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Behind The NRA’s Money: Gun Lobby Deepens Financial Ties to $12 Billion Firearms Industry

Amy Goodman
Democracy Now! / Video Report
Published: Wednesday 16 January 2013
Since 2005, the NRA has collected as much as $38.9 million from dozens of gun industry giants, including Beretta USA, Glock, and Sturm, Ruger & Co., according to a 2011 study by the Violence Policy Center.

Throughout its history, the National Rifle Association has portrayed itself as an advocate for individual gun owner's Second Amendment rights. But a new investigation finds the group has come to rely on the support of the $12-billion a year gun industry—made up of firearms and ammunition manufacturers and sellers. Since 2005, the NRA has collected as much as $38.9 million from dozens of gun industry giants, including Beretta USA, Glock, and Sturm, Ruger & Co., according to a 2011 study by the Violence Policy Center. We speak with investigative reporter Peter Stone, whose latest article for The Huffington Post is "NRA Gun Control Crusade Reflects Firearms Industry Financial Ties."

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ABOUT Amy Goodman

Amy Goodman is the host of "Democracy Now!," a daily international TV/radio news hour airing on more than 900 stations in North America. She is the author of "Breaking the Sound Barrier," recently released in paperback and now a New York Times best-seller.

The NRA and other firearm

The NRA and other firearm manufacturers (outside of DOD purchases) receive FEWER funds than DOW, Monsanto, General Motors, ConAgra, Unilever, Microsoft, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Republican National Party and Democrat National Party – just to name a few of the many corporations that the US federal government subsidizes with our tax dollars!

I say withhold ANY and ALL government funds from ANY and ALL businesses – PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Flies create garbage the same as guns create crime."

To control crime via the method of depriving the tools of crime, we better start banning from civilian use not only firearms but: vehicles, bats, golf clubs, fireplace pokers, crowbars, 2 X 4's, bricks, hammers, mallots, screwdrivers and other tools, eating utinsels, toothbrushes, pipes, anything glass, knick knacks, statues, bird baths, knitting/crochet needles and any other strikable or stabable object - to name just a few ...

The truth is that NO law, act, bill, declaration, directive, proclamation, executive order or treaty has EVER PREVENTED a crime. We will NEVER EVER be able to keep the tools of a criminals trade away from them by outlawing them. Remember Prohibition, it didn't work to reduce drunkeness or crime; in fact it increased it.

It is the sicko and criminal that commits crime, not the tool of the person commiting the crime. If we want to reduce crime; we must reduce the sickos and criminals; to do that we need to identify them and put them where they cannot be a threat to the rest of us law abiding and Creator loving people.

Our country was founded on the principle that each and every one of us have 'inalienable rights' given to us by God the Creator and they cannot be taken away from us by ANY human-made government.

All of our founding documents have one common theme: The freedom of choice within the constriants of the 10 Commandments. Because of this I will defend any US citizen's right to NOT own a firearm, as strongly as I will defend any US citizen's right TO own a firearm. I will defend this inalienable right of personal choice with my last breath.

Since 2009 (according to the FBI crime stats, CDC, WHO & Census stats) each year suicide now 'kills' more US citizens than vehicle accidents. Homicides (including ones without firearms) are NOT even in the top 10 causes of mortality of US citizens.

So yes, let us remember those taken from us by sickos and criminals and start attacking the root cause - the sickos and criminals!

Just as an FYI – MY life and the life of my (then) TWO YOUNG CHILDREN were SAVED because I HAD A FIREARM, knew how to use and did not hesitate to use it to defend myself until the police could arrive (a full 10 minutes AFTER I called 911)!!!!!!

PS - Since 1974 I have been a non-designated voter. I will NOT support the Democrats or Republicans with monies or my vote. They are flip sides of the same coin and have hijacked our representative government, debased the dollar, increased government, increased debt and inflation and pass laws for a federal dictatorship! My tax dollars should go to NO political party!!! Belonging to and supporting a political party is a CHOICE and should not be dictated!

"We have given you a Republic, if you can keep it." Benjamin Franklin

"Politicians and diapers must be changed often and for the same reason" Mark Twain

"Today is the Tomorrow that you worried about Yesterday"

Gun control is also very much

Gun control is also very much a gender issue. The male dominated violent obsessed with guns. Violence in the obscene realm in movies, video's and mass murders and unjustifyable wars. Women find your voice. We make up more than 50 % of the population. We cannot let ourselves and our children continue to be allowed to be victims. The NRA can kiss my a...

The NRA of the 1960's as I

The NRA of the 1960's as I recall, was a voice of moderation with respect to gun ownership. They were of course motivated in no small part by the image of Black Panthers marching in Sacramento (to name one instance), with shouldered arms. Armed blacks made very white organizations like the NRA believe that some gun regulation was advisable. Things changed.

The Lapierre ilk have gone whole hog the other way. I would be willing to bet money, if I had any, that the philosophical aspects of the 2nd amendment or gun possession generally never come up in policy discussions a the NRA. They don't give a shit about anybodies "rights". They are about gun sales and market forces. Insofar as keeping their market open and flowing with cash and guns, they will work to stifle any legislative action to control their market. Keeping their constituent/donors in an ongoing and unrelieved sense of fear is good for their market. Keeping restrictions out of the equation is good for their markets. Mass murders or the election of a black man for president has been good for their markets. Just the threat of any kind of gun control is good for their markets.

If they had any genuine argument to make, why are they resorting to cheap shots at the president and his family? Why do they invariably and reliably conflate any "regulation" with "confiscation"? (and notably, they are the only ones who do). Why do they allow even unwitting proxies to continue this blather unchallenged? Because it's good for their markets. Not unlike the bush campaigns of tax-breaks-as-universal-panacea, the NRA and the people who love them persist in "the problem s not enough guns".

