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Thomas Magstadt
NationofChange / Op-Ed
Published: Saturday 13 April 2013
The angry white guys who dominate the Republican Party in Congress represent all the angry white men in America who cannot accept what they’ve lost forever—namely the exclusive right to take all the best jobs, run everything, make all the decisions and, oh yes, keep everybody who doesn’t look, act and talk the way they do out of the good old boys club.

Angry White Guys: The Roots of Reactionary America

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"Fifty years after the atom bomb, Hiroshima and Nagasaki are gleaming, thriving metropolises. After 50 years of failed government promises in Detroit, the money has dried up, welfare has run out and the city is headed for fire sale. With cities and states across the USA not far behind and teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, Detroit is no longer just a punch line. It is a warning of the future to come for millions of Americans."

‒ Charles Hurt

This is a story about the politics of anger. The quote above forms the last paragraph of a review of Charlie LeDuff's gut-wrenching book, Detroit, An American Autopsy.  It's a powerful book that speaks volumes not only about Detroit but also about most big cities in America today – cities where petty crime, gang violence, drug addiction, prostitution, poverty, vandalism, vagrancy, filth, abandoned buildings, arson, and despair have been on the rise for decades.  Remarkably, LeDuff's chronicle of Detroit's descent avoids partisan rancor.  His is a story of a city suffering from a chronic condition that has taken an ugly turn and become terminal.  And, yes, he's angry; very angry. 

There's a lot of anger in America, Europe and the Middle East and, come to think of it, everywhere.  Anger like everything else has gone global.  We recognize it when we see it – in others, that is – but it's here, too, it's on the rise, and it explains as least as much about politics in contemporary America as such other deadly sins as greed and power lust.  In fact, it's probably more central as a motivating force behind our dysfunctional politics than either.    

Take Charlie LeDuff, for example.  LeDuff's anger is visceral.  He makes no attempt to hide it – and no apologies.  He's angry with leaders who don't lead and politicians who make promises they don't even try to keep.  He spares no one and directs his anger at both of our major political parties.  And, of course, he's right to do so.

But unlike LeDuff, our politicians and partisan voters are angry.  That's especially true of the new breed of Republicans in Congress.  Republicans have always been partisan, but then so have Democrats.  It's only natural.  But something has changed.  Partisanship is now a synonym for paralysis in Washington.

Why?  Is the Tea Party the cause?  Merely a symptom?  Or is it something else altogether?  Here's Harvard's Theda Skocpol, the eminent political sociologist, talking about what makes the Tea Party rank-and-file tick:  “At the popular level, where there are genuine activists who have really gone out there and protested and organized into hundreds of groups...they’ve played a huge role in shaping the presidential debates and the presidential agenda.”

Skocpol, who's written a book, Obama And America's Political Future, that delves deeply into the nature and origins of the Tea Party, as well as analyzing Obama's disappointing performance thus far, is both sympathetic and objective in her criticisms of both.  In her public talks about the Tea Party she goes out of her way to express admiration for the accomplishments of people at the local level who are plainspoken, deeply committed, sincere, and unstinting in their efforts to move society in the direction they desire.  She is also careful to qualify her criticism of President Obama:  "…a lot of the criticism of him," she contends, "is unrealistic."

If so, the main reason it's unrealistic is that Obama has, quite simply, run into a brick wall erected by rightwing Republicans in the U.S. Congress.  These Republicans – including the Tea Party Caucus – are nothing like traditional Republicans.  They're also not in lockstep with the Tea Party itself.  Skocpol: “In Tea Party eyes there clearly are important things the federal government does—including care for veterans along with the dispensation of Medicare and Social Security. Many are ready to support taxation for such worthwhile programs.”

Not exactly what we've come to expect from the likes of Paul Ryan and company, including Eric Canter, Rand Paul, Tom Coburn, Jim DeMint, Steve King, Jerry Moran, and the entire cast of manic anti-government ideologues in Congress.*

Hypothesis:  extreme right-wing Republicans in Congress are not taking their cues from the grass-roots Tea Party rank-and-file but are in fact cynically using them, manipulating symbols and issues that move this mass of disenchanted gray hairs, embattled blue-collar workers, anxious job-seekers, financially stressed homeowners, and beleaguered taxpayers to accomplish other aims altogether.  If they are not simply reflecting and regurgitating views held by conservative constituents, what IS behind the recalcitrance and rage of the avatars in Congress who pose as representatives of the Tea Party?

The question is not how can they believe the nonsense they spout.  The question is, why are they so damn mad?   What is the source of this seemingly inexhaustible wellspring of anger?

It's a serious question deserving of a serious answer.  A definitive answer awaits the work of investigative journalists like Charlie LeDuff and methodical scholars like Theda Skocpol, of course.  But I have a theory.               

The theory would be invalid if Republicans in Congress today were essentially like Republicans in, say, the 1950s when most everybody (even dyed-in-the-wool Democrats) liked Ike, politics stopped at the water's edge, and the TV series "Father Knows Best" exemplified the white, middle-class American dream. It would lose its luster if rank-and-file Republicans actually share the opinions and values of Republicans in the US House and Senate.   But that's not the case. 

