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Corrupt Congressman Tim Holden Loses Seat

Lee Fang
United Re:public / News Report
Published: Thursday 26 April 2012
“Holden has been embroiled in many corruption scandals. He was closely tied to the PMA defense lobbying scandal, and received some scrutiny for steering earmarks to his campaign donors.”
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In one of the most watched primary elections yesterday, incumbent Democratic Congressman Tim Holden (D-PA) lost to attorney Matt Cartwright. A ten-term lawmaker, Holden was well known in the region and enjoyed support from most of the state’s Democratic establishment.

But Holden faced two challenges. One, a redrawn district that forced the congressman to run in an area with more registered Democrats. And two, and perhaps more consequential, voters were presented with Holden’s record of taking corporate cash while voting on behalf of K Street’s interests.

Holden has been embroiled in many corruption scandals. He was closely tied to the PMA defense lobbying scandal, and received some scrutiny for steering earmarks to his campaign donors.

Groups like the League of Conservation Voters and the Cartwright campaign were quick to point out that Holden took hundreds of thousands of dollars from oil and gas interests and voted to deregulate the fracking industry. Asked by Republic Report about his votes, Holden tried to run from his record:


The video, and our research, went viral on popular websites like Reddit. Blue America, a PAC supporting candidates close to the Occupy Wall Street movement and other anti-corporate causes, aggressively hounded Holden over his record.

Republic Report was also active in highlighting in Holden’s record, particularly his 11th hour effort to introduce a bill that would allow factory farms in the mid-Atlantic region to continue to pollute the Chesapeake Bay. The hand-out to big industry came as Holden was receiving thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from big agricultural interests.

At least 4,500 United Republic members got involved in spreading the word about Holden via social media and signing a letter asking him to give the dirty money back.

The Occupy movement, coupled with the voter disgust with the Citizens United decision, could have wide ramifications for the 2012 election. Although Congress is becoming more beholden to powerful corporations, the Holden-Cartwright race suggests that voters may be fed up with corruption this year.

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ABOUT Lee Fang

Lee Fang is an investigative researcher and contributing author for NationofChange. A resident of Sacramento, CA, Lee has written for the Boston Globe, The Nation, and

jussmartenuf's picture

Absolutely dump the bums. We

Absolutely dump the bums. We still have to pay this creep retirement for the rest of his life for stealing from us.
Blue dog democrats are 1/2 Republican. They do not support true Progressive values as they are too chicken shit to stand up against the right in their midst. They are fence riders who stand for nothing except their personal gain. They pander. Senator Max Baucus from Montana is one. He was in charge of the committee for health care reform and was too chicken shit to even put single payer on the table.

Good riddance to the faux

Good riddance to the faux democrat/DINO/influence-peddling, bribe-taking corporatist Tim Holden.
From his political positions on the issues, he seemed more like a rethug or teabagger than anything.
His fracking Big Oil & Gas buddies can take care of him now since he took care of them when he was in elected public office.
Ten terms as a Congressman will get him a big taxpayer-funded pension, special health care, other nice benefits, and a bunch of grateful corporate pals who need former Congresspeople insiders to work as lobbyists.

Norman Allen's picture

Throw the rats out, whether

Throw the rats out, whether donkey or elephant or those high on tea.

When you are a Conservative,

When you are a Conservative, Republican, Tea-Party member or Blue Dog Democrat and you do not perform the will of the People who have elected you to Public office you can no longer expect them to SUPPORT or VOTE for you.

This is a LOUD and CLEAR message that every Conservative, Republican, Tea-Party member or Blue Dog Democrat is receiving. If we don't defeat you in the Primaries we will defeat you in the General Election.

Every POLITICIAN is put on NOTICE by "We the People" the Citizens and Voters in the United States of America, you will do what the Majority of the Citizens of the State you are from want done or we will either RECALL you, we will not nominate you, and we will not support or vote for you.

'Bout damn time!! The blue

'Bout damn time!! The blue dog dems are even worse than the repugnants - they are going against their own party, and their constituents.

When you are corrupt or

When you are corrupt or dishonest, you deserve to be removed from office, whether you are a repugnant or democrat.

This is testament to the

This is testament to the shallow thinking of the democratic voters , who should never have signed his ballot petition. The likes of this turncoat should never have gotten on a ballot in the first place. Lets hope this thinking catches on and more of these results are forth coming in the future.

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