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John Feffer
TomDispatch / Op-Ed
Published: Thursday 29 March 2012
“The conservative mainstream still calls the president’s religious beliefs into question, but they stop just short of accusing him of apostasy and concealment.”

Creating the Muslim Manchurian Candidate

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Those who fervently believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim generally practice their furtive religion in obscure recesses of the Internet. Once in a while, they’ll surface in public to remind the news media that no amount of evidence can undermine their convictions.

In October 2008, at a town hall meeting in Minnesota for Republican presidential candidate John McCain, a woman called Obama “an Arab.” McCain responded, incongruously enough, that Obama was, in fact, “a decent family man” and not an Arab at all. In an echo of this, a woman recently stood up at a town hall in Florida and began a question for Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum by asserting that the president “is an avowed Muslim.” The audience cheered, and Santorum didn’t bother to correct her.

Though they belong to a largely underground cult, the members of the Obama-is-Muslim congregation number as many as one third of all Republicans. A recent poll found that only 14% percent of Republicans in Alabama and Mississippi believe that the president is Christian.

These true believers treat their scraps of evidence like holy relics: the president’s middle name, his grandfather’s religion, a widely circulated photo of Obama in a turban. They occasionally traffic in outright fabrications: that he attended a radical madrasa in Indonesia as a child or that he put his hand on the Qur’an to be sworn in as president. An even more apocalyptic subset believes Obama to be nothing short of the anti-Christ.

By and large, however, this cult doesn’t attract mainstream support from the larger church of Obama haters. Indeed, these more orthodox faithful have carefully shifted the debate from Obama being Muslim to Obama acting Muslim. Evangelical pundits, presidential candidates, and the right-wing media have all ramped up their attacks on the president for, as Baptist preacher Franklin Graham put it recently on MSNBC, “giving Islam a pass.”

The conservative mainstream still calls the president’s religious beliefs into question, but they stop just short of accusing him of apostasy and concealment. What they consider safe is the assertion that Obama is acting as if he were Muslim. In this way, Republican mandarins are cleverly channeling a conspiracy theory into a policy position.

There is a whiff of desperation in all this. After all, it’s not an easy time for the GOP. The economy shows modest signs of improvement. The Republican presidential candidates are still engaged in a fratricidal primary. By expanding counterterrorism operations and killing Osama bin Laden, the president has effectively removed national security from the list of Republican talking points.

One story, however, still ties together so many narrative threads for conservatives. Charges that the president is a socialist or a Nazi or an elitist supporter of college education certainly push some buttons. But the single surefire way of grabbing the attention of the media and the public -- as well as appealing to the instincts of the Republican base -- is to assert, however indirectly, that Barack Obama is a Manchurian candidate sent from the Islamic world.

Obama and the Muslim World

A succession of Republican candidates have attempted to run to the right of party favorite Mitt Romney by asserting that only a true conservative can defeat Obama in November. Most of them boasted of the same powerful backer. Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, and Rick Santorum all declared that God asked them to run for higher office. Together with Newt Gingrich, they have deployed various methods of appealing to their constituencies, but none is more potent than religion.

Rick Santorum, a Catholic and the favorite of the evangelical community, has been particularly adept at using his soapbox as a pulpit. The president subscribes to a “phony theology,” Santorum has claimed, “not a theology based on the Bible, a different theology.” Although he occasionally asserts that “Obama’s personal faith is none of my concern,” he nonetheless speaks of the president’s attempt to “impose values on people of faith”-- implying that the president is certainly no member of that community.

In his attacks on the president’s spirituality, Santorum is cleverly attacking Mitt Romney’s Mormonism as well (a theology also based on text other than the Bible). At the same time, the suggestion that Obama is somehow “other” operates as a code word for “Black” in a race in which race goes largely unmentioned.

It’s an odd set of charges. Obama, after all, did everything possible during his first presidential campaign to foreground his Christianity. He was repeatedly seen praying in churches and assiduously avoided mosques. He never made a campaign appearance with a prominent Muslim. He talked about his “personal relationship” with Jesus Christ.

The day after he clinched the Democratic Party nomination in 2008, he gave a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in which he reaffirmed that he was “a true friend of Israel.” Although he would occasionally mention his Muslim relatives and the time he spent in Indonesia as a child, he generally did whatever he could to emphasize only two out of the three major monotheisms.

As president, Obama has certainly “reached out” to the Muslim world. In Cairo, in June 2009, he spoke of seeking “a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world, one based on mutual interest and mutual respect, and one based upon the truth that America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition.”

That new beginning, however, has yet to come. At home, for example, the Obama administration provided federal funds that the New York City Police Department then used to expand its surveillance of Muslim American neighborhoods. (Even the CIA was involved in this “human mapping” project.) The FBI has spent the Obama years rounding up suspected Muslim terrorists in operations that flirt dangerously with entrapment. The administration has expanded the no-fly list, though because the list is secret it’s difficult to know whether Muslim-Americans are specifically profiled. Anecdotal evidence, however, suggests that they are.