Why then are Wingnut Republicans so angry?  Who or what provoked them?  Was it Al Gore, the global warming crusader? Was it President Obama, the Wannabe Marxist Dictator who thinks everybody has a right to health insurance?  Or did it start with Bill Clinton who balanced the budget and kept us out of war, thus making George W. Bush look bad for spectacularly failing to do either?  Can raging hatred for the soft-spoken, conciliatory guy in the White House possibly explain the depth and breadth of the anger Congressional Republicans defiantly display despite the electoral trouncing they received last November?

I don't think so.

The explanation has to be bigger than Obama, the debt ceiling, gay marriage, or abortion – much bigger.  It's not one liberal or one issue that incenses Republicans, but rather the sea change in American society that occurred in the 1960s, continued into the 1970s, and that had too much momentum to be derailed even by the so-called Reagan Revolution of the 1980s.  Think about it: the civil rights movement, the Voting Rights Act, Vietnam and the anti-war movement, pot smoking hippies, affirmative action, "women's lib", the environmental movement (the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, EPA) – all happened in a 20-year time span bracketed by the defeat of one Republican presidential candidate – Richard Nixon – in 1960 and the victory of another – Ronald Reagan – in 1980.

In the space of two decades, U.S. society underwent a remarkable historic transformation from a society where the principle of equality was given more lip service than legal protection to one where the federal government was making a serious attempt to remedy or at least ameliorate the worst social injustices of the past.   Ask yourself who stood to gain the most?  Answer: the very people who in the past had always been the losers.  And who stood to lose the most?

The obvious answer is not the best one.  The tectonic shift in American society in the 1960s and 70s was not simply about rich versus poor.  It was not about "class warfare," and it still isn't.

Ironically, the reason we tend to think in these terms is because that's how the Reagan Republic neo-cons who have defined the political mindscape since the 1980s have conditioned us to think.  But it's a red herring.  Indeed, the rich get richer every year, as income inequality and concentration of wealth has risen to unprecedented levels in this country since the 1980s. 

No, the biggest losers in that social revolution weren't just super rich folks, but white males who dominated the home, professions, business, banking, unions, politics, sports, entertainment, higher education, radio and television – well, just about everything worth dominating.   Of course, women in World War II had played a major role in the workforce demonstrating skills and abilities in occupations previously reserved for men.  But after the war, when the men returned from war most women returned to the home and "domestic" work.

The Big Change, to repeat, began in the 1960s, accelerated in the 70s, and the rest, as they say, is history.

No one familiar with life in America today can honestly claim that this society is fair or equal or just, but it is much different from the society of the 1950s.  The angry white guys who dominate the Republican Party in Congress represent all the angry white men in America who cannot accept what they've lost forever – namely the exclusive right to take all the best jobs, run everything, make all the decisions, and, oh yes, keep everybody who doesn't look, act, and talk the way they do out of the good old boys club.  Even Augusta National and the Masters have finally bowed to the inevitable.

Like it or not, boys, you can say goodbye to all that and good riddance.

*This is obviously a partial list.  Michelle Bachmann is one conspicuous omission.  The full list runs to over 100.  It includes but a few women (less than 10 percent of the total).  Bachmann is the most recognizable name.  Others include Sandy Adams, Vicky Hartzler, Virginia Fox, Sue Myrick, Kristi Noem, Diane Black, Debra Medina, and Cynthia Lummis. Note, too, that the ruthless budget cutters are also the very same fear mongers who can't throw enough money at the Pentagon but want to slash federal funding for old-age pensions, health, and education while taking no steps to cut their own salaries, benefits, staffs, travel allowances, not to mention a panoply of other perquisites and privileges they conveniently hide from the voting public. To call these feeders at the public trough hypocrites would be an insult to Porky Pig.   

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ABOUT Thomas Magstadt

Tom Magstadt earned his Ph.D. at The Johns Hopkins University School of International Studies. He is the author of "An Empire If You Can Keep It: Power and Principle in American Foreign Policy," "Understanding Politics: Ideas, Institutions and Issues," and "Nations and Governments: Comparative Politics in Regional Perspective." He was a regular contributor to the Prague Post in 1998-99 and has published widely in newspapers, magazines and journals in the United States. He was a Fulbright Scholar in the Czech Republic in the mid-1990s and a visiting professor at the Air War College in 1990-92. He has taught at several universities, chaired two political science departments, and also did a stint as an intelligence analyst at the CIA. He is a member of the board of the International Relations Council of Kansas City. Now working mainly as a free-lance writer, he lives in Westwood Hills, Kansas.

What are white men angry

What are white men angry about? The ones who are not white uncle toms are angry about "affirmative action" or "diversity" or whatever the current euphemism is for racist discrimination against white men. They're tired of the liberal media portraying white men as buffoons in TV ads, movies, and TV shows. They're tired of seeing the leftwing destroy the country they founded, built, and defended in wartime. They're tired of the endless racial politics of the leftwing used to manipulate minorities to obtain and keep political power, the only thing that gives meaning to their miserable lives. They're angry about the leftwing assault on the Constitution including the 1st, 2nd, and fourteenth amendments. They're sickened about the leftwing created national megadebt of $17 trillion dollars, their Abortion Holocaust, and their ecofascism. Does that give you any clues??

