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Thomas Magstadt
NationofChange / Op-Ed
Published: Tuesday 25 September 2012
Remember the sweet little children’s song, “Jesus loves me! This I know…”? Well, kiddies, guess what? Republicans are different. They don’t love you.

Believe It Or Not: Republicans Hate Jesus

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If Democrats were to pull a Watergate caper and steal the Republican campaign playbook, they might accuse Republicans of committing the ultimate blasphemy to Christians.  They might say that in seeking to denigrate and tear down everything government tries to do to help the poor, the sick, and the needy, Republicans are secretly waging war against the teachings of Jesus Christ.  They might conjure up a catchy slogan like  REPUBLICANS HATE JESUS and treat it as a self-evident truth.

They could then proceed to turn the slogan into a campaign strategy and use it to preclude any real debate on the issues.  When did Republicans start to hate Jesus?   Why do Republicans hate Jesus?  Do all Republicans hate Jesus or mainly just politicians, CEOs, and the Super Rich?  And they could debate these questions endlessly on a popular TV channel that disguises its propaganda as news.  They could use this smear tactic in every political campaign from here to eternity – or at least until it stops working. 

By this standard, it doesn’t matter whether or not a slur or slogan is true.  What matters – indeed, the only thing that matters – is whether or not it produces the desired results because nothing succeeds like success. 

This is the point of Jill Lepore’s fascinating essay entitled “The Lie Factory” in the latest (September 24) issue of The New Yorker.  Lepore shows how Leone Baxter and Clem Whitaker, the ingenious couple who invented the art and science of political consulting back in 1933, transformed American politics with a simple insight, namely that repeating a lie over and over again is the surest way to win elections.

Lepore tells a riveting story of how Baxter and Whitaker created the first political consulting firm in the U.S., Campaigns, Inc., and “licked” Upton Sinclair when he ran for governor of California in 1934 by getting the Los Angeles Times to put a box with an Upton Sinclair quotation in it on the front page every day for six weeks before the election.  The quotes were not from Sinclair speeches and interviews, but rather from fictional characters in his novels. Clever, huh? 

When Sinclair lost the election, he wrote a long post-mortem, “How I Got Licked”, published in installments in 50 newspapers.  The reason he lost, he said, was that the Republicans ran what he called a Lie Factory.   (Did I mention REPUBLICANS HATE JESUS?)

The Lie Factory would go on to play a major role in defeating two early attempts at guaranteed health care, one at the state level (then Governor Earl Warren’s proposal for a universal health insurance system in California), the other a compulsory, comprehensive national program (President Truman’s proposal in 1945).   Today, we are living – and dying – with the consequences. 

How did Baxter and Whitaker do it?  Two steps:  1) persuade physicians and the powerful AMA lobby that letting the state get into the act would be fatal for the free exercise of the healing arts; 2) persuade the American people that national health insurance was the first step on the road to totalitarianism (think Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia).   Campaigns, Inc. gave opponents of affordable health care the only weapon they would ever need, namely a poisonous label: “socialized medicine”.  

Of course, it was (and is) a lie.  Guaranteed health care is not a synonym for socialism.  Nor is it incompatible with a robust market economy.  The empirical evidence drawn from the experience of many countries – most notably, our closest allies – and decades of economic history is overwhelming, which means that anyone who pretends otherwise is a fool or a liar. 

And if your name happens to be Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan you are lying through your pearly white teeth.  But lying is what the heirs of Baxter and Whitaker – you know, nice guys like Roger Ailes (think: FOX News), Karl Rove, and Grover Norquist – want you to do.  Winning is what you want to do.  You want to win?  The facts are not in your favor?  Okay, tell lies, a lot of lies, big lies, dirty lies, and wrap yourself in the flag while you paint you’re opponent as a socialist, atheist, or (if he happens to have an unusual middle name), perhaps a Muslim. 

Back to the point:  REPUBLICANS HATE JESUS.   Remember the Sermon on the Mount?  Does anything in it remind you of today’s Republican leadership?  (Yes?  What Bible are you using?  No?  That’s the one we used when I was in Sunday school.)   Or do you remember the New Testament accounts in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John where Jesus “cleanses the Temple”;  that is, He throws the moneychangers out (by contrasting, Republicans bail them out).  A little fuzzy on that, are we?  Kindly re-read Matthew 21: 12-13, to cite one example from what Christians consider Holy Scripture.  

Or has that changed?  Seriously, it’s difficult to imagine the historical Jesus endorsing the pack of lying liars who now head the Republicans party (aka, The Lie Factory).  

So, please repeat after me:  REPUBLICANS HATE JESUS.  Repeat it over and over again, like a mantra, okay?  Do it at least until November 3.   Be sure to start repeating it again at least a year before any election.  It’s of utmost importance that we all use only these three words until everyone in America believes it.  (Think:  “duckspeak” in 1984.  Orwell was onto something.)

