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Christopher Petrella and Kim Tran
NationofChange / Op-Ed
Published: Wednesday 7 November 2012
“According to unofficial exit polls published yesterday night by CNN the white- and male-electorate represented the only two voting blocs that favored your ticket.”

Dear Republicans, This is Not Your Parents’ White House

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Dear Republicans,

You needed this defeat, and very badly. Over the last four years—arguably much longer— you seem to have forgotten that white, heterosexual, pro-corporate, god-fearing, married men are not the only people who live and vote in this country. Last night’s election demonstrates in unimpeachable terms that your entire political strategy is obsolete, exclusive, and supremely shortsighted, a fact that we leftists have known for far too long.  We’re happy to have confirmation.

According to unofficial exit polls published yesterday night by CNN the white- and male-electorate represented the only two voting blocs that favored your ticket. You won the white vote by 18 percent and the male vote by nearly 10 percent. The Obama/Biden ticket, by contrast, won nearly every other social demographic. With a quickly diminishing white electorate (77 percent in 2000, 72 percent today), you need to be open to coalition building and legitimate political compromise that benefits a far larger swath of the citizenry.

Your opponents won the African American vote by 85 percent, the Latino vote (the fastest growing segment of our population) by 40 percent, the Asian vote by 50 percent, the women’s vote by 10 percent, the under-64 vote by 10 percent, and the “moderate” vote by 14 percent. 

Willingness to coalition build means not consigning 51 percent of the U.S. population—women— to three-ring binders. A willingness to coalition build means supporting an organization like Planned Parenthood that performs 750,000 breast exams and 770,000 pap tests annually to women nationwide.  Coalition building means repudiating, as a party, the disgraceful and erroneous assumptions pertaining to female anatomy and physiology characterized by comments recently made by Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock. Both Akin and Mourdock prove that you’re not only out of touch, but also largely ignorant of the emotional and economic cost of rape and unwanted pregnancies.  

A study by the Guttmacher Institute found that unintended pregnancy costs American taxpayers approximately $11 billion annually. That’s billion, with a ‘B.’ And while these cases are not solely attributable to rape, unintended pregnancies disproportionately affect poor women of color.  Is it any surprise that you basically failed to attract any of these voters?  

With a quickly diminishing white electorate your party needs to develop a new strategy for meeting the changing needs of a changing population. This isn’t your parents’ “White” House. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


The Left

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ABOUT Christopher Petrella

Christopher Petrella is a NationofChange contributing author and a doctoral candidate in African American Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. He writes on the contradictions of modernity and teaches at San Quentin State Prison. His work has appeared in such publications as Monthly Review, Truthout, Axis of Logic, NationofChange, and The Real Cost of Prisons. Christopher also holds degrees from Bates College and Harvard University.

Many republicans have told me

Many republicans have told me that Planned Parenthood doesn't provide breast exams. I tried to prove them wrong but I couldn't, it looks like they just make referrals. This article makes the claim again, does anyone have proof that they do?

Hey, what happened to the

Hey, what happened to the Lone Hero uncompromisers who liked to proclaim that both parties were rotten and they were voting for Jill Stein? Gone into hibernation for another 4 years, so they can trot out another pure and righteous candidate in 2016?

I think the smart Greens voted against Romney by voting for the President. Now, how about building a national party before our future runs out? I agree, we do need more choices. Just don't expect me to empower the Rich Man's Unthinking Party because of some righteous rhetoric.

RON IN NM, I must admit to

RON IN NM, I must admit to being disappointed to see you engaging in gratuitous bluster. "Lone Hero uncompromisers?" "Gone into hibernation for another 4 years?" "another pure and righteous candidate?" "the smart Greens voted against Romney by voting for the President?" "righteous rhetoric?" Obama has been a "piss poor" Democrat in multifarious ways. I listed them once for you and got no reply. Jill Stein, far from being "pure and righteous" was simply the "best" candidate running. We "smart" Greens, who voted for Obama, simply did so because the vision of Romney taking the presidential pledge was a nightmare and, most lamentably, this country is too goddamn regressive to elect someone with the type of intellectual and moral convictions someone of Stein's caliber possesses. As the last four years have vividly made clear...Obama is no bargain. He's simply better than Tea Party fanatics and their acolytes. Not much to brag about.

