber from the Boston Marathon, was on the run on foot in Boston, clearly without access to any weapons of mass destruction, or even heavy armaments, and the police and federal authorities locked down the entire 1.5-million population metropolitan area, requiring all residents to stay inside their homes, except for those whose homes were invaded by armed up and gestapo-like police toting automatic weapons who ordered them outside while they engaged in warrantless house searches. Eventually a man was discovered hiding in a boat on a trailer behind a man’s house, so the police peppered the boat with bullets before even establishing that their target was actually the suspect, and not some wino, a runaway, or whatever. Most of the residents of Boston cheered and chanted “Boston Strong!” about this first-ever example of local police establishing undeclared martial law in a US city. So we have millions of people around the country going berserk over fevered fears that the government and police are going to “take away our guns,” yet nobody seems at all concerned that the “new normal” after Boston is likely to feature city-wide martial law clampdowns that take away all our rights every time there is some criminal at large. WTF!? What’s next: Locking down neighborhoods to pursue a burglar? Locking down whole stretches of interstate highways to nab a speeder? Locking down department stores to catch a shoplifter? Stay tuned.

Philadelphia high school students are protesting at the city’s board of ed because this fifth largest school district in the nation is technically bankrupt. Short some $160 million for next year’s school budget, the district is closing nearly 40 schools, canceling school plays, laying off teachers, eliminating after school programs, cutting lunch programs and basically preparing for an armageddon where the kids will be essentially prisoners in institutions that don’t offer anything but regimented test preparation. And nobody in city government or in the state’s capital is saying WTF!? Well I will. A city of a million, with over 150,000 students, in the richest country in the world, a stock market setting all time records, and they’re closing schools and basically shutting down the education system? And this is happening in cities all over this country, from New York to Chicago to L.A., while much less-well-endowed nations like Taiwan, Korea, and even Cuba or Costa Rica seem to be able to educate their kids. WTF!?

Is it something in the water?

ABOUT Dave Lindorff

Dave Lindorff is an investigative reporter, a columnist for CounterPunch, and a contributor to Businessweek, The Nation, Extra! and He received a Project Censored award in 2004. Dave is also a founding member of the online newspaper ThisCantBeHappening! at

Complications why ? The Earth

Complications why ?
The Earth is a Perfect Place to Live
The problem with the USA and the world is it's filled with Stupid People.
There is a technology 6 thousand years old that will fix this problem it is called
Give Until it Bleeds !

study everything on these sites - watch all the videos
cough up the money to learn TM properly & sit twice a day in silence for 20 minutes
nature will come to save us

Eat only organic food. Preferably food you have grown yourself.

Protect yourselves and let the dumb ones die off eating Stupid Food

If you live in the USA travel to Fairfield Iowa - see their plans
for the future of our dear world ... the light glows bright there.
Good luck !

Let's let the Smart, the Wise and Kind Rule the World for a change !

Madelein, You say no one was

Madelein, You say no one was "required" to stay in their homes. Actually the Mayor announced that people should stay in their homes. Did you venture out. I saw cops shouting at people who were forcibly evicted from their home, treated like criminals, houses searched without a warrant. If people did venture out in what was being called a "lockdown," they were risking harm by heavily armed police and soldiers. I would call that mandatory. People were told to "shelter in place" and not go outside. Later they were told they could go outside. These may not have been "orders" per se, but you better believe the people of Boston considered them orders.
You are in deep denial if you don't recognize that as a police state action, and martial law in all but name.

Dave Lindorff
founding editor

Absolutely right on the

Absolutely right on the mark.

A Nation at least 1/2 full of sheepish idiots, but most of whom are willing to put up with a corrupt government that caters only to power.

Because the current resident of the white house is not a repuglican, torture and murder by drone or JSOC goes unremarked.



Dave Lindorff is funny as

Dave Lindorff is funny as hell. Great writing. Kept me reading this in spite of the painful subject matter.