Remember the sweet little children’s song, “Jesus loves me! This I know…”?  Well, kiddies, guess what?  Republicans are different.  They don’t love you.

More proof that REPUBLICANS HATE JESUS (and affordable health care).

And that’s no lie.  

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ABOUT Thomas Magstadt

Tom Magstadt earned his Ph.D. at The Johns Hopkins University School of International Studies. He is the author of "An Empire If You Can Keep It: Power and Principle in American Foreign Policy," "Understanding Politics: Ideas, Institutions and Issues," and "Nations and Governments: Comparative Politics in Regional Perspective." He was a regular contributor to the Prague Post in 1998-99 and has published widely in newspapers, magazines and journals in the United States. He was a Fulbright Scholar in the Czech Republic in the mid-1990s and a visiting professor at the Air War College in 1990-92. He has taught at several universities, chaired two political science departments, and also did a stint as an intelligence analyst at the CIA. He is a member of the board of the International Relations Council of Kansas City. Now working mainly as a free-lance writer, he lives in Westwood Hills, Kansas.

Interesting to learn that

Interesting to learn that Leone Baxter and Clem Whitaker are the founders of the strategy of the “Big Lie,” not the often cited Goebbels, and the Nazi comparison is inappropriate for something made in America.
That aside, the Republicans not only have taken up a position against the teachings of Jesus (because they believe in Christianity as a team sport for wining, not for its values), but are specifically opposed to freedom, probably because they don’t understand that freedom is about choices that don’t necessarily require conformity, rater that chanting phrases and waving flags.

Thank you! There is only one

Thank you! There is only one thing to say to Romney supporters who claim to be followers of Jesus:

You either DO what Jesus says to do, or you don't!! End of story!!!
(Same goes for "Christian" Obama supporters who deliberately ignore that Obama has expanded ALL of Bush's ugliest policies, and that the same corporate power structure, or "the 1%," funds and controls most all Republicans and Democrats)

Its long overdue that fascist bible-thumpers were confronted on their hypocrisy-- has the best reference list of Jesus quotes to combat fascist bible-thumping hypocrisy!

After reading this article

After reading this article and many of the following comments , I certainly see how the Democratic Party (or at least Mr. Magstadt) has read "The Lie Factory" and uses it to great effect.
Jesus Christ would certainly condemn many in both Parties , but he would be the last to spout the drivel that shows-up in this article and many of the comments that follow.
Christians (those who follow Christ) are NOT perfect and in fact they know that they , themselves are (almost) perfect sinners. In other words, they are (or try to be) humble and realize that finger pointing starts at the opposite end of the hand.
To say that Republicans Hate Jesus is a "perfect example" of use of "The Lie Factory".
Just one example of the lies from Obama and the Democrat Party is the state of the economy : This economy belongs to Obama . How many times have They blamed the bad economy on an incumbent after three years ?!
What has Obama done for the Blacks and poor ? Young Black Americans have the highest unemployment rate since the Depression ! And, MORE people are on Food Stamps then EVER before !
Christians, open your eyes and look beyond the "Lies" you read here.

Right on. It dawned on me

Right on. It dawned on me several years ago that Jesus Christ and the religious right are on opposite ends of the moral spectrum. He said not one word in his teachings about infanticide, let alone abortion, although both were widely practiced in the Roman Empire; the closest I can think of to a position is, "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's." He forgave prostitutes and murderers, saying "He who is without sin cast the first stone." In fact, the only people he expressed anger at—so angry he physically attacked them!—were the bankers, when he chased the money-lenders out of the temple. Yet fundamentalist Christians are happy to let girls die of botched abortions while practically deifying the banking industry, whose CEO's scored multi-million-dollar bonuses for deceiving less-educated home buyers and by successfully lobbying to legalize using customers' savings for gaming the global financial systems—and then doing it.

Republicans repeat over and

Republicans repeat over and over that they don't want to repeal help for poor people who "DESERVE" it, but only for those who do not deserve it. Those who do not deserve the "hand outs" are, for republicans, a general mass that includes "most" everyone who needs help.

Fair enough. Hand outs are for undesirable people who have made bad decisions and now want to suck the life out of those who made good decisions.

One problem with your line of reasoning: You can't even offer full employment to those who want to work, never mind those who are not even counted anymore because they have lost hope and given up.

The Republican Party has

The Republican Party has abandoned Jesus for the gospel of Ayn Rand.

Jesus never said a word about homosexuality, abortion, socialism or universal single payer heath care. In fact, if the words of Jesus count for anything, they could infer that he would favor single payer health care, food stamps and social security. On the other hand he didn't have much good to say about wealth (excessive).

yup it was at the gop

yup it was at the gop convention that God got booed in the temptations of Jesus the devil offer all the kingdoms on earth Jesus did not deny that the devil controlled them

Practicing Free Universal

Practicing Free Universal Healthcare will get you crucified. Just ask Jesus. And don't even mention spreading the loaves and fishes around!
"Christianity" in America is about making Jesus and especially his followers Der Feurhers of man, though his teachings are clear that we should become the Free'rs of man.

