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Day 53: Live Stream of October 2011 Protests in Freedom Plaza

NationofChange / Special Coverage
Published: Thursday 6 October 2011
Day 53 of the protests in Freedom Plaza: Live Video Stream And Twitter Feed
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This month of October 2011 marks the eleventh year of our country’s longest war in Afghanistan and the onset of the 2012 US federal budget, which provides unlimited funds for war and corporate greed, while withholding funds for basic human needs.

On October 6th, a protest assembled at Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C. with the goal of “nonviolently resisting the corporate machine by occupying Freedom Plaza to demand that America's resources be invested in human needs and environmental protection instead of war and exploitation.”

You can sign the October 2011 pledge here.

October 2011 Coverage at NationofChange:

For more up-to-the-minute information about the protests, click here.

Video streaming by Ustream

I understand your position,

I understand your position, V. But I think you know it is realistic (and if it were realistic, would probably be a recipe for disaster). However, I think it could be done in a highly targeted way. I don't think you have to target all of the corporations, just a select few. In fact, maybe a rolling boycott targeting 4 or 5 companies each for a few months. I am nearly certain they would scream and, in effect, do your screaming for you. It should not be difficult to cull several from your list. Walmart immediately comes to mind. Myself, I have already abandoned Chase Bank for a local credit union, and sent an email to the bank to explain why I am doing it.

Norman Allen's picture

A secular modern state is

A secular modern state is based on SOCIAL CONTRACT, created by all of its inhabitants to serve each and every one of through legislation, adjudication and enforcement. A social contract is the legal instrument whereby the citizens give up their right to violence to the state to exercise justice on their behalf. A state which becomes hijacked "under god" or "under corporate elite" is no longer a civil state nor it is based on social contract nor it serve its inhabitants as promised. It becomes illegitimate. The crisis in the modern world governments is one of legitimacy and all of them ARE hijacked by the elite or "gods", serving them at the expense of the 99%.

Then we will put more people

Then we will put more people ot of work if any of these companies are in America . It is more realistic to boycott a few companies that are high profile abusers of worker rights and companies that have moved their operations off shore

Being that the middle class

Being that the middle class pays most of the taxes, maybe its time for a Pay No Tax year or two. Money talks louder than people.

Actually this country's

Actually this country's longest war is the War on Drugs. It is almost 40 years old and officially started when Nixon created the DEA in 1973.

Here are some toll numbers to deal with. $250 billion in prison construction costs, 60 adult life spans burned up every day in those prisons and over $200 million each day spent on incarceration alone, every day on a national level. And you wonder why we have no money for education, job training and employment programs. We need to be seeing some opposition to the Drug War at OWS as well.

I think the War on poverty

I think the War on poverty has that beat

HEY 99%! Are you angry? Use

HEY 99%! Are you angry? Use it!

We have POWER! “Buying Power.” And, it’s about time we used it. Here’s how.




We want a revolution, and this is how to force it.
We want companies to hire us, politicians to vote for us, and this is how to force it.
We have an army of millions and millions and millions of people!
Let’s combine the power that we all have. VOTE, by NOT spending.

Stop buying as much as you can. Stop buying from ALL of the big corporations, retailers and banks; Wal-Mart, Walgreen’s, CVS, Rite Aid, Kroger, Costco, Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, Sears, Lowe’s, Supervalu, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Georgia Pacific, RJR, Brown & Williamson, Kraft Global, Sara Lee, Tyson, BP, Shell Oil, Exxon Mobile, Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, Sprint, Dell, Microsoft, Dow Chemical, Chevron, Kimberly-Clark, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, J.P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Capital One, Ford, Chrysler, GM, Disney, Macy’s, Kohl’s, The Gap, Penny’s, Colgate, Nike, Staples, Office Depot, Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, Avon, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Kellogg’s, Dean Foods, General Mills, etc., etc., etc. All of them!

Add your own companies to our list and pass it on.

Don’t use global banks. Move your money from a big bank to a neighborhood bank.
Don’t use your credit cards or ATM’s…at all.
Don’t shop any retail chain stores. Shop local, or mom and pop shops.
Don’t buy gasoline. Walk, take a bus, car pool, or ride a bike.
Don’t buy any extras like music, movies, electronics, or toys…nothing.


In a short time, all of these companies will be in shock and won’t know what to do.
Wall Street, the oil barons, corporate fat cats, stockholders, executives, marketers, retailers, politicians, and President Obama, will be asking us, the 99%, what we want!


We have already started.


Bionicknight has it right!!!!

Bionicknight has it right!!!! Unfortunately, theres only about 100 of us are really willing to that.

It does matter who we allow

It does matter who we allow installed in high offices. Vote. Get your friends to vote. And local elections are just as important as the National elections. Pay attention to government at all levels.

This whole thing is wrong!!!

This whole thing is wrong!!! We bail out the perpetrators, they start charging fees to us, and then they not only get bonuses for THEMSELVES, but expect more and charge us more fees to ensure they get them!!!! We need a new way!! A NEW WORLD!!!

This site is about the

This site is about the protest of the war in Washington DC and it started on Oct 6th.

I have spent 14 days at

I have spent 14 days at Freedom Plaza and will return sometime in the coming week. We need people. We need feet in the street. If you can stop by even for a short time it will show support. If you cannot physically be there make a contribution at (

Support is important. Dedication is vital!

Well stated. I think I will

Well stated. I think I will join you next week. It is time for the 99% to demand change. And together we can. We will. Let the Revolution begin…..

Dr.West is a hero in the same

Dr.West is a hero in the same vein as Dr. King. He makes me proud to be an American---finally! Now if only our Congress whores can be inspired to represent the people for a change.