I hate to say it but we are

I hate to say it but we are mad over money. I just went to a hearing in Sacramento over the mandated and completely unfair "Fire Safety Fee" that is imposed, arbitrarily, on roughly half of the California population=rural. = white. I am also paying two other "fire fees" and none of these will save my or anyone else's home from a wildfire. They way they use this money is bogus. Then our sales tax went up. They they tacked on another fee to our insurance bills. They they raised our payroll taxes. Gas is going up. I mean, really, where is the mystery here? We are being squeezed to death and no one cares. In the midst of testifying on the unfairness of the "fire fee" I found myself in a group of about 35 Tea Partyiers and let me tell you, one third were women (middle aged or older), there were two black men, and the rest were white males. The angriest guy easily was the black guy of which we ALL agreed with him. WE ARE BEING SQUEEZED. It's like going to a restaurant, ordering a dinner, and the owner comes out and says you are not going to get to eat but you still have to pay and the staff will eat the dinners. We are being screwed. Our wages have not gone up for 3 decades. You are wrong in this article. Not about the GOP makeup in the House but about "average Americans" and it IS a class war. Very much so. I am not a Tea Partyer but I did find it interesting to be among them. They were admiringly angry, vocal and POPULIST and it was about MONEY, taxes, and oh yea, bailing out banks and our houses being taken illegally. THIS is what they talked about. THIS is what they talked about. Pay attention. You're missing it.


Hello all. There has been

Hello all. There has been talk of the "angry white male" for 150 years. You can "see" the anger of the U.S. Army going after the Lakota Sioux Indians. You can "see" the anger of white men in America going after the Germans and Japanese in WWI and II. Today, we "see" the anger of both white men and women in America wanting to annihilate all people of Muslim Faith. The answer is a spiritual one, and has been spoken of by the great teachers of every faith - Jesus, the Buddha, RamaKrishna, Sitting Bull, and Mohammed himself. They all say, "Go Within, Love One Another". If we did what they said, the World would be a garden.

The problem with the USA and

The problem with the USA and the world is it's filled with Stupid People.
There is a technology 6 thousand years old that will fix this problem it is called

study everything on these sites - watch all the videos
cough up the money to learn TM properly & sit twice a day in silence for 20 minutes
nature will come to save us

Eat only organic food. Preferably food you have grown yourself.

Protect yourselves and let the dumb ones go off eating Stupid Food

If you live in the USA travel to Fairfield Iowa - see their plans
for the future of our dear world ... the light glows bright there.
Good luck !

I agree with the article and

I agree with the article and I've always thought the same thing. Tom is just brave enough and honest enough with himself to speak it. Fear lies beneath the anger. The bottom line is always about money and greed but ultimately we can't take it with us! The truth will always be revealed in the end.

Rich 'angry white guys'

Rich 'angry white guys' haven't lost much. The white guys at Goldman Sachs have installed their representative in the white house to bail them out and double cross the retirees who thought they were getting a Democrat. Netanyahu, an angry white guy, runs our foreign policy in the Middle East to benefit trillionaire white oil guys and an apartheid state. Obama's health plan primarily supports a bunch of rich white guys in the insurance companies, and judging from your tone in this load of Obamaphillic BS, and your photograph, you are just another angry white guy.

Here's a thought. This

Here's a thought. This article quotes the angriest white man on the planet, so perhaps it is the author who is most angry of all. The angry Republicans the author bashes are far more respectful of his opinions than he is of theirs, and they come in all colors, not just white. The real issue here is not one of angry white men, but of angry communists who wish to destroy the republic built by white European Christian settlers and black Christian freed slaves and replace it with a bankrupt, communist failure by attempting to create racial divisiveness in a nation that knows its past, knows its problems, and is well aware that its creation was not the product of one race. He is aware that the voting statistics indicate widespread fraud but objects to ensuring fair elections, because in a fair election, the outcome might be different.

It's time for some common sense and some civility on the part of the liberals. What are you afraid of? That the descendants of real Americans will wake up and realize that we are tired of listening to the barbarians?

When you mention vote fraud,

When you mention vote fraud, I assume you're also referring to the 2000 election (or was it a coup d'état?) in which Bush was awarded the presidency by a partisan Supreme Court despite his opponent's having won a clear majority in the popular vote and despite the fact that had a real recount of the vote in Florida (which was influenced by that state's governor, who happened to be Bush's brother, and other Republican officials) been made, his opponent would have won a majority of the electoral vote as well?
As for the "real Americans," they were pushed off their land and finally exterminated by the white European Christian (largely Anglo-Saxon) settlers you say built the republic - which, by the way, has proved to be the most barbaric and murderous colonial power the world has ever seen. So don't be too proud of your white Christian heritage.

Margaret, do history much?

Margaret, do history much? Or, do you enjoy the revisionist form which you try to create? Your angry whiteness shines through your screed.

Margaret...u do realize u

Margaret...u do realize u sound delusional and hateful...right? Whatever ur views of past American history, u do realize the future will be decided by Hispanics, Asians, African-Americans and matter how hard u try to hang on to ur "European and black freed slaves" past...right?

Margaret...u do realize u

Margaret...u do realize u sound delusional and hateful...right? Whatever ur views of past American history, u do realize the future will be decided by Hispanics, Asians, African-Americans and matter how hard u try to hang on to ur "European and black freed slaves" past...right?

Margaret...u do realize u

Margaret...u do realize u sound delusional and hateful...right? Whatever ur views of past American history, u do realize the future will be decided by Hispanics, Asians, African-Americans and matter how hard u try to hang on to ur "European and black freed slaves" past...right?