The administration’s record internationally is even more disappointing. The conduct of U.S. troops in Afghanistan -- the night raids, massacres (including the recent murders of 16 Afghan villagers), and the Qur’an burnings -- have enraged local Muslims. Obama has expanded the CIA’s drone air campaign by a considerable margin in the Pakistani borderlands. Civilian casualties, overwhelmingly Muslim, continue to occur there and in other “overseas contingency operations” as U.S. Special Operations Forces have dramatically expanded their activities in the Muslim world.

Despite right-wing charges, Obama has maintained a tight relationship with Israel and the Israeli leadership. As former New Republic editor Peter Beinart concludes, “The story of Obama’s relationship to [Prime Minister] Netanyahu and his American Jewish allies is, fundamentally, a story of acquiescence.”

It’s no surprise, then, that surveys in six Middle East countries taken just before and two months after the Cairo speech in 2009, the Brookings Institution and Zogby International discovered that the number of respondents optimistic about the president’s approach to the region had suffered a dramatic drop: from 51% to 16%. A 2011 Pew poll found that U.S. favorability ratings had continued their slide in Jordan (to 13%), Pakistan (12%), and Turkey (10%).

And yet, perversely, the hard right in the U.S. maintains that the Obama administration has behaved in quite the opposite manner. “There’s something sick about an administration which is so pro-Islamic that it can’t even tell the truth about the people who are trying to kill us,” Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich typically said while campaigning in Georgia.

Pro-Islamic? That’s news to the Islamic world.

But it’s nothing new to the world of the U.S. right wing, which portrays Obama as anti-Israel and weak in the face of Islamic terrorism. At best, the president emerges from these attacks as a booster of Islam; at worst, he is the leader of a genuine fifth column.

Although the administration’s policy on Iran is virtually indistinguishable from those of his Republican challengers, they have presented him as an appeaser. The president who “surged” in Afghanistan somehow becomes, through the magic of election-year sloganeering, a pacifist patsy. Although Obama never endorsed the location of the “Ground Zero mosque,” his opponents have suggested that he did. Although he was slow to withdraw support from U.S. allies in the Middle East like Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and Ben Ali in Tunisia, Republican candidates have accused the president of practically campaigning on behalf of the Islamist parties that have grown in influence as a result of the Arab Spring.

Barack Obama, the right wing has discovered, does not have to be Muslim to convince American voters that he has a suspect, even foreign, agenda. They have instead established a much lower evidentiary standard: he only has to act Muslim.

For this, they don’t need a birth certificate. All they need are allegations, however spurious, that the president is in league with Iran’s Ahmadinejad, Arab Spring jihadists, and anti-Israel forces at home. This more subtle but no less ugly Islamophobia has already insinuated itself into the 2012 elections in a potentially more damaging way than did the overt disparagement of Obama’s religious bona fides back in 2008.

The Upcoming Elections

The 2010 midterm elections witnessed a sharp uptick in anti-Islamic sentiment. In addition to the concocted “Ground Zero mosque” controversy, Florida preacher Terry Jones threatened to burn the Qur’an in front of the world’s cameras; a group called Stop Islamization of America bought anti-Islamic ads on buses in major cities; and a movement to pass anti-Sharia legislation at a state level began in Oklahoma. In response to this brushfire of hatred, Time magazine devoted a cover story to Islamophobia that year. On the right at least, Islam seemed on the way to becoming a litmus test in the way communism was during the Cold War.

Two years later, the hysteria seems to have subsided. The Islamophobes haven’t gone into hiding. They tried to organize an advertising boycott of the TV show All-American Muslim; they campaigned against halal meats. But these efforts didn’t get much traction.

Meanwhile, Park51-- the real name of the cultural center inaccurately dubbed the “Ground Zero mosque” -- opened in its original Park Street location with an exhibition by a Jewish photographer. Terry Jones is pursuing a quixotic bid for the presidency far from the media spotlight. Time has returned several times to the topic of Islamophobia, particularly after Anders Breivik’s bombing and shooting rampage in Norway in July 2011, but with none of the intensity of the summer of 2010. The anti-Sharia campaign has passed legislation in several states, and laws are pending in more than a dozen more. But the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the Oklahoma anti-Sharia statute unconstitutional, and the anti-Sharia crowd has been unable to provide a single piece of evidence that Islamic law poses any challenge to the U.S. legal system.

Don’t be fooled, though, by the relative quiet. It’s still early in the election cycle. The Republicans, arrayed in a circular firing squad, have been largely focusing their attacks on each other. The last man standing will marshal his resources to challenge Obama. In the unlikely event that Rick Santorum emerges as the Republican candidate, religion will be central to his attack on Obama and the Democrats.

