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Angela Davis at Occupy Wall St., NYC

Laura Flanders
GRITtv / Video Feature
Published: Monday 31 October 2011
“Speaking through the ‘people’s mic,’ Davis drew particular attention to questions of inclusion and urged the movement to embrace a ‘complex unity’ within the concept of ‘99 percent.’”

Author, activist, Angela Davis spoke at Occupy Wall St. in Washington Square Park on Sunday October 30. Thanking the OWS movement for transforming politics in the universe, she spoke to the brutal police crack-down on the Occupy encampment in her home town of Oakland and supported the call for a national strike on November 2 in response to that violence. She also spoke to the perils of language, calling on the movement to transform the meaning of the words occupation, democracy and unity.

Speaking through the "people's mic," Davis drew particular attention to questions of inclusion and urged the movement to embrace a "complex unity" within the concept of "99 percent."

Quoting African American lesbian poet Audre Lorde she said: "How can we come together in a unity that is complex and emancipatory? Differences must not be merely tolerated but seen as a fund of necessary polarities between which poles creativity can spark like the dialectic."

Asked about the coming US election, Davis responded: "The two-party system has never worked; it does not worked now, and we clearly need alternatives. Personally I believe we need a powerful, radical, third party. In the meantime, this movement, which is not a party, can accomplish much that political parties are unable to accomplish and so it would seem to me, that the best way to exert pressure on that corrupt two party system is to continue to build this movement and to demonstrate that it reaches not only across the country but across the ocean."



I'm so confused by people who

I'm so confused by people who criticize my church because we speak in unison -- follow a leader --- respond in a call and response format-- and look, listen, here that's all that happens...hypocrisy.Free education--who pays for the books and the tenured salaries? Isn't she tenured? Who pays the speakers fees? Oh, please. Dialects? She is not of the 99%.

@Diane, Perhaps you have

@Diane, Perhaps you have missed the point that for the decades she's been working for justice, Professor Davis has, in fact, needed you. Thank you for showing up for justice and joining a mission she's given her life to.

I think the question is Where

I think the question is Where have YOU been hiding all these years? Professor Davis has been speaking at least 2x a year at NYU, and all around the world. She is frequently in NYC speaking - at the 5th Ave. Library, Columbia U., Riverside Church, etc. Plus other areas of NY, and all across the country.

We must lead by being 100%

We must lead by being 100% fair even to the 1%. We have to live by the rules we want to be treated and extend that without prejudice. Every occupier should be measured by what is brought to the movement of fairness, not take from it. Reverse mechanics of having Celebrities and politicians showing up to harvest the efforts paid for by the brave OSC movement should be noticed. Have you defended Occupy? Brought resources? Sat beside your neighbor and spoken for the people with no voice? Everyone has a voice here, spending time finding ways to exclude others is misdirected energy. The next thing is to support local candidates that agree with the balancing of rules for 100% fairness.

Of course we need her and

Of course we need her and many others. She is so eloquent and clear about the oppression that we live.

Of course we need her and

Of course we need her and many others. She is so eloquent and clear about the oppression that we live.

Beautifully done, Angela.

Beautifully done, Angela. You haven't lost a bit of your fire or your clarity. And our 99% has opened our vocabulary to the truth telling terms that have been shunted aside with the cultural conformity demanded by capitalist Corporate America. OCCUPY has opened our minds and our vision to embrace the unused, unspoken terminology: class war, working class, general strike, even Wall Street Bankers. You , yourself, described the action in Oakland as "revolutionary." The Ninety Nine Percenters are prying open the gateway to social transformation. Thank you for articulating the workings of your Marxist mind. And thank god for dialectical materialism.

The 99% movement will thrive

The 99% movement will thrive and continue to grow if we listen to all intellectual and every day people's viewpoints particularly those that have been in the struggle for years and here I refer here to Angela Davis. YOu can not fear and thus begin excluding viewpoints, instead, embrace differences respectfully and use what can ultimately contribute to the bigger good. The intent and action of exclusion from the 1% is what got us in this mess in the first place. We would be no better if we use that same strategy. I welcome Professor Davis.

Angela Davis is a very

Angela Davis is a very articulate intellectual who easily and readily makes the connections between oppressive political regimes, the prison-industrial-complex, and economics available to those of us who want to understand oppressions, race, class, etc..She is no longer a member of the communist party.Even if she were, I'd still listen to her analysis of capitalism.

