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Is Obama the Trojan Horse, a Psychopath, a Bad Boyfriend or all Three?

Published: Thursday 20 September 2012
“Believe me the Obama brand is collapsing just as the Bush brand before him became so craven even the most deluded had to recognize the fraud that had been perpetrated upon the American people.”

I believe Barack Obama was put into office to do what no Republican could ever have gotten away with. Obama has extend the wars, created new wars, extended the Bush tax cuts for the rich, given additional bail out money to the banks, allowed the health insurance industry to write the healthcare bill, extended the Patriot Act and signed the NDAA.

Under his watch not one member of the Bush Administration has been held accountable for leading us into wars built on false evidence and lies; not one banker has been held accountable for the fraud and corruption that brought down the global economy. And the final nail in the coffin, Mr. Slim Shady signed the NDAA bill on New Year’s Eve while most American’s sipped champagne and sang Auld Lang Syne. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) makes America the battlefield and allows indefinite detention of U.S. citizens suspected of ‘terrorist” leanings without due process.

But why be so negative you might ask? Here are a few things Obama did manage to do. He extended unemployment benefits because they’re no jobs as his stimulus package was too small. He also managed to cut payroll taxes, which is a back door way to defund Social Security, He helped cover up the BP oil spill in the Gulf by allowing Corexit, a toxic disbursement not allowed in other countries, to break up the oil which then dropped to the bottom instead of just cleaning it up. In other words, allowing them to hide the body.

Obama hates truth tellers such as Julian Assange of WikiLeaks and whistleblowers like Bradley Manning who’s been held in detention for almost two years for, according to Obama, exposing state secrets aka a horrendous war crime. That is if Manning is the alleged leaker who gave the “Collateral Murder” video to WikiLeaks showing 12 civilians murdered by American soldiers. What is the difference between the “Collateral Murder” war atrocity and the 1970 My Lai Massacre and the Court-Martial of Captain Ernest L. Medina? What is the difference between the Pentagon Papers and Daniel Ellsberg and Bradley Manning? I mean isn’t this evidence we’re now living in a corporate/fascist/ military/police state?

Now look, I know they’re still plenty of Obama supporters among us but I find it very difficult to understand why so many people still love, honor and support this guy. I voted for this guy too. I fell for his smooth talk, cool demeanor and wide open smile. I’ve always been a sucker for tall dark and handsome but if he wasn’t lying then he’s lying now and I for one am mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.

I know it’s hard to admit you made a mistake. I get it. You really believed this guy was “the one” and he is the one for the 1%: Wall Street, the too big to fail banks, the military industrial complex, the prison industrial complex, big oil, big pharma, i.e. the corporate fascist state he’s so gingerly locking into place.

We looked the other way when he said he’d put on comfy shoes and march with the unions and then when the unions had their bargaining rights withdrawn, Obama like the good corporate shill he is, remained silent. We made excuses for him when he remained silent as the police brutalized, beat, pepper sprayed and shot projectiles at peaceful demonstrators. Obama, unlike Robert Kennedy who had the balls to stand up to the racists down south and brought in the National Guard to protect those fighting for their civil rights, is a coward.

It could be battered spouse syndrome. I know there are people hospitalized with a broken jaw or collarbone and they won’t press charges against their attackers. I can’t explain why victims protect their abusers but they do and not only do they protect them, they go back to them over and over only to be beaten again and again.

Or maybe it’s the Stockholm syndrome whereby victims fall in love with their captors. It happens. No need to beat yourself up over it.

To me Obama’s like the bad boyfriend. He lies to you, cheats on you, forgets to call, but you just keep taking him back and making excuses. “Well, he can’t help it. He has to stand up to those mean Republicans.” Right?

And, therefore, I feel it’s my duty to do an intervention. For those of you still deluding yourselves, who still can’t face reality I suggest therapy or better yet maybe pick up a copy of “He’s just Not That Into You.”

I know it’s hard. I told you I voted for him too. I sent him money. I believed him. But let’s be honest this guy is a lying, cheating, warmongering, opportunist who serves the 1% so he might get reelected. He’s in bed with Goldman Sachs, Exxon Mobile, GE and whoever else will pay him for his services.

He does throw us the occasional bone like the recent appointment of Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. And studies show even rats will keep going back to find the food pellet over and over again even if it only shows up very rarely. But there comes a time when one must admit they were wrong, cut their losses and move on.

