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Bill Moyers Essay: The Gun Lobby’s Firepower

Bill Moyers
Bill Moyers / Video Feature
Published: Tuesday 8 January 2013
Even as sadness turns to outrage over the Newtown tragedy, and powerful coalitions of leaders and celebrities speak out, those who produce, push, and promote guns continue unfazed and unabated.

Even as sadness turns to outrage over the Newtown tragedy, and powerful coalitions of leaders and celebrities speak out, those who produce, push, and promote guns continue unfazed and unabated. In this broadcast essay, Bill reports on how the NRA and gun merchants continue to strong-arm Congress and state legislatures into keeping any and all discussion of sensible gun control off the table.

What do you expect from the

What do you expect from the NRA? This is typical of any issue the neocon TEA/GOP libertarian right wing conservatives choose to participate in. As usual, if it involves guns, they suddenly resort to all sorts of threats, twisted statistics and history, mindless slogans, and hideously inadequate solutions. All the NRA has to do is to crank up their propaganda machine and their loyal lackeys jump right in, right or wrong.

Reagan dumped the insane out of the asylums and onto the streets and now they're all over the place or in jail. Guns and crazy people and criminals are a dangerous mix. How ironic is it that a crazy man shot Reagan. They banned assault weapons soon afterwards, but now they're back.

Guns are efficient weapons. Far easier to use with effective results, than a hammer, knife, sword, lance, etc etc. Any weapon leaves a ghastly mess. But a gun is so good at its use. Hard to beat a gun for force equalization, defense, or hunting. But when a crazy person or a criminal has a gun, there will be a problem. Ultimately, this is the issue.

So when I see or hear the NRA faithful squealing and squalling about the 2nd Amendment and their world of fear of infringement, I have to ask myself about what kind of real solution they have to offer. So far, they have yet to put any realistic solutions on the table. They only offer rude gibberish in the media.

This proves the NRA offers nothing to the real essence of the 2nd Amendment and only want to selfishly use the tragedies of mass gun murders for the political advancement of their wretched neocon ideology.

They are there to drive new NRA members and new gun sales.

I can only hope that we can come to an ideal situation where we law biding Americans can have our guns and the crazy people and criminals will be disarmed, treated properly again, and rehabilitated.

Dr Pepe, I see you are yet

Dr Pepe, I see you are yet another who hates your country so much you are sure it is out to get you...see my post above. Perhaps you need to consider moving to a better nation than one who is so intent in enslaving it's citizens as you believe America wants to do.

Let's make sense. Too many

Let's make sense. Too many paranoid people here. If this is such a danger, then why is it that some of the best armed nations are so dangerous. Lybia? Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan? Everyone and their brother there have guns, even fully automatic assault weapons and some even drive around in pickup trucks with 50CAL machine guns mounted.

Now look at England, Canada, Japan and so on were few people have guns...where and when have their governments swooped in to enslave them?

Who here things American is such a bad nation that if we had no guns we would become slaves when all these other modern nations seem to thrive?

How can we claim that America is the greatest nation on Earth yet at the same time believe everyone in Washington is out to get us?

We have live happily with other exceptions to our Constitution when we think it protects us. The First Amendment, probably the most important, has exceptions for child pornography because it is assume to harm children.

Did an assault rifle in Sandy Hook just harm 20 children? Cannot we afford an "exception" in the 2nd Amendment regarding offensive weapons in civilian hands?

We seem to accept a limit placed on "some one eles'e" right but never on our own "right".

I believe in gun ownership. Most of my liberal friends here own guns. But I don't believe anyone has a legitimate need or right to own purely offensive weapons designed only to kill people.
What is wrong with this thinking?

Here's an interesting link.

Here's an interesting link. Mao - get the guns, then kill 20 - 80 million chinese. Stalin - get the guns, then kill millions. Pol Pot - get the guns and kill the million educated people. Hitler, never let the people you conquer have any guns and rule them with your own troops and weapons. King George III (literally insane dude as a bonus) disarm the colonists and kill them if they offer any resistance at all to the British policies. (policies set by crown and the corporation - British East India Company.)

Idi Amin - took the guns and then killed 300,000 christians.

Every gun attack like Sandy Hook, Aurora, University in Virginia - the people were on mind altering PRESCRIPTION PHARMACEUTICAL PSYCHOTROPIC drugs. These are obviously more dangerous than heroin, meth, pot, crank, whatever. We NEVER have junkies attacking schools or malls. Just under Doctor's orders.

If gun control worked the cities w/the most restrictive gun control laws would have the lowest gun death rates. They have the highest. So what is the problem with the guns here?

Is Moyers stupid enough to think that if he has a gun it will talk him into heading to the nearest public gathering and start offing people? How many psychopathic firearms are out there? My GOD! WE NEED TO PUT OUR FIREARMS ON MEDICATION NOW!!!!!!!!

(sarcasm font above didn't work, sorry)

Oh yeah, the link, lol -

Oh yeah, the link, lol -

Of course that is an example

Of course that is an example of someone so paranoid he has no option for any reply to his ranting.

I suspect he is one who does not think America is the greatest nation on Earth or he would not think his own country is out to get him.

We should move to a safer nation like, oh let's say Japan, where only shotguns are permitted and no one has been enslaved. Oh yea, that country also thinks enough of the well being of its own to provide health care.

How DARE the Japs treat their unarmed citizens so badly !!

The purpose of the 2nd

The purpose of the 2nd amendment is to prevent the bad guys (government) from taking or limiting the weapons of the good guys (free men) that they can use to protect themselves from the bad guys. To suggest that the bad guys (government) should dictate what weapons the good guys can use to protect themselves is just insane.

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