As a card-carrying AfrAmerican man, I can't let this stand.

You say:

"....republic built by....and black Christian freed slaves and replace it with a bankrupt, communist failure by attempting to create racial divisiveness in a nation that knows its past, knows its problems, and is well aware that its creation was not the product of one race"

'scuse me but you just mangled centuries of American history beyond recognition. The country originally was built by indentured "white" labor and "black" slave labor, not "black freed slaves".

Go read a history book before commenting next time.


Margaret M, I imagine the M

Margaret M, I imagine the M is for McCarthyism, just when one could think that cancervatism's self-justification and condamnations of multifaceted unity couldn't get anymore twisted, you take it to a whole new level. But I do agree that if elections were fair, angry white men from wall street wouldn't be holding the nation hostage.
As for the need for common sense and civility, it would be good if cancervatives weren't so afraid of thinking for themselves and did wake up and quit listening to pee-brained loud mouthed lying barbarians and accept the fact that not only "white European Christians" and "Christian slaves" are REAL Americans.
But as for REAL Americans, it would be extremely good for this nation if an indigenous American got elected to the presidency. Then we would have a REAL Ame4rican who would be a REAL President. But as long as white Christian Europeans and their Freed Christian black slaves are bankrupting this nation with divisiveness and widespread fraud, there isn't a hope in hell for common sense and civility on behalf of the REAL Americans who are damn well tired of listening to the twisted diatribe of imbeciles.

I start with the premise that

I start with the premise that capitalism is inherently inflationary. Dad's new house 1958: $8,000 > essentially unmodernized, sold 2004 $189,000 > on the market again within the last few years for $325,000. My first new car: 1969 Ford LTD a/c, p/s, p/b, a/t, v-8 $4,500. A replacement full-sized car today would be over $25k. A "co-morbidity" is that average wages have fallen way under the rate of inflation, which has always been systematically understated anyway.

Our power elites sought to forestall discontent over the decline in our living standard by offshoring American manufacturing jobs to developing countries, and then allowing "most favored nation" importation of finished goods from these countries at bargain prices. This relieved the pressure for a while, but Taiwan, Japan, and now China are grappling with (capitalist) inflation as well, and the prices we pay for finished goods are always rising.

The economic turmoil that besets us, generated by higher prices and stagnant wages, has aggravated all the underlying stressors in this country, such as race, class, and sectional rivalry. But it seems Americans cherish their provincialism, and are loath to desacralize capitalism, creedal beliefs, regionalist chauvinism, and biblicization of the Constitution in favor of forging a working consensus to address problems that demand undogmatic solutions.

The rentier class worked out long ago that the proud U S of A was undergoing proletarianization, and responded as elites always have, by securing their fortunes in ways fair and foul, and aggrandizing their interests through buying politicians. To reverse this baleful process will require that working Americans acquire class consciousness PDQ, see that their "middle class" honorific was bestowed by uppah clahss charlatans, and ponder the several truths that , inter alia, social democrats of the First World have to teach them. It's not either/or anyway, it's FDR-style pragmatism that employed and fed millions while his administration mustered the courage to admit that if something didn't work, they would try something else.

This article and most of the

This article and most of the comments are way off the mark. Rich vs. Poor is the game and there are plenty of non-whites involved. Race-baiting is a cheap shot.

Excellent article. I've said

Excellent article. I've said the same many times and appreciate a male voice acknowledging the truth.

The author of this article

The author of this article is, in my opinion, wrong. This is not about “angry white guys” who are fearful of the loss of power and privilege, engaged in some form of “Ressentiment.” I don’t know why the author introduced “Race” into the power equation in place in this country. I don’t see it as helpful nor do I see it as promoting a better situation. The “Blame Game” is played on both sides of an “Issue,” both by progressives and conservatives.

In my opinion the author’s introduction of Race into the equation is a distraction and a deflection from the real sufferings of people, and the real issues, the living issues. Such distraction and deflections are but a libation to the idols of our culture – power, money and privilege and the franchise to employ these idols beneficently within the parameters of class interests.

Race has always been distraction in our understanding of the real issues facing our nation. Even our American Civil War, the issue was not slavery (most enlightened people knew at that time that the institution would collapse in 20 to 30 years), the issue was controlling economic power. Northern industrialist, insecure due to the newness of their enterprises, favored the Morrill Tariff, increasing tax on imports from 15% to 37% immediately and to 47% within 3 years (enacted May 1860). Southern property owners opposed it as 80% of cotton revenue came from foreign sources and they feared retaliatory tariffs by foreign nations. (Note: In 1860, 90% of the revenue of the federal government was raised vis-à-vis taxation on foreign imports. This period pre-dated federal income tax. )

As at the time of the civil war, today the employment of race or the introduction of race into an issue is inappropriate. The issue of race muddles the issue, not clarifies it. The issue, the real issue, is who or what group of people shall have controlling economic power. I don’t see John Boehner or Paul Ryan as “angry white men” but as plausible rational agents of an oligarchy, a tiny group of individuals and individuals representing corporate interest, whose sole interest is to promote the profitability of their corporate clients. Globalization is the mechanism employed by the “powers that be” including Boehner and Ryan to guarantee the profitability of “companies without national boundaries.” The rise of upward mobile profession class in China and India provides the new markets that insure the profitability of Boehner and Ryan’s corporate clients. This economic reality is a shift of markets from, may I dare say, the dwindling American Middle Class to more promising and profitable markets in China and India.

