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Dozens Arrested as Keystone XL Protests Erupt Across the U.S.

Ecowatch / News Report
Published: Sunday 24 March 2013
Americans of all traditions gathered yesterday to make clear to President Obama that climate change is a moral imperative and that delivering on his State of the Union pledge will require bold actions.
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One month after the largest climate rally in U.S. history urging President Obama to deny the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline’s northern segment, protesters in dozens of cities throughout the U.S. are confronting Keystone XL’s corporate backers directly.

Thirty-seven have been arrested over the last 10 days for disrupting business as usual at TransCanada and their investors’ offices, with more actions planned over the next couple of days.

The March 16-23 Week of Action to Stop Tar Sands Profiteers, in solidarity with Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance’s Direct Action Camp in Ponca City, Oklahoma, is endorsed by more than 50 grassroots environmental organizations around the country. Organizers seek to expose green-washed corporations like TD Bank, a top shareholder in TransCanada, and force them to divest from the controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

“Its encouraging to see people around the country taking action to stop tar sands profiteers,” said Ron Seifert, spokesperson for Tar Sands Blockade. “No longer will we allow them to build Keystone XL and invest in toxic projects that endanger the health of low-income and communities of color. We will not allow ‘business as usual’ to continue.”

Here are a few highlights from this week:

Religiously and spiritually rooted Americans of all traditions gathered yesterday at the White House to make clear to President Obama that addressing climate change is a moral imperative and that delivering on his inspired State of the Union pledge will require bold actions, including rejecting the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Further, Interfaith Moral Action on Climate Change urges President Obama to lead Americans away from reliance on the dirty fossils fuels that drive climate change and transition us to a renewable energy economy. The risk of inaction is so great that some Interfaith Moral Action on Climate Change members felt morally compelled to engage in peaceful civil disobedience, leading to their arrest.

Check for live updates from actions across the country.

I live in British

I live in British Columbia,Canada.We are currently under the threat of not only a pipeline that is a disaster waiting to happen.We also have a situation where the busiest port already sees two huge tankers every week pass through it.They want to triple that,pipeline and tanker traffic.The Province has already said in no uncertain terms that we do not want this done.The federal government doesn't get it.We will have to fight.The people that will be affected by Keystone had better not count on anyone else to help.Greed and industry lies seem to blind most and the false promise of jobs.Jobs that will be short lived and far fewer than promised.Permanent jobs will be very small in number.Enbridge has a terrible track record.A leak will destroy and contaminate.The industry will say anything to muddy the water.

Civil disobedience campaigns,

Civil disobedience campaigns, non-violent resistance is the only way. Is this the beginning of the end? Or the end of the beginning? I think rather the latter. There is still a long way to go. But even a long journey begins with a first step. So, good luck! Keystone XL must be stopped. But, more importantly, the fracking of America must be stopped. Fracking has the potential of destroying this great country in the long run. Is it too late? That's the question. I hope not...

President Obama has not kept

President Obama has not kept his promises to close Gitmo, force GMO labeling, focusing on green energy, ending our military fronts in the Middle East and elsewhere, and generally supporting our constitution. Has he been threatened by those who truly wield the power or has he been brainwashed into thinking that he is engaging in these Bush like adventures to save us from ourselves? The Civil Rights, Vietnam War, and Voter Rights movements were not obtained at the ballot box but by massive protests that continued for long periods of time. And if we engage in civil disobedience for a higher good-to save the planet-I believe we are called as citizens to stop the rush to destroy the planet.

does alls u peoples noe dat

does alls u peoples noe dat dis it not an taxscrew ? we the people r not part of dis! this is a private corporate concern; b.p.,exxon-mobile,connocda chinks frum chinklan, esso,sunoco,etc.?! so da abomionation has nutin to do wid it, unless he wanna endorse it? which he wil NOT! cuz it iwwill cost him votes from US, an lose of monies frum da coruprton dat put hims in the prez. so ifin u voted for da luzr, u desrv to lament the bad decsion!? lern to spek in OBAMINICS also!

We the People are the only

We the People are the only ones who can stop the KXL pipeline. Just as we stopped the War in Vietnam and passed the Civil Rights Act we must protest and we must boycott industries that stand to gain from this project. It takes sitting for weeks in front of the white house and the capitol building to make our voices heard. It takes donating for the cause. Don't give up and thanks to those that are protesting!

You are right on Patricia and

You are right on Patricia and I believe that we need continued protests against these corrupt corporate players. Incidentally, we should begin a movement to take our money out of TD Bank since it has large interests in the Keystone Pipeline project.

I voted for him twice, but I

I voted for him twice, but I am afraid that I agree with Ronniv. I will be shocked if Obama refuses the permit. I have about decided that he's better than the Republicans, but not by much. I am seriously considering never voting again. I am losing faith in all of "them".

If our president meant ANY of

If our president meant ANY of the climate - action talk in his State of the Union Speech, Keystone would not be an issue - he would have denied approval. He is the only one that can. Think about it folks. Who will line his pockets when his term is over? We won't, other than his Past Presidential income (last I heard, it is more than $350K).
Dollars to donuts, he will give WE, the PEOPLE the finger by approving the KXL.

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