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Breaking: Vermont House Passes GMO Labeling Bill

Anthony Gucciardi
Natural Society / Breaking News
Published: Saturday 11 May 2013
The Vermont House has passed a significant new GMO labeling bill known as H. 112 by a count of 99-42.
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In a legislative blow against GMO giant Monsanto and major food corporations who wish to keep you in the dark over what you’re eating on a daily basis, the Vermont House has passed a significant new GMO labeling bill known as H. 112 by a count of 99-42.

I will be covering more news on this as it develops, but the great voter turnout means that representatives are either waking up to the reality of GMOs or at least being forced by voters to go ahead and take action on the GMO labeling issue. And as we’ve seen in other states like New Mexico, it comes down to a grassroots campaign demanding that action be taken while spreading awareness on a national level.

Unfortunately the New Mexico initiative, as you may be aware, was ultimately shot down by massive lobbying (as may have been expected with the recent passing of incognito legislation like the Monsanto Protection Act).

But despite the mass lobbying and mountains of cash that go into squashing labeling, around 90 plus percent (or more on average depending on the polling institute) of the public is in favor of GMO labeling — and an increasingly large number of this percentage are turning into hardcore activists who are sick of Monsanto’s food monopoly.

Activism Can Trump Lobbyists

What’s also interesting to note about this legislation, which is similar to Prop 37, is that it’s really the farthest in the legal system that any such bill has gotten. Prop 37 ultimately came down to a vote in California, and we know there was extreme foul play there with the Monsanto-backed organizations who sought to sabotage the entire GMO labeling initiative due to profit incentives, but the Vermont bill here can quite simply be passed by the Senate and be on its way to implementation.

I am very hopeful about this bill, and I think if we gather enough activism on this front we can send a message to the Vermont Senate that effectively reads: We will not tolerate Senators who betray the health of the public for profits and lobbyist relationships. I encourage everyone, whether you live in Vermont or not, to generate awareness over this issue. Share this article far and wide, and start demanding that GMO labeling be taken seriously.

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ABOUT Anthony Gucciardi

Anthony is an accomplished investigative journalist whose articles have appeared on top news sites and have been read by millions worldwide. A health activist and researcher, Anthony’s goal is informing the public as to how they can use natural methods to revolutionize their health, as well as exploring the behind the scenes activity of the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA.

I am new to this topic, but I

I am new to this topic, but I catch on fast. However, what does GMO stand for? Before you go writing an article on the subject and using the abbreviation for it over and over, you should at least once say "Genetically modified O... (GMO)" at the beginning of the article so that those of us who are new to the topic know what you are talking about.

I think this bill's heart is

I think this bill's heart is in the right spot however if you think about it all food has been genetically engineered from Bananas that you eat to the the corn, they have all been changed either by us or by nature. If we have to go back to natural farming whatever that means that in my opinion is going to raise prices, raise the amount of pesticides to control pest and disease. Do we really need sprawling Farms and huge amounts of pesticides to come back?
I know GMO's can be scary because they sound like a science experiment however the truth is this has been studied not just thrown out on the market as some would like you to believe. The papaya is now available thanks to gmo's "This was so successful that by 2010, 80% of Hawaiian papaya plants were genetically modified" Should we now ban or label Papaya's now as dangerous because if so people are going to avoid eating anything with a warning label attached to it. To me the bills strikes the same cord as a ban or warning against vaccines because they may cause autism even though that has not been proven by anyone, same with GMO if they are that terrible for all of us Prove it.

wiseold snail's picture

baddog ... there is a huge

baddog ... there is a huge difference between genetic modification, which often includes fusing animal with plant genetics, and fusing toxic chemicals with food, than selective breeding. we have the right to know what's in the products we purchase ... every product ... especially food.

fact is, even if monsanto creations weren't dangerous, there political an economic harassment of farmers is dangerous. everything they touch should be labeled as such. we then can choose not to support anything they do because they don't care about our health, the health of the planet, or about the well being of farmers.

Dear BADDOG992, I can tell

Dear BADDOG992,

I can tell that your heart is in the right place too. However, it is very obvious from your comments that you do not really understand what GMOs are, how they are made, and what they do. I would suggest you do some real research and not just go along with the things you have heard. Of course the Biotech Industry who profits from them claims they are proved safe! They were never proved safe. On the contrary they were proved questionable from the beginning, but those studies were ignored. Independent studies have now without any question proved them unfit for human consumption. A very recent study by MIT ( in Massachusetts) shows they can be linked to a smorgasbord of fatal diseases. You are really confused about pesticides! GMOs require pesticides to grow! Pesticides in this country have increased by millions of tons since the planting of GMOs! When you eat GMO corn you are eating an insecticide! Hard to believe I know! This technology is so bizarre that it is hard for one to believe. Monsanto is so corrupt with a long criminal history that one can hardly believe that our government would let them patent anything that goes into the mouths of people. Read "The World According To Monsanto" by Marie-Monique Robin. You will never be the same! Or you might watch the DVD "Genetic Roulette" by Jeffrey M. Smith. These foods are very dangerous. Why do you think the biotech industry dumped then on you secretly and spends millions to prevent labeling? Wouldn't simple logic say, "if these are so good let everyone know!" And since you mentioned vaccines: they now contain GMOs too and are extremely dangerous. You make the biotech companies so happy! Get on the winning side, sir!

You are correct, most food

You are correct, most food that we eat has been bred or changed in some way from it's original state but not by genetic engineering. The process in which they are changing food now is invasive and done in a lab, not by choosing the seeds from the best plant and replanting. What they are doing now can only be done in lab. Also, some GMO means less pestides but some equals way more (roundup)

As far as studies go you can find as many as prove them unsafe (if not more) as that prove them safe. We are just asking for a label so people can choose for themselves. You can still continue to choose to buy GMO if you feel they are safe.

Score one for the

Score one for the legislators, now hopefully the senate will not fail us like they have in other states and lose what we are gaining. Its about time people get to know the garbage Monsanto and others are literally feeding us. You talk about health care out of one side of your mouth, well here's a start to eating healthy by having a choice of what we consume.

Alright! Score one for the

Alright! Score one for the good guys over the corporate bullies!

I love Vermont for the politics and integrity of the people -- I can't wait until its climate is like San Diego's so I can move there.

Monsanto's genetically engineered corn is nutritutionally dead and toxic so naturally they don't want people knowing that it is an ingredient in anything.

Moving to Vermont!! What

Moving to Vermont!!
What about this idea to quash Monsanto? It may be a lot to expect, but IF all manufacturers that DON'T use GMO's will simply label that they DON'T and people buy only those products, this would serve the same purpose as LABELING GMO's. Yes, it costs the wrong people, but they will make that back in spades considering that those of us who will not buy GMO products would be grabbing the NON GMO products off the shelves.

Yea for Vermont, But I know

Yea for Vermont, But I know that they will feel the burning sting of the obamanation administration and monsanto. But I stand with you Vermont.

Yay Vermont!!! Just one more

Yay Vermont!!! Just one more way Vermont really ROCKS!

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