Getting back to this article, the author of this article in my opinion engages in a dangerous parochialism by attributing the woes of society to “angry white men.” What is left unexplored by this dangerous parochialism is an operative paradigm that promotes the well-being of the wealthiest few over and against the misery of most.

“Angry White Men” – I know plenty of so-called “Angry White Men,” and they are neither Paul Ryan nor John Boehner, both of whom enjoy what accompanies power and privilege.

Let’s identify real anger and the reason why. The anger that many Americans are experiencing traverses the racial and gender lines which may divide us.

Endowed by our Creator with intelligence, gifted by Grace and Fortitude, let’s employ our collective resources with solidarity to stem the tide, to abate and/or terminate this ongoing process of immiseration as defined below:

-Process of Immiseration is the process by which the Middle Classes are absorbed by a burgeoning lower class of working people. Purposefully, the remnants of the Middle Class are left to subsist and to survive. The reality is that there is less time, less leisure for political action and activity. Exhausted by life, lives of quiet desperation are lived out. -

U and Yesca ought to take the

U and Yesca ought to take the same communication English!

jackwenayscott's picture

This article hits it right

This article hits it right on!!! Yes, the Republicans are mostly angry white guys, sore at losing their Empire (just before, I ASSERT, they actually LOSE BIG!) Now, the final step, we have the Republicans as real people, good! The Republican extremilsts (nice to see a list) are MOTIVATED by the terms mentioned in this article, good! But, now, turn off your television for a few weeks and think, who co-ordinates the white race? Who issues the cultural commands? Who is most respected and trusted (and well-paid!) for the act of reading lines in front of a camera? L.A. ShowBusiness. Simple, the big QUASH is about to come undone, undone by ME !!! Ya see, I was SUPPOSED to be the leader of the Nazis, but, as every white person I knew was doing me dirt by 1980, I simply CHANGED BACK to being an egalitarian, kind of a leftist, and stayed that way. In 1996 the local Nazis came to ME to ask me to be their leader... I shined them on with clever handsignals. To bad for me, ..... ? Oh, really? In 2002 I made my long-term habit of refusing to watch any TV official, I f#ckin' told people I intended to watch NO TV! Try it, soon you'll see the world as it really is, a bunch of white people trying to dominate and WIN against the other 80% of the world, led by their propaganda devicers in L.A. Unfortunately, Hollywood has a FEW PECCIDELLOS that hobble the white race as they try to get along with each other, such as the insanity of the television culture, the immorality of ShowBusiness people, etc., and more!

Way back when Man was a more

Way back when Man was a more natural pack like furry creature, sex was simple. The healthier dominate male got to do all the ladies. Then one of the whimpier inadequate males figured out that he could barter food for sex and get some anyhow. Unless you want to be biblically literal, then it was one of the lady monkies that figured out she could barter sex for food. Knowledge. But anyhow, it's been a long downhill ride to hell from paradise since.
The whole present state of civilization is based upon that age old exploitation of needs by inadequate males for sex.

Well, yeah, but where do you

Well, yeah, but where do you fit Michelangelo and Pergolesi in there?

OK now what? I can accept or

OK now what? I can accept or reject this 'angry white guy' stuff. Or address what is the core reason through our collective negligence & repulsion of actual commitment.

As a child of the 50's & 60's, seductively lured, hypnotically by the 70's, whilst hedonically inhaling the very essence of the 80's, etc.

Within minutes of finding myself forced emotionally internally into finally & openly donning my commitment of being a Chicano. I was swept in, bound to the correctness of this struggle, then realized in the vibrant deafening echoes and intense carnal power of the mass, the chant, 'Chicano!’...’Power!' An instant of morbid dread. I understood, Viet Nam was real. It was here, differently, this way. I knew the cost in …well.

Dread that, that very proper, bright vibrant, joyfully righteous, timely, actualization of the definition of America is. Could with an unintentional, infinitesimal, innocent misdirection, turn into a thundering, “Sieg Heil!” Angels! Demons! Blink of an eye. Exuberance! Hope! Repression! Suppression! Hate! Revenge! So much wasted unnecessary human suffering & tragedy.
Unless! Belief, those of us who see heinous alternatives lurking in the shadows of these ever enveloping warmth & glorious Light, make sure we don’t get turned the other way, when that sweet night grows deep.

Equality, Freedom, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness were never intended, only for some, but are everyone! Us. Otherwise these things more importantly We, the people are worthless. How we treat our weakest is how we treat our strongest.

Forward, We, the people are to see, and be responsible to. The how, the why, the where America shall be.

Like being a ‘minority’ in the 70’s and majority in the 2010’s. It isn’t now that we, the ‘Brown’ are in charge or will be soon enough. It should always be, for all of us.. Any of us on this dirt.

How shall ‘We, the people’ rule? For the people! America!

And knowing this? Be not a part? E! Gads!

Jump in anywhere! Plenty of space. We just keep getting bigger. We’re never going to stop, moving forward, all the time.

God don't bless America. We, the people...DO!

Yesca...with all due

Yesca...with all due respect...take a class in communication skills!