The beginning of the BIG Lie

The beginning of the BIG Lie strategy in the modern GOP Party was the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987. Coincidentally, Rush's show went out to several hundred stations.

They simply followed a 3 step recipe used by Goebbels and Gehring
1. Always have an enemy (Govt, Obama, Muslims, LGBT, Illegals etc etc
2. Always be the UBER Patriot so anyone that disagrees is seen as unpatriotic
3. Always have the means to saturate ans repeat and repeat and repeat the lies. (see talk radio post Fairness Doctrine)
Goebbels said you can control a people anywhere at any time by doing those 3 things.

This is a good list.

This is a good list.

I'm sorry, but this is an

I'm sorry, but this is an excellent example as to why the "Lie Factory" itself is so effective. We are terrible at getting the truth out there.
The headline is provocative and catching. The subject of that headline, however, is confined to a paragraph buried near the end of a 948 word essay.
The result is terrible confusion as to what the author is calling for. Should we open our own "Lie Factory" and simply repeat a slogan over and over? Should we confront the lies with truth? Should we work to (rightfully) claim that we are the ones doing Jesus' work?
In the end, I remain confused. This piece completely lacks Unity, which is to say that in the process of being about everything it is about nothing. It takes a simple and demonstrable fact about Jesus and makes it into a process issue rather than an article of faith.
The mistakes in here include all of the classic traps for the left, including going on far longer than we should. It is hard to fault the author too much given that we have all been guilty of these mistakes for at least a generation.
We have to do a better job. We are the ones doing the work Jesus taught was the life of the righteous - " Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32 NIV). If we can stay focused on that we can create our own "Truth Factory" that is unstoppable.

@WABBIOD Why do you start


Why do you start your reply with "I'm sorry?" Are you?

It should be pointed out also

It should be pointed out also that Jesus as a being of Unconditional Peace and Love, would never support or promote anything to do with Christianity...other than infusing it with Unconditional Love. Is there any wonder why the timeless Saints of India have forever, and continue to visit, the super-evolved beings living there...while how many "Popes" (ever) have been visited by Jesus The Christ!

Since Christianity is, at its

Since Christianity is, at its core, the following of Jesus, and of his call to love God absolutely, and one's neighbours as oneself, how can it be anything but a loving and servant path? Whether there are good or bad Christians, like me, should not spoil your perspective of Christianity, since humans try to approach the example of Jesus, who was filled with the light and love of God, but will inevitably fall short.

If you look back at the early followers of Christ, before there was an organized Church, certainly any Holy Roman Empire or Pope, you'll find a much closer following of what Jesus taught, and how he lived, than when Christianity was appropriated into a system of authority, power, hierarchy, and militarism. The Roman Empire was everything Jesus lived and taught against; it executed him by torture and thought it had eliminated him as a problem, but it hadn't--his followers persisted in ignoring religious obligations, mingling slaves with citizens and men with women in equal status situations. They refused to renounce their faith, even singing together in the Arena while animals tore them apart. By being baptised, Emperor Constantine beat the Christians by joining them.

Now that Christianity is no longer allied with any world power, and Corporatism is definitely not compatible with Christianity, a diverse and loving rebirth of the Church which is especially peace-loving and earth-friendly seems to be going on. Since Jesus was most concerned with the poor and the outcast, and with the peace on earth of God's justice, not the power of fear and death, Jesus has little in common with any Presidential candidates I've heard of in America.

Nowhere is it written that

Nowhere is it written that ANY words, wisdom, comprehensions...ever have come from Jesus the Christ. It was a power play by self-serving, power-hungry men who created the largest franchise on the planet--Catholicism. Unconditional Love/Peace could be considered the contradiction to Christianity/Catholicism and having even less to do with GOP political views.

I have recently read "The Lie

I have recently read "The Lie Factory" in The New Yorker. My suggestion would be for Democratic operatives to read it perhaps a dozen times. This is, and continues to be, a major problem for Democrats. They have been outsmarted and outmaneuvered for many decades as the article makes pointedly clear. There is simply NO tactic the GOP won't use or consider in bad taste to acquire power including, IMO,the murder of their fellow citizens on 9/11. I further suggest anyone reading this get a copy of author Jeff Sharlett's "The Family." Edify yourself concerning the hypocrisy of our politicians and their "Christian faith" and learn the concept of "Jesus Plus Nothing." Also, take note of the prominent "Democrats" involved in this insidious and far reaching cult.
As for Jesus...if he came back today he'd be imprisoned or killed within hours if not a few days. Alas, so would Mohammed and the Buddha. They simply don't represent our current set of "values."

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