The angry white men seem to

The angry white men seem to be super-abundant in the South, where I was born. Oh, I'm not saying all the anger is based on raw racism. Everyone knows that things aren't too great in our country right now, and the genius of Republicanism is that they know how to direct white men's fears and discontents into vitriolic hatred of the President (who doesn't seem to look like them). Aided of course by the master of big-mouthed hypocrisy, Rush Blimpbag, and the male whores on Faux News, along with that skinny bottle blond named Coulter. They rake in the dough for acting like Rude Everyman, when none ever served their country, and all came from more privileged backgrounds than most of us.

But what the hey, all it takes is a certain amount of practiced incivility and a pandering attitude toward the rich, and you too can become a success in Rupert Murdoch's stable of gymnastic distortionists. Just watch out, though. Those firmly established believe in their version of the "survival of the fittest,"so remember, you're on your own.

Now unequivocally defeated,

Now unequivocally defeated, the Republicans may remain in denial, but we progressives can not let them forget it. We are the PEOPLE, We REIGN, it is our voice they must heed to.

DEB: While I agree with your


While I agree with your sentiment, there is one branch of the federal government that has not been "enlightened," and that's the House of Representatives (so-called). Unless we progressives pressure the majority members of the House, constantly and relentlessly, they'll keep preserving their ideological purity while driving our nation into deep recession. While I celebrate the progressive wins in various states, unless we can loosen the Tea Party stranglehold on our Legislative Branch, little progress can be made.

Get ready to write snail-mail letters, emails, make phone calls, sign petitions, picket the Capitol or whatever. The conservative nay-sayers have to be moved from their position of inaction or resistance, and start thinking about what's good for the nation.

This comment shows how far we

This comment shows how far we have fallen. . . . The power has been divided between two (???) parties.....
As they talk voter supression - - - that is exactly what they have done......
NOT ONE THIRD PARTY CANDIDATE - FOR ANY OF THE DEBATES..... they do not want their views known / or even that there are views contray to their own party that tells them what to vote for and represent.....
THE PARTIES OF BUSINESS AS USUAL CONTINUE ON THEIR MERRY WAYS...........................and banks that were too big to fail got them BOTH PARTIES start cutting citizens rights / and benefits
CONGRESS - took it's five week vacations to return to vote for a stop gap measure so they could return home to run for re-election....AND THEY SAY WHO THEY ARE REPRESENTING ???

As a historian I can only ask

As a historian I can only ask those who see this comment to reflect where "exactly"
this nation would be if it had been left to the whims of "angry (and greedy) white men." For your answer I suggest you read in depth about the depravities of the "Gilded Age." This...from a 56yr. old white man. The Republican party had better consider this very carefully. And the Democratic party had better start fulfilling the promises they consistently make...and randomly keep.

These points were clearly on

These points were clearly on display last night when the cameras panned the crowd at the Obama and Romney campaign rallies. Obama's supporters looked like the people you would see on any urban street in America. Romney's looked like the people you see on Main street in rural Iowa, Kansas, Utah, etc.

I hope there are enough men

I hope there are enough men who are hard working and responsible enough to produce all the goods and services needed by our people to live a decent life. Whether they white, black, latino, asian, gay, straight, god-fearing, married or single does not matter. I also hope there are enough women who have the same hard working and responsible attitude. Remember if there is no work and nothing produced there is nothing to share.

Exactly right; not only has

Exactly right; not only has the left been telling the Republicans, but most other thinking, reasonable, people, pundits, analysts, etc. but they WILL NOT LISTEN. And I doubt that they will listen even now. We'll see.

I'm listening to an election

I'm listening to an election analysis on DC's WAMU where the panelist are saying right now that the Republicans come across as "angry white men" echoing your article in real time. Kisses... from the female left

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ABOUT Kim Tran

Kim Tran is a NationofChange contributing author. Kim Tran is a Ph.D. student at U.C. Berkeley in Ethnic Studies. Her work centers on race, gender, and justice and can be found at

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