I'm a 70 year old

I'm a 70 year old middle-class white guy. Took me about 60 years to realize that rich, privileged white guys don't want to just screw minorities and women, etc. They want to screw middle-class white guys too. Check out what they want to do to ur Medicare/SS. Wake-up guys! U can't survive without ur Medicare/SS.

Who said...first they came for blank, and I did nothing. Then they came for blank, and I did nothing. Finally they came for me, and no one cared.

Martin Niemoller

Martin Niemoller

a the NY Times: Black people,

a the NY Times:
Black people, who make up 22% of the poor, receive 14% of government benefits. White people, who make up 42% of the poor, receive 69% of government benefits.
Oh dear. If this gets out.... nah, it won't change a damned thing.
Because it's not as if Teabaggers pay any attention to facts. See, they can't simply say, "Oh, good, I was wrong and I don't need to worry about that. Apparently the people I thought were freeloaders are carrying their share of the load, and then some."
Their heads might explode.
So they'll simply point out you can't believe anything you read in the New York Times. See how that works?

Well I am 68, white and also

Well I am 68, white and also puzzled by the hostility that so many of my fellow citizens have demonstrated. I have never been able to figure it out, but I think the author has partially identified it, but i think there are others as well.
I think that although is is no longer socially acceptable to be openly racist, the feelings are still there but expressed in different ways.

I think you have got to take into effect the deliberate stoking of the fires of fear and hatred by those with lots of money to spend opposing economic changes even when they benefit the middle class. There are many very rich people and organizations that like things just as they are and will do or say anything to prevent even a single oat being taken from their feedbag.

Along with this there is a huge crop of media showmen and women who make millions of dollars promoting a yellow form of journalism. The total media value of the EIB network ( Rush) and every other right wing fear monger plus Fox News and the Murdoch empire must be in the billions and you cannot underestimate its impact of this day after day year after year.

But still nothing seems to adequately explain its hostility and resistance to reason... Fear and racism seem my best guesses

I've been saying for some

I've been saying for some time that the 400 year reign of the white man in North America is over and we better get used to it. We know that power is never surrendered, though, it is taken. That is the source of these troubles. We also better hope that the people who take the power treat their previous rulers better than the previous rulers treated them.

Mexico got it own back...and

Mexico got it own back...and the slaves will join and have their dayzzzzzzz!

I think Smiley has it right.

I think Smiley has it right. It really is the rich against everyone else. For ONLY ONE example - I have heard Whites say "there are so many Blacks on welfare." Then the Blacks would say "but there are actually more Whites on welfare". The truth is a bigger percentage of the Black population on welfare. And there are reasons for that (1) many minorities work the system due to perceived discrimination (2) actual discrimination of many types causes the NEED for welfare. Seems like a never ending vicious cycle to me. What if all the problems are like this and stories and it really isn't reactionary White guys running the show? There are lot of hard working people in my family and very few worked for Auto companies or other high paying jobs, many are poor and borderline middle class. I didn't see any great advantage to being White growing up personally. But then I belonged to a Black women's group when I was 17 (53 now) and they told me stories I found hard to believe (but I knew they were truthful people) , like having to drive to another state to buy ink to run the printing press business one of them had with her husband. These women, who are in their 80's, 90s and some deceased now, though had a very different situation than people coming up in the present. They said so themselves. So many don't even try to get through high school. What is the ultimate answer? I don't know, but it seems pushing stories about angry White males isn't helping at all. How about getting corporations to pay their fair share of taxes, improving the schools and stop increasing taxes on the middle class while simultaneously giving more breaks to the rich. (Michigan is taxing pensions, greatly reduced the homestead credit and continues to give yet more to the rich despite no measurable increase in new jobs)

Really the only solution for

Really the only solution for angry white guys is to provide free penis extensions for them all. That will greatly reduce their need to make life on earth miserable for everyone else by grossly overcompensate for their teenie weenies with hatred, violence, subjugation and greed, etc.. This will in turn lead to less angry white women like Michelle Bachmann and other such church ladies.

You Nailed it!

You Nailed it!

The European colonial

The European colonial expansion for hundreds of years has been rationalized by White Europeans bringing civilization and Christianity to the world, whether they want it or not. This idea is also helpful to rationalize paying people less and treating them as second class citizens for the white upper class and their supporters.
Besides it is nicer that way!

Great article for beginning a

Great article for beginning a much needed discussion on the subject. History sort of tells us that this has been an ongoing problem, not just for the U. S. for other parts of the world. War, fighting, and conquering has been an underlying theme of this particularly controlling group. What is it that drives the angry white man (what feeds the anger and why)? At this juncture in time, they're dominating the Republican Party and in an undercover sort of way, maybe also a piece of the Democratic Party. It's true that the 60s and 70s infuriated the dominant culture. Unfortunately, the social/cultural movements slowed and angry white men (and their female supporters) strategized to improve predatory strategies. Given the potential that exists due to great strides that have been made in the hard sciences, medicine, technology, the arts as well as the possibility of increasing learning and interaction among varied cultures, the future should seem brighter rather than dismal. Might be time for anthropological (socio/cultural, political, economic, medical, etc.) studies of that phenomenon: angry white men.

I personally think it's all

I personally think it's all an act, a show pitting a phony liberal left against a phony angry right while their corporate puppet masters steal us blind.

Liberal is not the

Liberal is not the "left"!

