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Congressman Says Americans Need Guns to Protect the Nation from Sharia Law

Igor Volsky
Think Progress / News Report
Published: Friday 22 February 2013
Appearing on The Voice of Freedom, Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, said he “hoped and prayed” that Congress rejects gun safety legislation, arguing that Americans may need to use the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment to avoid succumbing to Muslims.
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Tea Party Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) told a conservative radio show on Thursday that the GOP must oppose gun regulations to protect the country from the threat of “Sharia Law.”

Appearing on The Voice of Freedom, Gohmert said he “hoped and prayed” that Congress rejects gun safety legislation, arguing that Americans may need to use the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment to avoid succumbing to Muslims:

[The Second Amendment] is for our protection and the founders’ quotes make that very very clear and including against a government that would run amuck.We’ve got some people who think Sharia Law should be the law of the land, forget the Constitution. But the guns are there… to make sure all of the rest of the Amendments are followed.


Gohmert has a long history of Islamaphobic remarks, most recently joining Rep. Michele Bachmannn’s (R-MN) much maligned effort to investigate the alleged infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into various departments of the U.S. government.

These comments are absolutely

These comments are absolutely amazing. The strange thing about the very liberal is the knee-jerk response to anything conservative---not bothering to read the Koran, not bothering to read the documents stolen from CAIR that it sued to get back, not bothering to read anything, just objecting because it "must" be wrong if it comes from someone objectionable. Wake up, people! If you think the majority of Muslims do NOT want Shariah law in the U.S., you have not been reading anything, including the news from abroad where this issue is a big one. Or the polls which very much show that a majority of Muslims definitely DO want Shariah Law in YOUR country.

There's an old book called "Fahrenheit 451" and you should read it. It's a fictional book about book burnings because the books "offend" people. It's happening now, only it isn't books. It's burning your mind because you don't bother to inform it and then commenting publicly on things you know nothing about. Inform yourselves, then comment intelligently, not based on your political leanings. Whatever you do, start reading and informing yourselves now, or it will be TOO LATE!

Are there any sane people in

Are there any sane people in Texas? Cruz, Perry, and this animal. Where do they dig up these idiots to run for office? Maybe insanity is catching down there. It sure looks like it

There's a name for people

There's a name for people like this one - anal orifices

This man is a LUNATIC. What

This man is a LUNATIC.
What else is there to say?

What a Smoke Screen. Now it's

What a Smoke Screen. Now it's the Muslims. Oh wait! Is this like not getting pregnant by RAPE! The arguments and opinions are fine. What is out of step is this constant stuipication (if I may) of America and those blinding following. Now look in that mirror first. That's were the enemy lies. If you're going to present arguments. Do with a little reasoning please.

Guns won't protect us from

Guns won't protect us from the psychoitc Congressmen/women.

I wonder if professor Gohmert

I wonder if professor Gohmert is as concerned about the people that are "out" Christian dominionists and are looking to invoke Leviticus as the law of the land, the Constitution being too ambiguous on the topic of divine inspiration, and at this moment hold office in school boards and in the Senate of the US and in offices in between?

And where are Mulims hard at work trying to overturn Constituted law? Where? Professor???

Gohmert shouldn't be a candidate for any office, already being a candidate for Thorazine.

I wish I knew what I was

I wish I knew what I was doing to make my comments run twice.. Apolgies Oldsalt

probably impatiently

probably impatiently re-sending... only click once, then wait... wait... wait...

There is talk of checking the

There is talk of checking the mental stability of persons wishing to purchase fire arms. Perhaps the same requirement should be in effect for persons who run for office.

There is talk of checking the

There is talk of checking the mental stability of persons wishing to purchase fire arms. Perhaps the same requirement should be in effect for persons who run for office.

WOW. "Dr" Pepe seems to

WOW. "Dr" Pepe seems to thinking this is a good venue to grind his axe. NONE of the legislation I have been following is about taking away people's guns.

So let's set the contexn for this discussion in something approaching the reality of what is being proposed!

It is about making it illegal to buy assault weapons and large capacity magazines. What is wrong with that?

Unless you are planning on shooting it out with the police or the military, you do not need this equipment for home defense.Some one breaks into your home, call 911 and if you have the where-with-all, keep them busy with your six shooter Tex.

If you are planning on shooting it out with the military or the police and you are trained for that, keep Chris Dorner's experience in mind before you attempt that.

If you are not trained, you are a "whackadoodle".

Undoubtably the learned "Dr"

Undoubtably the learned "Dr" Congressman wants to convince us that there are absolutely hoards of these Muslim "Sharia law" bogeymen about to descend upon our homes and schools, so we each need a fully automatic machine gun to mow down their armies before they can reach us. Or perhaps the said bogeyman is a zombie, which can't be stopped by a regular gun, being already dead, so one needs a machine gun to be able to hammer the zombie with so many bullets that it can't make forward progress toward you and will be ripped apart into tiny undead pieces before it can reach you. Or perhaps we should expect armies of Muslim zombies descending on us. The heights of paranoia used to justify weapons of mass destruction and to boost their sales just got raised to the stratosphere.