We the People have to Demand

We the People have to Demand that Congress changes the Tax Code, to something similar to what FDR did to bring us out of the Great Depression. In the late 1930's and early 1940's we had 33 Tax Brackets from 4% for all income up to $64,000. all the way up to 79% for income over $79Million. These brackets were completely different from today's because they were a lot lower for the working man and reached all the way into the incomes of the richest of the country. Today our top marginal rate doesn't even come close to reaching the incomes of the richest when they top out at 39% for income over $400,000. We need the revenue to run the country. Yet the Rich and Super Rich have bought our Politicians and the Republican Party, so that the government is slumping into another Recession. This is a complete Oligarchy. We need to Occupy Congress, until Congress Hears the Voice of the People. We need to Demand that they eliminate loop holes, and extend the Brackets in Percentage Rates as well as Dollar Values of Income. They think that we are too busy working for peanuts to make ends meet, to ever be able to organize and travel thousands of miles to accomplish this. It has to be Done!!!! "Tax the Rich Like FDR" is my Moto.

nexus789.. I interpreted the

nexus789.. I interpreted the comment re the stock market to make our point, more cryptically. I've yet to see-read-hear any mainstream media report on that prime, and obvious example of this "Sick Society"--the economy becomes more oppressive on people,and the indicator of wealth, The Stock Market" rises. Totally insane.

This article says it all and

This article says it all and the worst part is the current state of affairs is so unnecessary. Unfortunately The nation's problems are "Made in America"! The political system is completely dysfunctional. The society is one of the most violent in the world, the economy is controlled by such greed that it imploded. The nation's wealth is being hoarded by the elite while the rest of the country sinks into poverty and despair. The so called government leadership are sociopathic to the point of medievalism, with torture back on the scene as standard policy. Both ethics and morality are long gone from the political scene. The judicial system is so corrupt that if someone actually gets justice from the courts, it is in spite of the system not because of it. The corporations rule and the man on the street is ignored. One can go on and on but why bother?

I am depressed. I can't say

I am depressed. I can't say anything useful, though I wish I could. I had such hopes for my old age--I could move to the country and write poetry, play piano, read, paint landscapes, be involved in local politics, have friends and family over, work part time teaching and/or writing/editing. I am one of so many who instead spend their time alone, frozen in terror about the future, worrying about every item of food I buy--will it make me sick? Can I afford it?--in real grief over the loss of our beautiful wild land through mountaintop removal, overlogging, endless toxic spills--and now fracking. With close to two master's degrees I can't get real work, and I can only work part-time anyway due to a back injury. So much financial, spiritual and physical investment in my future simply got blown to bits over time. Where did that time go?

When I was a kid in the 1950s-60s this country was just plain gorgeous. And I had real hope that the human rights movements would bring us to a place of peace and plenty. We killed it. We let it be killed. It is gone. (For me, my life was derailed back in the 1980s after an accident that led to four spinal operations and a life of pain. I experienced back then what millions of Americans are only recently experiencing--that if you get sick or injured, you may as well be dead. Alan Grayson really has that one right.)

Sorry to be so blue. I just can't help it.

Thanks to you all for your comments on the articles on this site.

LibLady4Ever ... I'm as blue

LibLady4Ever ... I'm as blue as you. Minus the back injury (so sorry!) I am astounded and saddened to watch all that was great and good and beautiful in this country be destroyed bit by bit. All in the name of profit. It sickens me to my core. I'm afraid to eat anything that isn't labeled "organic" and now that could be ruined for us too. I keep fighting the good fight but I am becoming exceedingly weary. Not to mention depressed.

LibLady4Ever, I just wanted

LibLady4Ever, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your personal experience of the trashing of the 99% and all we relied on to sustain us, aggravated as it was for you by the consequences of a painful accident. I hope you'll continue to bear witness, as it reminds others they are not alone in suffering, and may spur still others to speak up in protest.

The comment about the stock

The comment about the stock market being at an all time high indicates a lack of understanding as to firstly, how the 'system' of exploitation actually works and how this is taking place on a massive scale in plain sight. The stock exchange in the US disconnected from the real economy many, many decades ago. It is a system designed to continually skim of wealth from the rest of us. It is now one vast financial casino that is being pumped up by the banks via a speculative binge. Speculation and market distortion is being fuelled by the Fed taking 'toxic' financial assets of the books of the Banks and handing over tens and hundreds of billions of dollars to the banks who then speculate in stocks, commodities, currencies, etc. The more volatile, the more transactions and so the greater the casino operators and participants profits.

Increasingly we see private greed displayed on a massive scale alongside growing public squalor as our infrastructure fails and public amenities, etc, are degraded and closed down. Why should decent hard working people beg crumbs from billionaires that made their money through speculative and non value creating activities. For every dollar these financial thieves create for themselves the destroy the real economy.