The Death of the liberal class by Chris Hedges, a most worthy read!

I'm white, 58, male, single,

I'm white, 58, male, single, no children, low income all my life, college-educated in a conservative field (BS--Chemical Engineering, Penn State, 1976), self-educated in the field of law, extremely liberal politically, formerly with clean long hair, a lifelong environmental activist, a whistleblower in 1972 against the local foundry that owned my hometown for forcing me to breathe pulverized sand dust for 3 weeks at a sandblasting operation without a respirator until I quit, officially unemployed all my adult life, a community activist, and a convicted felon railroaded into the prison system in 1986 on trumped-up political charges that weren't even allowed by law into "court" due to their blatantly perjurious nature (for trying to publicly criticize corrupt small town cops) (SEE Com v Hill, 566 A2d 252-253 (Pa, 1989); 631 A2d 213 (Pa Super, 1993) WITH Hill v Thorne, 635 A2d 186-191 (Pa Super, 1993) @ 189; ALSO SEE Com v Hill, 632 A2d 928-930 (Pa. Super, 1993), 643 A2d 704 (Pa Super, 1994); 668 A2d 1191 (Pa Super, 1995) (Theft & Destruction of Public Records/Court Files by "judge" G. Thomas Gates to stop anymore kangaroo kourt railroadings from being reversed and remanded for new trials or even reviewed by appellate courts) WITH Hill v Protasio II, Lycoming Co. #89-01504 Deliberate "court"-Appointed Legal Malpractice 12-10-92 Jury Conviction; ALSO SEE Com v Hill, 55o A2d 249 (Pa Super, 1988)--2 reversals; ALSO SEE Hill v Baldys, 578 A2d 43 (Pa Super, 1990) -- legal malpractice reversal and remand; ALSO SEE Hill v Protasio I, 580 A2d 1170 (Pa Super, 1990) -- legal malpractice reversal and remand; ALSO SEE Com v Hill, Lycoming Co. #86-10350 Acquittal; ALSO SEE Com v Hill, Lycoming Co. # 86-11095 Acquittals (especially p. 77-81, tt, police conspiracy revelation by Commonwealth provocateur/proxy) FOR STARTERS).

I know exactly what happens to non-conformists who don't look, act, or talk like the good ole boys demand (SEE Hill v PaDER & Richard Maxwell, 679 A2d 773-774 (Pa , 1996))(ALSO SEE Hill v PaDER & Richard Maxwell, _F3d_ (CA3, 1996)) and who question corrupt, tyrannical authority which include pathological liars, bigots, narcissists, egomaniacs/megalomaniacs, sociopaths/psychopaths. (ALSO SEE Hill v Bingaman, 908 F2d 962 (CA3, 1990); ALSO SEE Hill v Moore, 925 F2d 417 (CA3, 1991); ALSO SEE Hill v Tabor, 987 F2d 487 (CA3, 1993); ALSO SEE PaOVR, 22 F3d 301 (CA3, 1994); ALSO SEE Hill v Harter, 609 A2d 632 (Pa Commonwealth, 1992) -- all reversals and remands -- FOR STARTERS). I lived it.

I think Illailla (Illa Illa?)

I think Illailla (Illa Illa?) is wrong, or at least misleading, in seeing "laws and regulations" "looking out for" "every group in the country". And it's not just American Indians (First Nations) and African Americans who are still getting a raw deal.

But nevertheless, if Skocpol's book has as little coverage of the wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, etc etc), the bases (from Korea to Germany and 1200 other spots), the drones (Yemen, Pakistan), the persecution of the whistle blowers (Bradley Manning, Jullian Assange), the environmental degradation (Keystone), and other disasters too numerous to mention as this review suggests, then she's as misleading as Illa Illa.

You cannot understand our current situation, the Tea Party, Fox News, the lying Republicans and the lying Democrats, without confronting the reality that holding onto an empire is costing us everything.

Illa Illa, and lots of others of all races and types, will continue to live in worse and worse conditions.

And Obama sure could do something but won't --- he could at least refrain from starting new wars for God's sake.

"[D]isappointing performance" is too weak a phrase.

Excellent article. I believe

Excellent article. I believe you could add that the "Reagan Democrats" were early but essential enablers of this movement: People too easily emotionally manipulated, who did not realize they were duped by that great visceral angry negative campaigner, Reagan (AKA, "Benedict Ronald").

"Republicult"? I like it. I


I like it. I call them Repugnicans.

