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Article Debunking Organic Food Hit Piece Targeted by Massive Cyber Attack

Anthony Gucciardi
Natural Society / News Report
Published: Wednesday 5 September 2012
“What is most interesting about this attack, however, is that multiple attempts were also made to actually infiltrate the server and remove the organic food study piece.”
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On the night of September 2, after hearing about the ridiculous study that demonized organic food and claimed that it was virtually the same as GMO-laden conventional food, I decided to shoot a short 9 minute video within an accompanying article breaking down the study. As this was the night before the real news cycle began the following morning in the alternative media, this piece really blew up. It was graciously hosted on Alex Jones’ Infowar's as a featured news piece as well as featured in an article on the subject by NaturalNews‘ Mike Adams.

Essentially, it was the first piece to really respond to the outlandish hit piece with a serious response. It may come as no surprise to many of you, then, to know that we were hit with a massive attack between the early morning hours of September 4th (as the piece really began to gain traction) and the night of the same day. Hit by a complicated series of denial of service attack (known as a DDoS attack) resulting in a complete server crash, we did our best to trace the location and halt the intrusion.

Attempts Made to Delete Article

What is most interesting about this attack, however, is that multiple attempts were also made to actually infiltrate the server and remove the organic food study piece. In the process, a similar article was actually damaged and rendered completely inaccessible to readers for a long period of time. It is interesting to note that all of this happened during the crunch time for Proposition 37, which seeks to label GMOs in California. The video and article centered heavily on the fact that GMOs within conventional food make it a serious threat to your health.

Ultimately, we managed to stop the attack after several hours of upgrading server security and blocking the attacker(s). While the attack was certainly on a larger scale than we have seen before, it is not entirely unlike any other attack in the past. Our #1 most shared article on the entire site entitled ‘Hungary Destroys all Monsanto GMO Corn Fields‘ was successfully attacked and removed back in 2011 as it ascended to over 236,000 shares to become one of the most shared articles of 2011 .

Attacks Only Highlight Deception and Corruption

The attacks show nothing more than the fact that organizations with serious vested interest in deception and fortified corruption are desperately clinging on to any shred of credibility that they have left. By the way, we cannot confirm at the time who issued the attacks. What we can say, however, is that it is an organization with large scale capability. By the way, many so-called individual ‘hackers’ are often decent individuals who would never take down a truthful alternative news piece. These kinds of attacks can always be traced back to corporate interests or some form of government body.

What the attackers fail to understand is the fact that simply deleting an article and tossing it down the memory hole will do nothing in today’s age of alternative news media. We are very thankful to those who continue to host our articles in the very case that they are assaulted by criminal entities in an attempt to remove the information from the web. It’s simply impossible to delete the content of our articles off of the internet once published thanks to the many websites that carry them on a daily basis. In addition, the Youtube video remained untouched.

Instead of groveling to malicious groups and ‘toning it down’, the real answer is to start generating even more hard-hitting content that may strike some chords within the establishment. Delving into a ‘hot war’ of sorts in regards to the deletion of content and news media by corporate interests only serves to demonstrate their total frailty and lack of pull over the increasingly-aware general public.

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ABOUT Anthony Gucciardi

Anthony is an accomplished investigative journalist whose articles have appeared on top news sites and have been read by millions worldwide. A health activist and researcher, Anthony’s goal is informing the public as to how they can use natural methods to revolutionize their health, as well as exploring the behind the scenes activity of the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA.

What did I spell wrong? I am

What did I spell wrong? I am not American sorry for the esses rather than zeees. Don't you morons know that most countries in the English world don't spell like you?

It is clear that Mr. Gucciardi has not read the article he is writing about - have the rest of you? I have, and that is where my response(s) come from.

It was a literature review based on research done before. The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. The authors of the article never say there is not a difference between organic and conventionally grown foods. Even in the literature they discuss, they find differences in pesticides, phosphorus and many other health relevant compounds. It was the media who only read the abstract and then started publishing articles saying that the authors results showed NO difference; when indeed they did. Mr. Gucciardi simply read those media articles and came up with his own conclusion based on those "ridiculous" reports.

There ARE differences between organic and conventional foods, the article in question even says so. It is not Mr. Gucciardi's conclusions I have problems with, but his lack of journalistic research (i.e. not reading the article he is reporting about). This makes Nation of Change no better than the other scumbags that have reported on this article to fuel their own interests (i.e. the other headliners with corporate interests/funding).

BTW I have a BSc, MSc, PhD (from very reputable Universities thank-you) and 10 published peer reviewed journal articles under my belt (so far, but have years to go). This is in addition to the science news writing I do for an international outlet.

I am also an organic farmer with a research farm that is developing methods to get farmers off of the round-up corn-soy cycle - organically, ecologically and even without manure (what the authors of the article find is the best way to get E. coli, Salmonella, etc.).

I am not the bad guy here. Please do not allow your ignorance to get the best of you. Read the article in question. It is quite interesting.

However, none of the studies done thus far, look at trace nutrients - that is where the big differences lie between organic and non. Things like protein, carbohydrate, ascorbic acid, vitamin E, etc. are all made from C,H, and O - elements found in air and water - something all crops get. Of course there isn't a difference in these. But what about copper, maganese, iron, etc? Hhhmmmm, again the absence of evidence is not evidence to absence.

I'm done here. Please educate yourselves and ensure that Nation of Change does the same.

well put jtz

well put jtz

Anthony, Great article and

Great article and video and you were on them lightning fast. Excellent work. It is just sad that most people won't actually read the whole original hit piece or possess the critical thinking ability to understand what it says or to read between the lines. It is just that stupid headline on it that becomes a meme and spreads like wildfire. But I think you nipped it in the bud.

Yeah right, because your

Yeah right, because your article was so great and thorough and well researched. You demonised the authors, they did not demonise organic food. Maybe your superiors were trying to remove it because it was terrible. Please read the actual article you are writing about! If you want a copy, I have one.
Sincerely, Dr. JKZ

Dr. JKZ? hmmmmm.

Dr. JKZ? hmmmmm. Credentials, please! Btw, thank you, Mr. Gucciardi for your excellent article.

Dr (???!!!) JKZ can't even

Dr (???!!!) JKZ can't even spell. Internet degree ???
Sincerely, Dr. BizareO

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