Apparently some still don't

Apparently some still don't get's time for unity, forgiveness and an open mind. No more division, exclusion, hate or judging others as we move toward seeking solutions to save humanity and the planet from a handful of criminals who would strip mine the earth and it's peoples entirely of it's natural resources. It's going to take everyone coming together to solve the problems that face humanity...

Angela Davis is a member of

Angela Davis is a member of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, which left the CPUSA back in 1992. For more, go to To get the weekly e-letter, go to



Yay Angela Davis

Yay Angela Davis

Diane RibbentropHI there, I

Diane RibbentropHI there, I disagree with your comment, we need as many activists as we can, let us embrace all the 99%, and not focus on exclusion here, let this movement embrace everyones opinions, and support, because isn't' this what this is movement is all about, because the 99% was excluded in the first place. Kindest Regards,

Angela Davis is a commie. She

Angela Davis is a commie. She was a member of the Communist Party USA and followed the orders of her Soviet masters for decades. She supported oppression throughout the world as long as the oppressors were servants of the Brezhnev regime or anti-American.

Also, she was Gus Hall's running mate for a couple of cyles.

Messy, may I suggest that you

Messy, may I suggest that you do some reading on Angela Davis. She clearly spoke out against oppression here in the US and around in other countries around the world. If you read some of her speeches you will see what she has said. Yes, she was a member of the Communist Party USA, but does that mean she was given orders from the Soviets? The many articles, speeches, books about her and by her, I would greatly disagree with you.

Really, do you know something

Really, do you know something about oppression? Class oppression is something you are supposed to be fighting in Wall Street!!! And this is the communism about: to make people belong to just one class, to be equals and to share the wealth in the community. YOu ignorant!!

Better a commie than a

Better a commie than a hypocrite

a commie? wow, under which

a commie? wow, under which rock did you just crawl out of? are you still repeating the nonsensical gibberish with which this country was brainwashed for over half a century? i will take all 'commies' like Ms. Davis, rather than carrying on being controlled by the fascist regimes we have had in place for far too long!

hi, joseph mccarthy just

hi, joseph mccarthy just called. he wants his cold war helmet back.

commie? what is that? 1957 is

commie? what is that? 1957 is calling and it wants it's lingo back. If AD is a commie, sign me up. She communicates, cares about people, and is not easily swayed by masturbatory tales about Soviet masters. We need as may people as will stand with us to fight the Cock brothers

Norman Allen's picture

Where Angela been hiding all

Where Angela been hiding all these years? Why she became so quiet for such a long time? Time for the old flames to restart themselves!

Quiet?? Hiding?? A long

Quiet?? Hiding?? A long time?? O my goodness!! She has year long trips around the world and around the universities in your country talking about revolution, being a political leader, a thinker, a lecturer on main causes against oppression. What kind of crap was you reading that you have miss her?? Thats the real question here :S

wow whos 'we' anyway? Angela

wow whos 'we' anyway? Angela is welcome in the 99%.

@Diane, we need everyone, all

@Diane, we need everyone, all who consider themselves to be of the 99%. Why, in your opinion, is she not welcome?

Eliminate the upper class and

Eliminate the upper class and the lower class by rewriting the tax code to create a thriving middle class. Otherwise your wasting your time.

I welcome Angela Davis. We

I welcome Angela Davis. We need everybody.

thank you Ms. Davis for

thank you Ms. Davis for participating, i wish more high profile people like yourself took part, so that we can get more exposure (and, yes, we do need you and more like you; we are not doing fine as we are, actually) .

i do wholeheartedly agree on the fact that the 2 party so called democracy does not work, never did and never will; our system is corrupt beyond belief and something really radical needs to take place.

the question is, how do we channel all the positive energy into REAL CHANGE that will finally put an end to the plutocracy that has been running the country, unchecked, for so many decades?

We do not need Angela Davis

We do not need Angela Davis !! We are doing fine as we are

Who is this we? And who do we

Who is this we? And who do we need? More Obamas?, Bushes? Hitlers?

Kinda clueless there Di

Kinda clueless there Di

why do you not want to hear

why do you not want to hear from Angela?

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