Illailla, you sound like a

Illailla, you sound like a complete fool. Whites have held the priviledged position for centuries. But as soon as a bread crumb is thrown to non-whites, whites act like how dare they get anything and begin to complain that their position is being usurped. How so? In most offices, blacks are either in the mail room or support staff and that goes for all the other ethnic groups too. Whites have consistently experienced privilege. Whites still run the economy, institute the wars, decide policy, pass laws, and everything else, so stop your lies and yammering just because you have to take a smidgen less than what you got previously. Even when Black folks attempted to own businesses, history reports Rosewood and other towns where white lynch mobs came to head off any progress people of color made. And you hunt for terrorists around the world, when the KKK is your homeland terrorists. Yet the KKK is allowed to exist to this day. The people of color have had to suffer the abuse of the white race led by some greedy and insane white men, since those whites stole this country from people of color in the most brutal fashion. So now, the pendulum is starting to shift which is always the natural order of things and you are afraid that maybe once the non-whites get power they may treat the whites the way some whites treated them. Isn't that your real fear? Members of your race have stolen everything and now the time for justice has arrived. Not quite, but on its way. So step up and let go of some of your wealth, its never been yours anyway. Certainly not honestly, so prepare to accept the inevitable. You had your turn at bat and you did not share. Instead your race has demonstrated outlandish greed. Greed to the point of insanity, where you would literally bring down the country to protect your profits and hell be damned the citizenry as long as you got yours. The country is destroyed due to white men and their lust for power at any and all costs. Well, the world and this country has become tired of white rule. Its tired of the sickness and greed that drives it. You had your turn and did not live up to any humane principle outside of mere lip service to it. Now, the new team is about to take over and we can only hope they will have learned a lesson about what not to do. We pray the new team moves down a less hateful road and spread the wealth among the populace as a whole. Especially after seeing the damage greed and power-lust has wrecked upon this country and the world under white man's rule. You had your chance and you blew it with self-interest alone.

Tell it Tom! As a fellow NOC

Tell it Tom!

As a fellow NOC blogger, I've made similar points here and elsewhere. In fact, I'm completing a new book, "RaceMan Answers: America's Toughest Race Questions" that goes even further to explain how the 1% created most of our current problems, starting with their initial "marketing and branding" campaign to sell US on the idea of white supremacy and black inferiority.

BTW: ILLAILLA: I think you should be one of my first customers. If 350 years of laws and culture in your favor hasn't been enough for you to succeed by 58, male, single and no children, you've got a much bigger problem than your skin color.

It is a group whose members

It is a group whose members held the best jobs, got the most out of the system not because of their ability but because of the color of their skin and because they belong to a GANG of White Men. Their incompetence has run Americans to the ground while following misguided agendas, hijacking the constitution, the economic system and everything else. They have used religion and irrational rules to subjugate women, minorities and other white men who are not part of the GANG. They are the KKK-minded group that supports the agenda of 1% against the 99%. They use women to destroy their own gender's agenda (Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, et. al.). They will do anything to keep their privileges because they have no alternative due to lack of logical mind, modern knowledge and natural talent (read low IQ). They are the stick in the mud types that suck life out of you if you get close to them.... Always abusive and power hungry, scheming to get their hands into your pockets and deprive you of anything of value. They are a pack of wolves that will rip you apart if they can....It is time to unmask them and find ways to promote people with ability to SAVE AMERICA and THE WORLD. We are very close to a nuclear war and major global conflict because of their dishonesty and past tricks against others.

Ive done more good than

Ive done more good than millions of fake phony chri- booby bloody stains who truly believe or don't one no worse than the other they are equal but as an American African I am part often only one race with too many ethnocentric nationalist self haters,a nd if there is a god with all the good Ive done all assure my heaven-ship I will ask for special dispensation to be made nightwatchmen from hell, in hell for discipline purposes, repayment for Irish catholic guilt I charged my Jewish Friends for their lesser burden of, but I did yo to Dachau though the JFK assassination killed us all after he saved us from sure death six times from teh seven powers than assassinated him

I agree with this article.

I agree with this article. I've always thought this was the case; it's nice to hear someone else say it as well.

I am white, 58, male, single,

I am white, 58, male, single, no children. I see laws and regulations looking out for every group in the country - except me. How do you think I should feel?

Well, think about the

Well, think about the situation you'd be in if you lived in one of the poorest countries in the world... You feel a little better about the one you're in now, don't you?

Illailla, I'm a white,

Illailla, I'm a white, 63-year old guy who was born in Houston, Texas, but even I can see that for too long, white guys had it the expense of everyone else. At the expense of women. At the expense of Blacks. At the expense of Hispanics, and Asians, and everyone who wasn't a white guy.

I don't know about you, but long before civil rights was an idea in anyone's head, I wondered why there were two water fountains in my local grocery store - one for "Whites," and one for "Coloreds." That's the way the signs over the two fountains were labeled, and even as a boy, I thought that was wrong.

My mother was divorced. So, because I lived with her, it was a woman and not a man who was the head of my little universe. And because of my perspective, I could see even back then how differently women and men were treated, and almost always to the benefit of the man.

What happened beginning in the 1960s is that others began insisting on the same opportunities that white guys have always had. And to have access to those opportunities, the rules - explicit and implicit - that white guys in power used for years to effectively keep others out had to be offset with "laws and regulations" allowing others to compete on equal ground. And after all this time, things still are not completely equal, but they have changed for the better. Today, it is more about ability and less about who one is - demographically speaking - than it used to be.

And isn't that the way it should be?

Tell it Houston! It's always

Tell it Houston!

It's always good to hear "white" men be honest.

I know you've been taught that, when it comes to your privileges in our Skinocracy, honesty is not the best policy.

The only thing I'd add is that although the average "white" man has benefitted disproportionately from white supremacy in America, they have actually been cheated. They only received relative trinkets for selling out the promise of a real democratic republic.

The real supremacy in this guilty land is what I call "wealth supremacy" and the oligarchs who have always owned the nation only gave "white" men the very short end of a very, very long stick - in order get them to die fighting their wars and keep women, "blacks", "browns", "reds", "yellows", gays and thinking "white" guys like you from gaining any power.

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