Gohmert has 2 strikes against

Gohmert has 2 strikes against him as far as his IQ goes. He's a Republican, for one thing, and a Texan, to boot.

I'm sure he reflects the mentality of the people who elected him. Well, it's their democratic right to elect blowhard wingnuts.

I don't know, but I don't think he is talking about the threat from overseas Muslims, but those already within our borders. The enemy within, for those who like conspiracies. Maybe he's been reading too much about the Muslim immigrants in Europe, and the threat some of them pose to the European way of life. But we don't have those numbers in America, and if we saw a real threat, we wouldn't be as passive and tolerant as many European politicians are.

Gun control laws are not racist. We have licensing and insurance requirements for vehicles, and as imperfect as those requirements might be, I think we'd have a lot more fatal accidents without them. And vehicles are not designed to kill people, whereas guns are. No one's talking about taking all guns from American citizens, only trying to impose reasonable restrictions on their purchase and use. Requiring licenses and insurance requirements, as well as sensible background checks, will not destroy the rights of the Second Amendment, only make gun hobbyists more responsible. If gun owners know they have to secure their weapons or pay higher insurance premiums, they'll be encouraged to act more responsibly. Guns owned by criminals were once owned by private citizens, by and large.

Guns are such dangerous "tools" that their ownership should be restricted to reasonable and responsible people.

The CDC was once sponsoring a study that was beginning to show that people who have guns in their homes are more likely to die from gun violence, but the NRA got wind of it, and they pressured their servants in Congress to defund such studies, because it might hurt gun sales. We should be trying to get to the truth, not politicize our right to pursue the truth.

Pathetic. Half of America is

Pathetic. Half of America is Pathetic.

Yeah. We haven't spent enough

Yeah. We haven't spent enough taxpayer money on our military, we need a 6-shooter at home to protect us from those evil Muslims that are going to run hog-wild over us.

STFU, you paranoid, corporate-bought propagandist!

This idiot is worried about

This idiot is worried about muslim law! From what I have seen, these whack-job, teaparty Christians are as over the edge as any of the fundamentalist muslims. I'm all for keeping guns out of the hands of fundamentalists.

I agree wholeheartedly with

I agree wholeheartedly with "Dr Pepe". I also know many, many, people (myself included) who legally own firearms, and are not the least bit interested in demonizing brown-skinned people.

But...while Congressman Gohmert is pretty clearly displaying himself as a right-wing clod, in expressing wariness of new and very sketchy gun legislation, he is inadvertently proving the old saying "Even a broken clock is right twice a day".

I am very supportive of upholding the United States Constitution, and Bill of Rights...2nd Amendment included.
And I am very concerned that some valid points are not being considering in the discussion, as they appear to be actively excluded for the public discourse.
I therefore beg everyone to consider:

#1) Making something illegal DOES NOT equal make that something unavailable.
I am always amazed by how many people don't seem to get this.
If you are one of them, I must ask you to please, go take a long hard look at this country's spectacularly failed "War on Drugs", and then reconsider.
In my humble opinion, sewing the seeds of a huge black market in illegal weapons is a really (deleted expletive) bad idea.

#2) Punishing tens of millions of law-abiding firearms owners for the criminal misbehavior of a very few Crazies is tremendously BAD PUBLIC POLICY.
In the wake of September 11th, 2001, this is exactly what we permitted our government to do.
And that is the reason that we all must now must all submit ourselves to a kind of ridiculous "Theater of Security" every time we go to the airport and try to board an airplane. Our 4th Amendment Constitutional "Protections" against "unreasonable search and seizure" apparently be damned.
(not those rich & powerful enough to charter private jets, mind you)
Far worse, most security experts (the ones without a financial stake in the resulting farce of Big-Business-Security, anyway) will tell you that none of it makes us any safer than we were when we could just go buy a ticket and get on a plane.
We head down a starkly similar road if we relinquish of freedom to protect ourselves.

And that segues me into #3)
This idea that they are trying to sell us, that we are going to be safer after the Government has seriously impeded our ability to legally defend ourselves....I'm sorry, but that's just flawed logic---bordering on actual incoherence.

Einstein once said "Most of the problems that we face today, started out as the solution to some other problem".

We are all shocked and outraged that some Lunatic has spattered us with the blood of children. This should not launch us into emotionally charged knee-jerk foolishness.

I think we can assume that if

I think we can assume that if we make assault type firearms and large capacity magazines illegal it will just make them much harder to get. That is a great start. If the average person can not go into a gun store and buy an assault rifle, he/she probably will not buy one. When their house is broken into, it won't be stolen. When they sell stuff at a garage sale, they won't sell one.

There will be far fewer in circulation. That is a good start.

Wow. Just about the time you

Wow. Just about the time you think the median IQ of congress couldn't get any lower, someone comes along and surprises you! Suppose this is the guy who's responsible for the phrase "What a Gohmer!"? He's in good company with loo-loo Bachman. Maybe we could find a deserted island to send the two of them....

