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Arrested Development Co-Star Exposes the Coal Export Conspiracy

Eco Watch / Video Feature
Published: Sunday 3 February 2013
Shawkat traces the arc of coal export proposals from the corrupt process.

Alia Shawkat, who co-stars as Maeby in the popular television show Arrested Development, stars in a new video released today by Greenpeace which explains how a plan to ship coal to Asia via the Pacific Northwest will destroy communities and could send us over a climate cliff.

The three-minute video uses a model train set and other props to demonstrate how Ambre Energy, Arch Coal and Peabody Energy plan to go to the ends of the earth to sell their coal, even if it causes more droughts, fires and storms due to the resulting global warming.

Shawkat traces the arc of coal export proposals from the corrupt process used by the U.S. government to lease taxpayer-owned coal in Wyoming and Montana to proposed export terminals on the Oregon and Washington coasts, ending with a call for viewers to share the video and expose the coal companies’ plans.

Coal export expansions in the U.S. would release more of the carbon pollution that causes global warming than any other new U.S. fossil fuel project, according to a report, The Point of No Return, Greenpeace released last week.

The report found that the proposed expansion of U.S. coal exports would produce 420 million tonnes of carbon emissions annually by 2020—or more carbon pollution than the entire country of Spain produces.

We wouldn't have hit our own

We wouldn't have hit our own peak oil event in the 70's and gotten into a bunch of wars to protect our access to Middle East oil since then, if the government had told the mining companies from the start that the mineral resources within the US borders are for meeting US needs, and were not to be exported. Corps should be serving people, not mindlessly chancing after profit. And we are still committing this folly, even though the easy minerals have been depleted, and whats left can only be gotten by destroying nature and the clean fresh water our lives depend on, we are still letting mining companies break up the earth and release greenhouse gases, just as fast as they can, so they can ship it away right out of the country and make a modest profit from it. This is precious stuff, it should be our energy of last resort, for it is finite and so is the ability of the planet to deal with the pollution mining and burning it causes, yet we let these corps ravage the earth unchecked, with no regard for life, but only for next quarter's profits. It is time to pull their plug and give them some enforced vacation downtime if they've met all the US demand.

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