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Anatomy of an Occupation: Did the Planners of Occupy Wall Street Really Have a Plan?

Nathan Schneider
Waging Nonviolence / Video Report
Published: Saturday 24 March 2012
“Drawing from his experience covering the Occupy movement since the early planning stages, Nathan Schneider will focus on the role of strategizing.”

having attended some "occupy"

having attended some "occupy" events, the answer is NO! A "plan" would entail the ability to speak TRUTH regarding what Wall $treet has done to the U.S. $6.5 trillion, world $16.5 trillion per year economies for over 3 years already, on the way to 10-20 more. Here's that truth:

Absolutely Not they were just

Absolutely Not
they were just short of George Bush's low IQ
the PLAN should be directed at paying for Education and Healthcare, through taxes derived from the most unused resource in the United States
not marijuana Industrial HEMP, with No THC content.
Health Assurance is what we need this should be the goal....
not a stupid plan for Health insurance.

The available tax money that would come from this plant named "HEMP" could eventual pay for Healthcare and Education Five (5 )Times Over.
we only need it to pay for it one time.
If there were to be any tax money left we could direct it towards housing needs.
Nobody has a clue about what I am talking about so I will just quit Now.
Mostly since nobody really cares and our politicians are too slow and probably bought out by Big corporations.
this shold be a grass roots effor
Make things from HEMP the tax money pays for what we need.
Here are a couple of clues "fiberalternatives and Hempshield

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