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Ashindi Maxton: America’s Founding Inequality

Laura Flanders
GritTV / Video Report
Published: Friday 19 October 2012
“The pervasive nature of those inequalities have been bult into our country’s DNA.”

Ashindi Maxton is a former fellow at the New Organizing Institute recognizes the inequalities in our society, especially beginning with our education system.  The pervasive nature of those inequalities have been bult into our country's DNA.  Ashindi confronts the issues head on as she sheds light on some of the social economic problems that stem from inequalities that started all with our founding fathers and the lawmakers.  She roots out many underlying issues such as Citizen's United vs. FEC and how money, politics, and the media are the cause of inequalities.

Dear Laura Flanders: There

Dear Laura Flanders: There is only one sure way to rid ourselves of inequalities. Because our Supreme Court Justices proclaimed that "corporations are people" and that "money is speech" the only sure way is a new Amendment to our US Constitution. Click on or copy and paste into your browser -

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