It's not "Sharia Law" that we

It's not "Sharia Law" that we need the guns to protect ourselves from. It's Gohmert and the people who listen to him and cancervative talk shows who want to make "Shithead Law" the law of the land, forget the Constitution, that we need the guns to protect ourselves from.
Americans may need to use the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment to avoid succumbing to Poop Brained Gohmerts.

How stupid does one have to

How stupid does one have to be to believe this slime?

Gohmert should be

Gohmert should be institutionalized.

I think this may prove that

I think this may prove that "all the fools aren't dead yet!!!!...........The military can handle Sharia, if it needs to be "handled"!!!! Or better yet diplomacy!!!

I can remember when "the

I can remember when "the Communists" were the boogeyman and there was supposed to be one under every bed (indeed, one still hears that now and then). Now its "the Muslims" or "the Islamists". What next...."the Jews"?

Last night I went to a meeting held in a conference room at a Lutheran Church. On one wall was a lovely hand-stitched item bearing a lengthy prayer in Arabic. I don't know whether it was a Muslim or a Christian prayer (yes, there are Christians who speak Arabic). It didn't matter. It was holy words displayed in a holy place. Some, I suppose would claim the place is "contaminated" somehow. It was a beautiful work of art and certainly belonged in a church.

This man's statement does not even bear comment as far as Second Amendment matters are concerned.

No, the LGBT folks are the

No, the LGBT folks are the next bogeyman, since they already are demonized and have been for the better part of a century or more. Antisemitism is equivalent to being unpatriotic in this country. Even suggesting that maybe Israel shouldn't conduct pograms against Palestinians if they want to retain the moral high ground is seen as antisemitic in this country - witness what is happening with Hagel's nomination. I want Isreal to survive as much as the next person, for my husband's mother would have been slaughtered by the Nazis in Austria if she hadn't managed to get out in time. But it saddens me to see Israel resort to tactics that their persecutors would have been proud of. Peaceful co-existance is possible - the Peace Camps of Isreali and Palestinan youths have demonstrated that, as has the progress in Ireland. But the paranoid fantasies of militants like this congressman do not help anyone, for they manufacture enemies and threats where none exist.

Well, which is worse, a

Well, which is worse, a really stupid Republican or a smart, but treacherous Democrat?

Meanwhile, the wars rage on, the drones continue to kill civilians (and for crying out loud, in Yemen and other places, why shouldn't the military-age males want to legitimately get interfering foreigners out?), our Bill of Rights is eviscerated, and our industry is evaporating.

And --- we'll probably lose any battle against the NRA, which is an organization focused on one particular issue.

I think we're getting to see how our history would have unfolded had we not been able to pull the plug on the war against Viet Nam.

Wow. This right-wing

Wow. This right-wing whackadoodle who keeps getting re elected every two years by right-wing whackadoodle Texassans in his district, really thinks the Arab nations are going to send over a flotilla to invade and take over the USA!
If I can borrow from Bugs Bunny, "What a maroon!"

I looked up whackadoodle in

I looked up whackadoodle in the dictionary and it said; any person referring to bugs bunny in an attempt to appear intelligent in an adult debate. Idiot!

Why don't you look up humor

Why don't you look up humor in your Teabagger dictionary. Idiot!

Without fear (especially of

Without fear (especially of those brown-skinned people), gun sales would be hundreds of years behind where they are today, so there are plenty of ways to say "racism" without using the unpleasant words that make people uncomfortable, so go to it, Rep. Gohmert., while it's still white Anglo-Saxon Protestants that you need to appeal to as the majority in the land! We won't be the majority very much longer...

I have plenty of minority

I have plenty of minority friends that own guns legally and they're not afraid of brown skinned people. Quit using the race card, it really shows your ignorance. Just curious, why is it that people like you who claim to be non racist are always the first to use the race card in almost any debate? Could it be that you are truly a racist at heart? I think so.

Wow: how low can you in this

Wow: how low can you in this limbo to protect the profits of the gun industry under the disguise of FREEDOM and the right to kill innocent people? Next: guns against Jews, Orientals, Mexicans, and certainly, the Blacks because they have become "equal" and should be put in their place....Let's don't forget the 47% who don't pay federal taxes: they deserve to be shot as well..... This guy is not Congressman", he is a Madman! of the gun industry.... How much did he get from the gun "lobby"?

Now that's funny stuff! "

Now that's funny stuff! " protect the profits of the gun industry under the disguise of FREEDOM and the right to kill innocent people?" Like they're not making profits by killing innocents in Afghanistan. LOL! "Next: guns against Jews, Orientals, Mexicans, and certainly, the Blacks because they have become "equal" and should be put in their place" Like the gun laws in the inner cities to disarm the "blacks and latinos"? (All sponsored by dems I might add) Like the gun control act of 1968 where the chiefs of police and sheriffs get to decide who gets gun permits. (In 1968 all chiefs and sheriffs where white and didn't allow minorities to get permits) All gun control laws are racist. You are not talking about removing guns from the military, police, CIA, FBI or even criminals, you're talking about removing guns from law abiding citizens and allowing a "higher class" of citizens to keep them. That is discrimination of the highest degree.

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