Not to worry they’re other fish in the sea. Jill Stein of the Green Party has a very sane 5-point program. I know she may seem boring as we all love our bad boys but really a psychopath who murders innocent civilians and destroys countries using drone attacks will eventually turn on you. Didn’t you see “Sleeping With the Enemy?” Hello! And there’s also Anderson of the Justice Party. So don’t despair you’ll find somebody new. Maybe not right away but you won’t have to sleep alone forever.

Believe me the Obama brand is collapsing just as the Bush brand before him became so craven even the most deluded had to recognize the fraud that had been perpetrated upon the American people.

For those of you who still don’t see it you’re sort of like the Bushies who believed in the Iraq war and defended the honesty and integrity of their fearless leader no matter how many lies he told. I guess it may prove the old adage. Love really is blind.

ABOUT Jill Dalton
Jill Dalton is a recovering army brat/writer/performer who has appeared in film and television as well as performing her solo plays in New York and around the country. Most recently she can be seen in and consulted for William Hurt on the HBO film, “Too Big To Fail.” Her articles have been published on: Dandelion Salad, RSN, OpEdNews & Progressive Activists Voice. She is currently writing a screenplay.
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I have one question. Will

I have one question. Will letting Romney become President make things better or worse?

If we can focus on this issue, it will make it easier to decide what to do.

The looming question, I fear,

The looming question, I fear, is whether or not the voting system in the US is real at all. "W" was never really elected (Florida/Supreme Ct 2000; Ohio 2004) and I believe that Obama was installed to execute exactly the strategy described above. I believe, sadly, that the Republocrats, are going to install Romney/Ryan this time because they feel we're impoverished, confused, divided, and dumbed-down enough to accept the next step toward full-blown fascism. I hope this isn't so and I will vote Green Party, as I always do.

Thank you Nation of Change,

Thank you Nation of Change, for this voice of reason!!!!!

The cognitive dissonance of the Obama-apologist is truly frightening! (and I thought the Bush supporters were bad!) Besides, you give Obama another 4 yrs and he'll just out-evil Romney, just like he out-did Bush!

If the unprecedented high voter turn-out in 2008 against Bush's policies happens again in 2012, then Jill Stein will win by a landslide -EASY!

What bitter irony that the only thing preventing us from defeating the 1% are the Obama-apologists who insist that we can't.

Okay, Obama and the Democrats

Okay, Obama and the Democrats didn't shepherd us into a golden age of enlightenment, but Romney and the Republicans are a coal train back to the dark ages. This is a time that calls for our pragmatic wisdom. We all know that there is an immense difference between these two candidates. "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good" -Voltaire.


LIAR PANTS ON FIRE ----too bad ----I have a good memory and I RECALL the republicans held hostage extending unemployment benefits to those who lost jobs unless Obama agreed to extend the Bush tax cuts.
Republicans were apologizing to BP and thought the "tragedy" is that BP will have to pay victim of their disaster.
There is no payroll loss to the SSecurity fund ---the difference is coming out of the General Fund.
This writer has made so many errors in reporting his pants must have been on fire.
The republicans including the writer of this article belongs to one of the following the left-over JohnBirchers---the KKK or the American Version o f the Taliban.
If noone can recognize we had a 1929 like depression that began in the middle of the Bush & republican's 8 years----and they handed the mess over to Obama to fix and meanwhile the day he was inaugurated many republican congressmen had a meeting and decided they were going to say NO to everything Obama wanted to do to fix the economy and THEY DID their best.
Gover Norquist had them pledge not to raise taxes on the richest (his taxes--Romney doesn't want his taxes raised either so they'll cheat the rest of us...but the stupidity of the American people who voted the republicans in for 8 years and then gave low approval rating are bound and determined to do it ALL OVER AGAIN !! Same policies ....oh stupid ones.

Your cognitive dissonance is

Your cognitive dissonance is truly frightening!

For starters-
When Obama closed the investigation on the bankers who destroyed the world's economy, letting them walk off with $32 trillion in offshore accounts -was that a case of Obama trying to do good and republicans preventing him? NO, IT WAS NOT!

