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Bernie Sanders And Keith Olbermann on Wall Street Protests

Countdown with Keith Olbermann / Video Interview
Published: Friday 30 September 2011
Bernie Sanders: “We desperately need a coming together of working people to stand up to Wall Street.”

Labor unions and progressive organizations are now joining Occupy Wall Street and similar protests around the country. “The possibility exists that together they might be synthesizing something this country seemingly has not had in decades: An active, motivative left collation to counter the right-wing,” Keith Olbermann states. Bernie Sanders discusses more about this possibility saying, “We desperately need a coming together of working people to stand up to Wall Street. Cooperate Americans say enough is enough. We need to rebuild the middle-class in this country and you guys can’t have it all.”



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It's about time soemnoe wrote

It's about time soemnoe wrote about this.

Money in a human society is

Money in a human society is much like the force of gravity in gathering more to itself. Armies of simbiants, that is, professionals and politicians, will faithfully serve any significant accumulation of capital. They fleece the public and they strip the nation of its most productive elements. Our factories are emigrating; our young men and women are without means and without jobs. A powerful, well organized resistance is necessary. Get the money out of politics or be destroyed.

consult the existing

consult the existing revolutionary groups, PLP, RCP, Brown Berets
they have been doing the day to day work in the trenches for fifty years,
then get well planned guerilla groups, and send money to millions who
can physically take over Wall Street,,convert the army, take out right wing talk shows and tea pottie heads, hit the power centers , liberate the prisons, hit the banks give the money to the poor, take over on the job, the Italians took care of business in the olive orchard, there is full blown fascism now, start the counter measures in self defense, armed well planned resistance

This is just the beginning.

This is just the beginning. We have only begun to fight. I expect that the October 6 event to be more of the same and bigger. There will be some creative tactics that our enemies will be defenseless against. This is a movement now and it is bound to grow as people begin to recognize which side we are really on.The MSM will try but be unable to ignore this uprising and it's misinformation and biased reporting will fall on deaf ears and it will lose market share as people begin to use other venues to find out what is really happening.I am encouraged by all of this at long last.

These patriots who are

These patriots who are protesting on Wall Street are amazing., and they deserve our support for their peaceful demonstration. Wall Street has been leading this country around by the nose for far too long, and I sure hope that these protesters signal a new tipping point in American history. I've devoted my latest cartoon to these people who care about all of our futures, it's up now on my website
Left of center independent political cartoons.



FINALLY it seems enough

FINALLY it seems enough people have seen Charles Ferguson's documentary film "Inside Job"!!!!

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