One favorite pontification of

One favorite pontification of the majority of the obese white middle-aged impotents that comprise the membership of the NRA is "Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out later!" Maybe we should take their advice when dealing with the NRA and its members. All we have to do is convince both halves that the other half of NRA members are actually pinko commie liberals secretly conspiring to prevent them from stroking down their barrels, and they'll kill each other off.

@LOTHAR405: As much as I


As much as I disagree with LaPierre's stance on sensible gun laws, his comment about law enforcement had a lot of truth about it. Waco and the OK City bombings are examples (the FBI is strongly suspected of actively assisting the latter attacks). And about that 9/11 thing, almost nobody disputes US government involvement in the first one, or that (at the minimum) it grossly interfered with investigating the second one.

SavageMinstrel... You are too

SavageMinstrel... You are too quick to call someone a moron... This is about the motives behind the NRA's staunch support of guns even at the cost of safety for our children, our people. It is about money, it is all about selling guns, that is the point! It is about money with the right wing radicals in Congress as well, it is about paying for campaigns... That is the blatant fact! If you choose to not see it then obviously the frontal lobe portion of your brain that controls reason simply does not work. For your information the Constitution also calls for the protection of its citizens, so when you gun crazies keep your banter going with "Their trying to take our guns" BS, remember we have a right to feel safe in this country. Executing 20 innocent little children is reason enough to see something is bad wrong in this country. It is a wake up call to all of us, except people like you! Bringing up pharmaceuticals is like a kid saying he did it so can I. The majority of the people want something done and have woke up to the influence the NRA has over politicans. Remember, our Constitution also refers to following the will of the people! That will is speaking out!!!

Of course the insurance industry, big pharma, oil companies and so on have done the same thing and just maybe people are beginning to wake up to the truth behind the corporate radical right agenda with their influence over Congress. Not to mention the lies they spew distorting real facts with people like you defending their propaganda of government takeover of guns, and everything else they sell you when their $$ greed is at stake! They don't care about Second Amendment rights or killing kids, they care about making money!!! You are simply buying into a slogan that works for them!!

This isn't the time to play these childish games of who else is doing what. It is however the time to put common sense laws in place regarding these weapons. It is insanity to think we should arm teachers as your NRA (moron) leader has suggested. A teacher with a locked up gun (for the safety of students) would have little affect on a semi automatic weapon suddenly raging through innocent kids at a blink of an eye. Even armed guards were unable to stop the massacre at Columbine. So more guns is a moronic approach to say the least. Moronic approach that is except to the gun manufacturers, the NRA who get millions $$ in donations, plus the millions $$ to the bought off politicans. This is not rocket scientist stuff to see here!
With you people's staunch support of these greedy ba**ards and plastic support of the Second Amendment, let's bring back the musket which our founders based their right to bear arms on. I'm sure they never dreamed of a weapon mowing down a mass of people in seconds. Muskets were looked on as adequate in defending oneself to our founders so in keeping step with our Second Amendment rights, let's limit gun usage to muskets!!

In fact, you have no

In fact, you have no constitutional "right to feel safe". You don't even have a right to police protection. The only right the constitution affords us in this area is the right to defend ourselves, by bearing arms.

And hey, gun owners--try to remember "an armed society is a polite society." Leave the insults to those who can't frame a rational argument.

NOTE the Name: Wayne LaPierre

NOTE the Name: Wayne LaPierre ….

“Bush Sr. Resigns NRA Membership in Protest: Lobbyists: Ex-President says he is 'outraged' by group's fund-raising letter labeling federal agents as 'jackbooted thugs.'
May 11, 1995

“WASHINGTON — Former President George Bush has quit the National Rifle Assn. to protest a fund-raising letter sent out by the organization that labeled federal agents as "jackbooted thugs" and could roil the waters of the Republican presidential race.

Bush described himself as "outraged" by the organization's failure to repudiate the letter, which points up the NRA's vulnerability in the wake of the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building. In a letter to NRA President Thomas Washington dated May 3 and made available by his office in Houston, the former GOP chief executive added: "To attack Secret Service agents or ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) people or any government law enforcement people as 'wearing Nazi bucket helmets and black storm trooper uniforms' wanting to 'attack law-abiding citizens' is a vicious slander on good people."

Bush was particularly irate because Wayne LaPierre, the NRA's chief lobbyist, defended the attack contained in the letter even after the Oklahoma City bombing. Asked if his language was excessive in view of the tragedy, LaPierre said: "That's like saying the weather report in Florida on the hurricane caused the damage rather than the hurricane."

Note the name??? Wayne LaPierre !!!!!!!!!


This is about the most

This is about the most idiotic and useless article I have ever seen. I don't understand how the NRA needing money to run it's organization has anything sinister about it.
How does a reliance on the gun industry for support make them any less of an advocate for individual gun rights? I don't see that at all.
Of course it's ok to rely on the pharmaceutical industry for kickbacks when you are handing out psychotropic drugs to kids like candy... you don't see a problem with that.

Of course the NRA rely on donations, I and millions of gun owners everywhere will happily donate to them. And any gun manufacturers that support them HAVE THAT RIGHT, you friggin morons.

The oil industry lobbies and owns organizations, funding them with billions. and these organizations violate the rights of people all around the world and no one gives a rats ass.

Here's an organization that fights to defend Constitutional rights, and you media morons somehow think that monetary support for them is somehow sinister and wrong.

Blow it out your behinds.

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