We have all been paying for this stupidity via the vast sums of public money that have and are still being used to prop up the technically bankrupt banks. Critics try to call this 'Keynesian' policies to demonise and discredit public expenditures and welfare programs. You CANNOT use debt to pay off debt. You can only forgive or cancel debt. It is easy really as debt is only a promise of future value. The obvious outcome of all this will be the systemic failure of the financial system. Now the numb nuts was to pour fuel on the fire by instigating austerity measures. When complex society starts to collapse and disconnect it will be messy.

madeleinec, the cops could

madeleinec, the cops could have followed the trail of blood from where the bomber ditched his car to the boatin the city of Watertown, not Boston.
A TV crew using their eyes did but the cops can't? WTF

If the cops had followed the blood trail the bomber would have been found hours earlier. Fortunately no one got shot in all the police raids in Watertown. In stead of tracking by dogs, human tracker, or using their own eyes to follow the blood trail (like the TV reporters did) the cops relied on their high tech heat maps by helicopter. WTF!

The 1998 movie...The Enemy

The 1998 movie...The Enemy Within (?) Gene Hackman/Will Smith/Barry Pepper etc

USA the "Orwellian nation" with the "Kill and Be Killed" control policy?

Most people who visit the

Most people who visit the United States ask exactly the same question: 'Do they put something in the water?'
The US is unlike any other developed society and not in good ways and the question is why? Thankfully, while the US has imported things like fast-food to the rest of the world they have not managed to export their paranoia, fear and hatred of government, lack of care for the poor and a belief that poverty is self-inflicted, the bizarre idea that providing universal health care, an adequate education system, comprehensive worker rights, a decent minimum wage, or the delusional obsession with guns and the deep religiosity which has people believe that their nation, despite offering the poorest quality of life to most citizens of any developed nation, is somehow better than everyone else.

In thinking of an other seas

In thinking of an other seas way usa, for my family.
I've been once October 2001...that was enough1
Plus the "other literature out there about North American 9/ a tourist killer, yes, I did like the many people I met and all those I already knew...but to go there with a family I feel i would be supporting a "verging totalitarian regime" Obama was never going to threaten the establishment!

WTF yourself! Get the facts

WTF yourself! Get the facts straight, Dave and Mann. I live in Boston and we were NOT REQUIRED to stay in our homes. It was recommended and most people were happy to comply. And SWAT teams were NOT invading all our homes. On the other hand, there were two guys firing guns on city streets, killing people, hijacking a van, and carrying explosives. These same two guys had set off bombs that killed an eight-year-old boy and two young women, as well as blowing the legs off a lot of other people at one of our biggest public events of the year. Who in their right mind would not want to stay at home until the surviving one of these two random murderers was caught? And until he was actually caught it was not clear which town he was hiding in.

Madelainec, you are splitting

Madelainec, you are splitting hairs.
Boston was locked down, testing the water for cooperative sheep. Guess they found one.

its time to make them say

its time to make them say what the f and all across the country as well as organizing the police who believe in the constitution and not money before its to late btw the water has more flouride in it which causes reduced brain function
and the new and improved plumped up chickens its not salt water anymore to increase weight its arsenic what a poisonious dinner. Make the 1% pay and poison
their wealth making well dont let them profit from you.

Dave wrote, "Is it something

Dave wrote, "Is it something in the water?"

You betcha, and in the soil, the food and the entirety of our corrupted ecosystems. America is the test case for how much mental illness can be induced in a population fed humongous amounts of toxins and chemicals on an ongoing and increasing basis, with all pervasive ad propaganda, all for the profit benefit of multinational corporations with no morality, humane allegiances or sense of equity. What do you expect? Just another way of saying, "WTF?"



Well said, Ron.

Well said, Ron.

Ride on Ron! You know WTF is

Ride on Ron! You know WTF is coming down and the sickest part is our Governing system . Republicans slash away at our environmental health and democrats sit around with their hands in their pockets when they should be slashing away at those multinational Corpses that are stuffing pockets with blood money. And the biggest crooks of them all is CIA and Wallstreet.


What's even more amazing

What's even more amazing about the Boston Marathon bombing was the hours wasted looking for the bomber when all they had to do was follow the blood trail to the boat he was hidding in. Instead they locked down the city and swat raided all the homes RANDOMLY! Amazing no local citizen got shot.

