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Defeat of the XL Pipeline Is a Signal Achievement

Peter Rothberg
NationofChange / Video Statement
Published: Thursday 15 December 2011
“The successful effort to forestall the XL Keystone Pipeline was the signal achievement in a year of significant activist efforts.”

Anyone despairing over the immense power of the corporate sector to dominate world affairs should watch this video documenting the power that grassroots protest can still muster in the face of mass injustice. To me, the successful effort to forestall the XL Keystone Pipeline was the signal achievement in a year of significant activist efforts.

Thank you to the 1,253 nonviolent, direct action heroes who took arrests to underscore the fervid opposition to the ecologically devastating project and to the unprecedented coalition of ranchers, indigenous groups, environmental organizations, labor unions and students who united to stop this dangerous pipeline.

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Don't be too sure it's

Don't be too sure it's defeated. Current bill to authorize govt spending I understand contains a rider that the XL project has to be approved ASAP ...let's hope Obama has the guts to veto it regardless of the firestorm..

Boris Badenov's picture

Canada will sell this oil to

Canada will sell this oil to whoever pays for it. This doesn't stop the tar sands project, it just changes direction to say .... Asia or should I dare say British Petroleum (BP).

Reply to Boris: Very true! We

Reply to Boris:

Very true! We can't call it a victory until it has a stake driven through it's heart and it's been shot into the sun. Look how many times we have "defeated" plans to drill in ANWR, yet it still keeps turning up. Meanwhile, Ground Zero for tar sands extraction is becoming more and more devastated and toxic. We have got to put an end to any idea of fossil fuel extraction and exploiation, NOW!

piprdefeat is victory for w

piprdefeat is victory for w buffet and saudia arabia

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