Mitt Romney has a more ambivalent relationship to religion as a wedge issue, given the level of discomfort that many American have toward Mormonism. But there are no Mormon countries to which Romney can be accused of owing primary allegiance. It will be safe, in other words, to challenge Obama for acting rather than being Muslim, for deferring to the Muslim world much as anti-Catholic voters in 1960 imagined John F. Kennedy to be taking his orders directly from the Pope.

Romney is already lining up his ducks, welcoming onto his team Islam critic Walid Phares and attack ad specialist Larry McCarthy (who did an distortion-laden spot on the “Ground Zero mosque” back in 2010). After securing the nomination, Romney will simultaneously appeal to the center and shore up support among evangelicals. The message that Obama is weak, anti-Israel, and appeases Islamic movements and countries could catch the attention of both constituencies.

A disconnect between accusation and reality hardly matters in American politics these days. Obama the “socialist” somehow manages to work hand in hand with Wall Street financiers. Obama the “Nazi” courts AIPAC. Obama the “peacenik” has been very much a war president. And Obama the “Muslim” gets a big thumbs-down from the Muslim world.

The president makes a lousy Muslim Manchurian candidate, for he has disappointed his imagined Muslim handlers at virtually every turn. In an election in which racist slogans are off the table, however, the Islamophobic accusation of “acting Muslim” remains a politically acceptable chauvinism. Given the deep anti-Islamic currents in American culture, such accusations might unfortunately prove effective as well.

Click here to read Tom's response.

Wow, I though there should be

Wow, I though there should be no religious test to hold higher office. The majority of our Founding Fathers WERE NOT CHRISTIANS, but Deists.
Quote- George Washington in the Treaty of Tripoli: "The United States of America" is in no way a 'Christian' nation..."
Quote- Sinclair Lewis in the early 20th century: "When Fascism comes to America its symbol will be the Christian Cross wrapped in the American Flag"
Funny to bring up Kennedy's Catholicism when speaking of Santorum, the new choirboy for conservative Christians, who is Catholic. I suppose the evangelical fundies overlook his Catholicism now that Newt is obviously too skanky and sleazy to be taken seriously as their standard-bearer. They are a proud bunch of wing-nuts and Newt is just too tacky for even them.
Funny that 'Muslim' is now code for Black in dog-whistle speak of 2012. Black Panther movement of the '60s and '70s embraced Islam, so being Muslim is now 'equivalent' to being black, but cultural and religious hatred is so much more acceptable these days than racial hatred. Because they can no longer get away with using the 'n' word in public, the crazies are beating the "Obama is a Muslim" drumbeat loudly while the message is a dog whistle call for bigots. Obviously Obama is black. That is the issue for them, as all the things they claim to abhor were sacrosant when their guy GW Bush did it and they never bitched about Dubya. Whether or not they truly doubt Obama's 'Christianity' is moot, because it's not really about that. Mormons aren't 'real christians' either, but Mitt isn't of African descent.
It is their way of calling all bigots to serve, not just against a phantom Islamic 5th column, but their way of saying "he's one of 'those' blacks, one who doesn't know his place and so can't be trusted- his name isn't even a slave name- so he's like those Muslim Black Panthers- they want to destroy us........ You get the idea.
I'd prefer that our POTUS didn't believe in any fairy tales, whether Moslem or Christian, but that's just me. I go back to my original statement: The Constitution does not require a religious test to hold office? Why do they think it does? Doesn't that make THEM anti-American?
If you belong to the Tea Party because you are a fiscal conservative, why do you respond so quickly to the racist bigot anti-respect kneejerk dogwhistle messages? Look in the mirror THE PROBLEM IS YOU.
For SAult: Bible Revelations mentioning the Antichrist are speaking to the CHURCH. (church defined: wherever 2 or more meet in my name {Jesus}) The warning is against the spirit of Anti-Christ- deceiving the very elect IN THE CHURCH, not in the world, because the letter is written to the CHURCH, not everybody, not unbelievers. So what in your outlook is Christlike in your behaviours? Have you now embraced hatred as a form of mercy? It seems to me the spirit of the Anti-Christ has overtaken the Church in the obnoxious drumbeat of contemporary conservative Christianity. What is "Christlike" about your racist, bigoted, hating your fellow man, evangelical, fundie, Christian, preaching?
Sault obviously has the spirit of the Anti-Christ by his statements he demeans Jesus Christ, Christianity, and himself. HE is so full of hatred how can he profess to be a Christian? He is an example of why people often dislike Christians, because they are as obnoxious as possible, spewing their hate, have no charity or mercy in their spirit, essentially nothing Christlike at all in their personality or spirituality. They grow the spirit of Anti-Christ within themselves, until the whole world will be sick and tired of their Christianity and reject all having to do with it. Way to throw the baby Jesus out with the bathwater!
What we are seeing here is the fully fleshed out Christian Fascist movement in America. Notice how nicely this brand of 'Christianity' dovetails with the Oligarchic Corporatocracy and its sidekick the Social Darwinist Worldview as proof of Gods' favor. Creepy shit, man.