After the bombers was capture I watched a TV news clip the that showed a TV crew tracking & videoing the trail of blood from his car to the boat. The TV crew also interviewed the locals who lived near the blood spots who pointed out the spots to the reporter. If a TV crew can do this so could have the police they got eyes too!

The bomber was also found less than 3 miles from where he ditched his car too. Doesn't the police or some law enforcement agency have blood sniffing dogs or trackers or their own eyes to follow the trail of blood to the boat? Instead of locking down the entire town of Watertown and swat/raiding all the homes ? WTF!

The problem isn't in the

The problem isn't in the water, it is, however, in our consciousness i.e. money and proprietary rights etc. This terrorism craziness is setting new standards for our stupidity and brutality. There are solutions but we need to keep aware of our Debt to China, but forgiveness of that debt can only be addressed with communicating to China that it will be literally impossible to keep a world wide Empire, like the Coming Chinese Empire, going strong by using an American style of coercion, or old school military force, especially in a world that is so wired for communication. The weight will cause it to collapse... it is unsustainable. Obama is just a tool, like Bush was a useful idiot, Obama knows that he will do what they tell him and Guantanamo will not be shut down. It don't matter what we want.

We have the conservative

We have the conservative SCOTUS to thank for this world. They preach states rights then took away the right of the State of Fla. to count presidential votes. At the same time they turned a blind eye to the disgraceful voting conditions in that state.

That is just the tip of the

That is just the tip of the huge iceberg that will sink the USA. GREGHILBERT below does address many of my concerns as well, and that along with ever increasing defense spending etc etc.

WTF indeed Mr Lindorf. A

WTF indeed Mr Lindorf.
A columnist can observe a litany of outrageous WTFs, but conclude his article with a question that fails to ask WHO put drugs in our water and WHY.

The 1% are still gorging on two thirds of the huge tax cut they got from Reagan in 1981. A Dem Pres by name of Obama is very quiet about that, but proposes to cut SS benefits rather than make the well-off and wealthy pay into SS on any of their income above $113,000. Empire and police state elites are still gorging on well over a trillion a year for "Defense" and "Homeland Security", yet a Dem Pres by name of Obama is in his fifth year of continuing the war in Afghanistan at cost of lives, limbs and billions. Wealthy global corporations continue to gorge on exporting jobs, importing products and dodging taxes -- the Walton family alone has accumulated over $100 Billion while taxpayers pick up the tab for the living wage and benefits they don't pay their own employees-- and yet a Dem Pres by name of Obama is pushing for yet another free trade deal and proposes a minimum wage that would not even restore its purchasing power to that of 1969. WTF? Everywhere you look -- banking, health insurance, energy, food, media, you name it -- the cartels and wealthy elite are gaining ever more of the wealth and power, and the corrupt Repub-Dem duopoly inclusive of Obama and his cartel appointees is feeding at their trough while herding the 99% to poverty, prison and addiction to Kool-aid laced with date-rape drugs and poison. WTF indeed Mr Lindorf. Start naming names, start telling the who and the why.

Wow Greg! Couldn't of said

Wow Greg! Couldn't of said it better myself. Keep up the Good no Great commentaries

climate ofchange is just counting down the days till the house of fake cards completely collapses.

