The Budget Crisis

Budget Cut Warnings Could Turn into Reality

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Get ready for two weeks of intensifying warnings about how crucial, popular government services are about to wither. Unfortunately, many of these threats could eventually come true. President Obama and congressional Republicans made no progress last week in heading off $85 billion in budget-wide cuts that automatically start taking effect March 1. They are lacking a bipartisan deal to avoid them and hoping to heap blame and pressure on GOP lawmakers. The administration is offering vivid details about the cuts’ consequences: trimmed defense contracts, less secure U.S. embassies, furloughed air traffic controllers.

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We've pretty much drained out

We've pretty much drained out the poor -- got rid of welfare aid, etc. (note: TANF is a program that provides some super-cheap temp help labor, NOT an anti-poverty program.) Clinton also slashed modest aid for the disabled, a necessary first step toward "reforming" Social Security like we "reformed" welfare. Homeless shelters and food pantries -- our emergency aid for the very poor -- have been getting phased out. Sorry, middle class America, but there isn't much left to take from the poor. That's why you are now the target.