I have spent 9 of the 13 days

I have spent 9 of the 13 days at Freedom Plaza and will return there tomorrow morning. I do not know what good any commenter thinks will come of their telling us that we need to get out of the streets and just stop patronizing businesses. There is little or no chance that the protesters can bring that about. Too many necessities have to be purchased from companies that ultimately make money for Wall Street.

What has got to happen is for huge numbers of angry Americans, and there are huge numbers who are angry, to begin to bring about pressure for a change in the basic governmental and economic structure of this country.

The government we have now is nothing more than a tool used by corporations to enrich the wealthy elite. The elite hve all the money they can ever use now so they are using power of the money to control as much of humanity as they can. World domination is the goal and feudalism will be the result.

If you can be in the streets be there. If you can't be in the streets make large contributions to those who are in the streets. Don't just bitch! Start a Revolution!

Protests are good for drawing

Protests are good for drawing attention, but inevitably draw bottom feeders as well. The 'summer of love' in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury area quickly became riddled with drug dealers and opportunists, ripoffs and sleaze bags. Government and Big Money will ignore protests, they quickly blow over. Only action brings change. Now that attention has been drawn to the abuses, if all the thousands of protestors would leave the streets and go on the internet, millions of people could begin to act individually in their own lives. I wasn't there at the beginning (or since, I live in South America), but I think it began as a protest against the excesses committed against ethics and the law by those only interested in massive profits, and the inaction of the government to prevent or prosecute those who perpetrated them. How it got to be 'wealth redistribution' and 'free student loans', I don't know. No matter how long the protestors stay in the street, they're not going to stop the business that's going on inside the buildings. The only way to affect the 'too big to fail' is to stop patronizing them. Stop doing business with corporations that out source jobs. Start buying American. Start reading labels, start eating non GMO food. Start buying locally produced food and goods, at small local businesses. Stop using credit. There are many ways that individuals can make changes in the way they live that will starve the cancer of the exploiters at the top.


Just to set the record

Just to set the record straight, the occupation began on September 17th....

This live coverage is for the

This live coverage is for the October2011 movement, which is separate from the Occupy Wall Street Protests.

I can't listen to your live

I can't listen to your live coverage. The advertisement comes in loud and clear. I hope that whatever is wrong can be fixed, because I want to hear what is being said.Roberta K. Brown

This video shows who is

This video shows who is really running the country.

President's job-creation

President's job-creation panel includes job-cutting executives
On the president's team of business and labor advisors are the heads of several companies that have reduced workforces while posting record profits.

This is both outstanding, yet shocking news article from LA Times reporter Alana Semuels! It reveals the truth about how Greed and self interest as well as non-patriotic actions by Big business to destroy its own Country! "Nobody should expect this group to come up with innovative ways of investing in the American workforce and generating not only more jobs but higher wages," said Robert Reich, who was Labor secretary during the Clinton administration. "That's just not what these big companies do."
With traitors like this in our own land who cares about the enemies in foreign countries! The traitors list is made of the executives are members of the President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, which Obama created in January by appointing 26 leaders of companies including American Express, Comcast and Intel. (A 27th member was added in June.) Meanwhile, when you add the Republicans /hypocrites that made pledges that their “only” plan is continuing its Class War against us to protect their Aristocracy of greedy Millionaires and Billionaires like the Grover Norquest, Russ Limbaugh, Rupert Murdock and Koch Brothers that provides them campaign funds to continue not paying their fair share to support their nation and continue the current political climate to oppose to anything that might cost companies money and deter them from adding to their payrolls. Is it any wonder AMERICANS are crystal clear that the middle class of America are frustrated by the lack of concern that exists for the people in this country who need jobs and hope to support themselves and families. Millions of unemployed people looking for work in this country are being ignored and slowly erased by mega-corporations, whose only concern is for their obscene profits far exceed anyone understanding! The beauty and treasured tradition of America allows people the freedom to unite and speak out to draw attention to these huge social injustices. It’s about time that Americans did and said, “We are mad as hell and we are not going take it any longer!” MAYBE, IT TIME TO CALL FOR A NATIONAL BOYCOTT ON THESE GUYS!! Are you listening?

Keeping it honest: Remember

Keeping it honest: Remember the Movie: “Wall Street?” Isn’t Greed supposed to be NOT good? So many news articles stating that American protesters have “no clear “agenda? It seems crystal clear to the middle class America that they are frustrated by the lack of concern that exists for the people in this country who need jobs and hope to support themselves and families. Millions of unemployed people looking for work in this country are being ignored and slowly erased by mega-corporations including Big Oil, Banks, Computer Co., Drug Insurance Companies, whose only concern is for their obscene profits far exceed anyone’s understanding! The beauty and treasured tradition of America allows people the freedom to unite and speak out to draw attention to these huge social injustices. It’s about time that Americans did and said, “we are mad as hell and we are not going take it any longer!”For the record, “Greed is Not good”; it’s ugly, selfish, obscene and destructive for our society. After all, We are a still a democracy, not aristocracy, nor a Banana Republic! Just look around this great county! " It's no surprise that the Romney campaign and his republicans in the Congress are raising money from Wall Street by saying they want to repeal consumer protections sand allow Wall Street to write its own rules, AND the recipients of dollar tax payer bailout with no conditions and used it for non-performance bonuses!

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Link to streaming from my

Link to streaming from my email gets linkjacked to A DONATE menu and I can't get past it even tho I have already sent donations and am a registered user on Nationof Change. Wont even let me get to a log-in link. I want to watch live stream and Nation of Change is not giving it to me. I donated for the very reason, because I WAS getting live stream BEFORE I donated, now I can't.

I can't hear the live feed.

I can't hear the live feed. What is wrong with your sound?

I can't hear it either, is

I can't hear it either, is suppose it's being censored???

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