ClimateOfChange, thank you. I

ClimateOfChange, thank you. I appreciate your comments also, and ditto those of CaptainCanard and others, especially JeffHill immediately below, as he condemns Obama for his outrageous betrayal of the 99% and reminds how Orwellian the establishment has turned. I do think the wealthy elite long ago (after killing JFK, after VietNam, after Nixon got caught, perhaps when their puppet Sha lost control of Iran) foresaw the need and opportunity to add the USA's 99% to their global predation. Their first coup was Reagan, ie deregulation and a huge tax cut for the wealthy. The next was NAFTA, more deregulation and preservation of two-thirds of the tax cut under Clinton. Bush II restored the entire tax cut and laid the groundwork for perpetual war and using terrorism as pretext for establishing the domestic police state. (As the wealthy elite see it, by establishing a police state before the ponzi scheme collapses, they can control and harvest that portion of the 99% not needed for cannon fodder, indentured servitude and slave labor.)
But the real coup was Obama, who (1) rewarded the banksters for stealing from the 99%, (2) gave the health insurance cartel a monopoly, destroying any chance for the MediCare for All solution common among other developed nations, (3) preserved the huge tax cut for the wealthy for 4 years and two-thirds of it thereafter, (4) put the social safety net incl Social Security up for predation, (5) continued the war in Afghanistan despite horrific cost, (6) expanded the perpetual war and police state apparatus, (7) helped Monsanto gain control of our food supply, (8) pushed yet another free trade deal that will cost more jobs and yield more predatory wealth for global corporatists, (9) saturated his cabinet with Wall Street crooks and CIA puppets to insure the wealthy elite can continue to defraud, offshore their wealth, and dodge taxes with impunity, (10) paid lip service to labor while letting it hang, (11) weakly proposed a minimum wage that would not even restore it to the buying power of 1969, while the WalMart Waltons who pay it to their employees surpass $100 Billion in accumulated wealth and taxpayers pick up the tab for the safety net needed to sustain their employees, (12) perpetuated dependence on carbon energy and subsidies to Big Oil even though the five most profitable corporations in the world are Big Oil, all profiting by drilling our oil and selling it to the highest bidder yet paying lower taxes than the average person earning minimum wage who has to buy gas to get to work, (13) using corporate media to con women, minorities and others with a raft of social-issue lip-services and appeasements while shafting them socio-economically in every other way, (14) conspiring with the Clintons to insure continuity of elite power over the Repub-Dem duopoly, and (15) all the rest of the duplicitous lesser evil.

Welcome to the New World

Welcome to the New World Order according to George Orwell.
The official language is Orwellain Doublespeak.

The Patriot Act replaced the US Constitution and gave the federal authorities the right to take anyone into custody without probable cause and hold them indefinitely incommunicado (make them disappear Pinochet-style).

Wall Street thieves are "Savvy Businessmen" to President Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder -- Obama's thieving Wall Street "Savvy Businessmen" buddies defrauded the world with total impunity and are continuing to do so with the blessing of the political elite like Obama and Holder daring the public to try and do something about it..

Our Congress and President Obama passed the National Defense Authorization Act to deputize the US military to act as the domestic police in this country giving them the authority to kill Americans on US soil to protect themselves (the corrupt political elite) and their corporate overlords who own government and them.

Last fall in Aurora, CO the

Last fall in Aurora, CO the local PD shut down an entire heavily traveled street, ordering 40 citizens out of their cars, handcuffing them, then making them sit down on the curb in order that the PD could search these citizens' vehicles for a suspected bank robber of a Wells Fargo that fled just a few minutes before. The news reported they found the robber in the drag net, but the media pics that came out of that martial law act showed no robber being apprehended, handcuffed, or placed in the back of a PD cruiser, like usual. So what's the purpose of "staying tuned" when it's already happening, and no one, i repeat, NO ONE! has challenged the PD through the courts on this, either here in Colorado or in NYC. BTW, the chief of police here in Aurora is out of NYC's finest.

RE: "What’s next: Locking

RE: "What’s next: Locking down neighborhoods to pursue a burglar? Locking down whole stretches of interstate highways to nab a speeder? Locking down department stores to catch a shoplifter? Stay tuned."

Maybe a week ago NYPD halted all subway traffic in a section of the city to pursue a shoplifter who, though handcuffed, had broken away and run into the subway. For FIVE HOURS people waited in trains stopped in tunnels while the police searched for and eventually caught the shoplifter.


Since the day of the Bush v

Since the day of the Bush v Gore decision something fundamental changed in this nation. Nothing has been the same.

They used 911 as an excuse for all sorts of abuses. We had a massive economic collapse but the perpetrators were rewarded while everyone else, the 99%, suffered.

Then, in our quest to rid the nation of the Bush malefactors we elected Obama. You know, believing a black Democrat that Republicans were calling a socialist would be about as far from Bush as we could get. Wrong! He turned out to be Bush's secret black evil twin.

Obama knew it was up to him to close Guantanamo. He's just about as big of a liar as any elected official the nation has ever seen.


This is exactly what a police

This is exactly what a police state controlled by wealthy elites looks like as it emerges. In other words, it has already arrived. Police-state power is being increased and glorified, and increasingly, the enemies of the wealthy elites and their police are us.

Fie on Obama for helping the wealthy and powerful close and lock the prison gate behind us.

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