What this sadly bespeaks is

What this sadly bespeaks is the power of the sheeple, the idiots predisposed to accept one fiction after another without question presented by one right wing ideologue after another, like SAULT, above, who invokes Christian dogma (anti-Christ--really?; their infidels are equivalent to the Christian label for a non-believer--"heathen") and rhetorically characterizes his beliefs as unimpeachable facts.

The sons of southern crackers are now the Tea Party, spitting on a Black Congressmember, creating the image of Obama as a monkey, imbeciles who've come to believe one fiction after fiction, who absorb misinformation and disinformation as if it were sent from God on high--that global warming is a scientific hoax that stymies capital growth, that the healthcare law has provisions establishing the creation of Death Panels, that Obama was born in Kenya or Indonesia and not Honolulu, that Obama is a Nazi/Socialist/Communist, etc. The bible-beating, beer swilling, rifle toting bigots of the South have found new heroes in Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich; they're our Christian fundamentalists, as authoritarian and dull-witted as any Islamic fundamentatlist.

Congrats, once again proving

Congrats, once again proving that religion is the root of all evil

I have wide range of

I have wide range of interests and it is interesting how much it doesn't interest me a tiny bit!

The hatred in the Qur'an

The hatred in the Qur'an knows no boundaries: it clearly declares that it's not only the right, but also the duty, of all moslems to extort, enslave, and murder ALL the non-moslems in the world for allah, simply for the "crime" of NOT being moslems!

Your Caliph Ohamad IS a moslem. His father was a moslem, so by sharia crime ("law") rules, he is also automatically a moslem.

When he was in Kenya and Indonesia, he was registered for his schools (which are simply known as madrasas, there) as a moslem.

These are FACTS.

Another fact is that moslems are commanded by their holy books (by the Qur'an and sahih ahadith) to LIE all the time, to everyone: to their own families, friends, AND of course to their "infidel enemies," all "to keep the peace."

It's strange how they will eagerly amputate the appropriate limbs for all lesser forms of theft, but when it comes to lying (the most basic form of theft, lying is the theft of the Truth) not only do they NOT amputate the liar's tongues, but they actually encourage it! "Hmmm!"

These commands to lie all the time, explain why Ohamad hasn't been murdered yet by his fellow moslems, for "the crime of trying to leave islam "(see the Qur'ans' Sura 4:89 for the precise details)!

I'm sorry if these FACTS interfere with your fact-free opinions that, since Ohamad has declared his "Christianity," then that should be good enough "proof" that it's so!

Nice try, though!


PS: If Mr. Abomo ISN'T the antiChrist, then I don't know who (since the original Muhammad himself of course, that is) would be a better fit to qualify for the title!

SaulT, given a few of those

SaulT, given a few of those tid bits fit. How does this fit our President?
You don't want to vote for him OK. You have my, "Go! dude!" and Thank You.

And the sadness that this BS is still so strong with so many. E-Ghads this is our America we're all talking about. Damn.

But this is only a diversion, you know it. This way Wall St, the Banks, the Military Industrial Complex, et al, the 2%ers 'keep on keep ‘in on' and the rest of us become small stall & fall.

This race hate is not even that important in the everyday dealing we as a nation conduct. Our economy works well with or without it. This present intense Religious fervor doesn't require it does it?

SaulT didn’t you post something like this before a few times? Dude your getting redundant all over the net. We need new juice guy.

For all who pass this way, if we don’t get these ‘minorities’(?) on the right to get a better grip, we are all going to have to live with more & more of them later.

Best we get to it.

God don't bless America! WE, the people ... DO!

Haha! You are so ignorant you

Haha! You are so ignorant you can't even spell! Islam says none of the things you stated. I'm a Christian, and have actually read the Qu'Ran several times because of all of the conflicting claims I heard. Every single thing my churches pastors and othmers was a complete lie. As is every single word in your post. Give me chapter and verse of where the Qu'Ran says any of that and I will apologize. Lying does not make you correct, it just makes you a worthless liar.

oh the antichrist was ronald

oh the antichrist was ronald wilson reagan. just trying 2 help lmao

LMAO. i love it . so funny.

LMAO. i love it . so funny. plz sir or madam do u have info on the JFK shooting or the apollo moon landing. or mayb the reason y i cant get enuff of kate upton doing the dougie . thx u so much teacher

Hatred knows no boundaries

Hatred knows no boundaries

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