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In California, 3,300 State Workers Are on Notice for Layoffs

Jon Ortiz
Sacramento Bee / News Report
Published: Monday 5 September 2011
The state has warned nearly 3,300 California state workers this year that their positions may disappear as the government grinds through a slow-motion layoff process that aims to shrink government over the next few years
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The state has warned nearly 3,300 California state workers this year that their positions may disappear as the government grinds through a slow-motion layoff process that aims to shrink government over the next few years.

The notices, overwhelmingly concentrated in the Sacramento area so far, represent the initial wave of warnings that eventually will lead to several thousand state jobs lost.

Of the State Restriction of Appointment notices issued, 2,024 went to employees working in Sacramento County. Los Angeles County accounted for the next-highest number of potential layoffs with 800 notices going to workers there.

More are coming. Many departments haven't finished their civil service layoff plans. Departments staffed exclusively with appointed employees will simply vanish, since those workers have no civil service protections.

"We're probably about in the middle" of issuing layoff warnings, said Lynelle Jolley, spokeswoman for the Department of Personnel Administration.

California is succumbing to the same budget pressures hammering public payrolls around the country. State and local governments lost 17,000 jobs last month, according to federal statistics, despite 22,000 Minnesota employees who came off the unemployment rolls in August after that state's government shutdown ended.

"California has to pay less per employee, have fewer employees or find more money to pay for what it has," said Pepperdine University political scientist Michael Shires.

Unions aren't willing to make more concessions, lawmakers didn't reach a tax deal "and there's no sign that there's more money coming any time soon," Shires said. "That leaves layoffs."

Historically, about one-third of state employees who receive a layoff warning letter actually lose their jobs. The state issues the excess notices hoping that the potentially affected workers will move on their own instead of risking a layoff.

Some will find other government work, either by taking jobs from colleagues with less seniority or filling one of the state's increasingly hard-to-find vacant slots. Some will leave for the private sector – or the unemployment line.

The ax is falling on departments both big and small. The state's 63,000-employee prison and parole agency has issued more than 2,100 warning notices. That doesn't include the 840 parole agents and parole support staff it plans to shed by September 2013 as it shifts their responsibilities to local governments.

Lawmakers also reduced the Department of Justice's budget by $71 million over the next two years. The targeted cuts virtually wipe out one DOJ unit that fights narcotics crime and another that investigates complex criminal cases, often alongside local authorities.

The department has issued 1,115 layoff warning notices, 261 of them to special agents. That's second only to state office technicians, who as a group have received 434 notices so far.

"This is a very painful process for our department," Attorney General Kamala Harris said in a statement emailed to The Bee, "and I am proud to be joined by many of our law enforcement partners in the fight to mitigate the impact of these cuts to the Department of Justice."

Laid off state employees can

Laid off state employees can generate income by using their retirement money to fund their own businesses. Without creating a taxable event. It has been done for years.



When a law of the Eternal God

When a law of the Eternal God is broken, punishment will always follow.
My focus at this time is primarily to the Biblical Israelite nations,
The English Speaking, U.S.A., U.K., France, Australia, Canada,
Scandinavia, Talmudic Israel, etc, but the rule is the same for all nations.
Biblical Israelite Nations Have:
Caused Drought - Now they have drought.
Starved Millions - Now millions are starving.
Caused Floods - Now they have floods.
Destroyed Millions of Homes - Now Homes are being destroyed.
Destroyed the Infra-structure
of Many nations. - Now theirs are being destroyed.
Killed Millions - Now they are being killed.
Plundered Nations - Now they are being plundered.
Tortured Millions - Yet to happen in a big way.
Enslaved Millions - Yet to happen in a big way.
God Is Not Mocked
This applies to all Countries, and People on Planet Earth.

These employees are just the

These employees are just the tip of the iceberg nation wide, it seems. On all levels of government over the next months and years, more government workers will be released. When cutbacks are touted as being a necessary and good thing on a federal level, there is definitely a "trickle down" impact, as states and therefore cities and counties do not get as much money either. These cutbacks are not just financial figures, they are almost always real people. It seems sometimes we forget that more cutbacks means more unemployment. It is inescapable, and yet it is not addressed by the federal gov't when debating how much to reduce spending.



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