The topic of this essay is

The topic of this essay is really destructive- it's easy to stand back and be critical when it's not you trying to solve the problems this President inherited- and trying to clean up the mess with an obstructionistic Congress blocking every policy he tried to pass- I guess perhaps you think we would be better off with Romney at the helm- wake up and stop whining- while the Dems are not perfect the Reps are unhinged- I believe Obama will do a lot more in the next 4 years-

Um... Obama had the majority

Um... Obama had the majority of Congress on his side for his first 2 years in office, and he still caved into the demands of the republicans! WAKE UP!!!

And if you really care about what is "destructive," then look no further than the NDAA (indefinite detention law). There is NOTHING worse than the loss of civil liberties! It cannot possibly get any worse! So arguments about how "Romney will be worse" have the sad logic of slaves trying to figure out which overseer will be nicer. GROW UP please!!

Face it, anybody who gets to

Face it, anybody who gets to be POTUS has the object lesson of the Kennedy brothers in mind. "Do as we say, or we'll off you". Obama may do a tiny bit of good around the edges, but he will always predictably conform to the orders which come from on high. The best thing he may do is preside over the collapse, after which we may yet see the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Very good content, but crying

Very good content, but crying out for an editor.

Wow !! Excellent well written

Wow !! Excellent well written article. Your words are what I have been thinking to myself for a year or so. I also voted for Obama. When he kept so many on from the Bush administration I tried to rationalize that maybe he
kept them on because they knew how to clean up the mess that they created.
Needless to wasn't happening. as time went by I started to think this
is a huge charade being played out for the public. The NDAA was the biggest
evidence in my way of thinking at least, that Obama is as phony as Romney...if not more so. I will vote but not for either of them My vote goes to Jill Stein. I know her chances of winning are slim but I refuse to vote for either one of these guys. Our government is more corrupt than I ever realized.

It takes us back to Vietnam,

It takes us back to Vietnam, this time he is the Nixon.. At least Johnson decided not to rerun and negotaite out in the'68 pris Peace Talks that were sabotaged. We have a good cop bad cop routine for the military industrial complex and it's long term strategic planning. It is just goes from overt to covert methods. Then gives a defense of war to the Noble Peace Committeee which I suppose takes guts to say war is peace to the peace committee and which is analogous to Kissinger getting it for extending the Vietnam war but finally getting out.
But now revisionary history has Bush telling Vietnam we should have stayed fighting there even though they are still having agent orange birth defects and farmers risk stepping on mines and cluster bombs.
Obama fires off the new 13 yr Vietnam rewrite project. And it is complete we have love of war replacing make love not war and S&M is catching on too as we go out to dominate the world with secret special forces missions to win submission to multi-national corporate rule.
Now a homeland security police state and preemptive enforcement to make preemptive wars the new democrazy. No international law or domestic law as we take off the gloves and throw them away. Wars for lies should make govt's accountable for damages to others and too our own misused. It is clear Vietnam is resurfacing to be blamed on the anti-war movement but equally for scrutiny of falsehood since they want to dig it up again and throw it in our face. Lies beget more lies until we bring down the wrath of natural law on ourselves or we face responsibility for our actions. It is the same as the lies for profits in the financial sphere. Eastwood finnaly gets to eat his heart out thowing Obama in our face and saying ha you peacniks dirty harry has won, viglante justice rules and as long as we have might makes right it might workd but there is still natural law.
Weaponizing Afghanistan to lure the soviets to occupy has thrown them into 30 years of misery and suffering and using Iraq against Irag and then calling them hitler is total dishonesty. Being the devil and then turning into an angel all 0f the sudden we may fool ourselves but not those bedeviled.
it appears to be a case of feeding freedom fighters and then going in and cleaning them out to take over for ourselves. Build a Noreiga or Saddam Hussein and then letting them have too much rope so we can call them hitler and take them out. Maybe Hitler was a hitler too, against communism? It is really western civilization as a war-based system that has made this all into an art and only knows how to live by wars of destruction and reconstruction profiteering. And it is nearing the end of its line unable to learn how to live within the means of our planet without raping and pillaging ourselves to death.

Brilliant essay. There arent

Brilliant essay. There arent many of us who saw through this guy from the beginning when he arrived in DC. If you havent' done it already ages ago, then you need to realize that Mr. 'Politically Expedient' and his party need to be abandoned immediately on principle's sake alone.