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Can We End U.S. Empire?

Dennis Trainor, Jr.
NationofChange / Video Feature
Published: Sunday 22 September 2013
A war is being waged against the American people by the super rich.

Fukushima petition

Stories covered in this episode of the Resistance Report

1. NYPD Sucker Punches Protester Calling For CUNY To Drop Gen. David PetraeusEarlier this week, the NYPD violently cracked down on a group of non-violent protestors who oppose Petraeus teaching at the college, with police shown here punching a protestor as he is cuffed and face down on the ground.

2. Occupy Wall Street Celebrates 2nd Birthday. (8:26)Five years after the Lehman brother's collapse and two years after Occupy Wall Street created a rupture in the pillars holding up the US Empire, the Culture of Resistance is taking hold. Civil Disobedience is becoming more mainstream, the police and surveillance are showing signs that this culture is a real threat. Major change is in the air

3. Two Months To Save the World (14:25)We are rapidly approaching the moment when the unstoppable crisis at the Fukushima will represent a threat to humankind on par with the Cuban missile crisis. This is the assessment of Harvey Wasserman, who has been a strategist and organizer in the anti-nuclear movement in the United States for over 30 years.

4. Can We End The U.S. Empire? (18:58)As Margret Flowers and Kevin Zeese put it in their recent article "Can Peace Movement End US Empire?" "Can this experience be the beginning of a transformation of US foreign policy? Is our nation capable of ceasing the never-ending wars of the post 9/11 world? Can we face up to the history of American Empire and find a way to end it responsibly?"

5. The Class War Escalates (24:39)A Carl Gibson report. A war is being waged against the American people by the super rich. It is escalating. As Bernie Sanders said at the Fighting Bob Conference "How about a war that fulfilled the dreams of the American people in creating an Egalitarian form of society rather than one in which the top 1% holds 38% of the wealth in America, while the bottom 60% owns 2.3% of total wealth? You want a War, lets declare war against Oligarchy!"

ABOUT Dennis Trainor, Jr.

Dennis Trainor, Jr. (writer & host of Acronym TV) is also the director of the Occupy Wall St. documentary, American Autumn: an OccudocAcronym TV is an independent news program with over 21 thousand subscribers and 31 million video views and counting.

If and when the fines we pay

If and when the fines we pay come out of the pockets - of the politicians who are giving these orders - - and the illegal actions by the police are paid out of their department budgets / and in turn their individual pays - - JUSTICE FOR VIOLATING CONSTITUTION RIGHTS OF OUR CITIZENS ??
Mayor Bloomberg's and Commissioner Kelly's violation of the constitutional rights - no reprimand - no censor - no fine.........and you want to tell them to stop??? above the law looking down - a leader?? monarch or ruler - or dictator
The police are paid $100,000.00 plus and they can not afford it?? GESTAPO FOLLOWS ORDERS BLINDLY - NO QUESTIONS ASKED AND NO OBJECTIONS GIVEN..........SHOOT FIRST COVER AFTER???? point your finger and get shot??

Saw an interesting video

Saw an interesting video called Mouseland

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