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Dr. Oz Defends Monsanto: Eat GMO Foods, They’re the Same as Non-GMO Organic

Anthony Gucciardi
Natural Society / News Report
Published: Monday 3 December 2012
In the article, Dr. Oz states that those who buy organic are both ‘snooty’ and ‘elitists’. Furthermore, he goes on to state that GMO conventional foods are the food of the ‘people.’
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Dr. Mehmet Oz, the celebrity host of the Dr. Oz program which appeals to individuals who are into alternative health in varying degrees, has recently declared that GMO foods are actually the same as organic — a move that reveals just how serious about helping you and your family Dr. Oz is. Writing in Time magazine, Dr. Oz even goes on to call those who shop for foods free of GMOs, pesticides, artificial sweeteners, and other contaminants ‘snobs‘.

In the article, Dr. Oz states that those who buy organic are both ‘snooty’ and ‘elitists’. Furthermore, he goes on to state that GMO conventional foods are the food of the ‘people’. It makes you wonder if Dr. Oz even wrote this piece, as NaturalNews’ Mike Adams points out in his piece on the subject. Dr. Oz’s article comes just after the largest healthcare group in the United States declared that everyone should avoid tumor-linked GMOs to avoid the serious health consequences that go along with their consumption.

Kaiser Permanente, the major healthcare group, had this to say:

“Despite what the biotech industry might say, there is little research on the long-term effects of GMOs on human health. Independent research has found several varieties of GMO corn caused organ damage in rats. Other studies have found that GMOs may lead to an inability in animals to reproduce.”

Dr. Oz Article Follows Barrage of Attacks on Organics, Pro-Monsanto Lies

But what’s going on here? Recently there have been numerous attacks on organic food, even leading the New York Times to issue a public apology over the ridiculous nature of the Times’ hit piece on organic food and buyers (using similar language as Oz in calling them snobs and elitists). Plus, the previous studies attempting to tackle the benefits of organic actually showed why organic is better — even after attempting to use statistical lies to make it appear to be the opposite.

It seems that Dr. Oz is the latest to join the barrage of attacks against Non-GMO, organic consumers across the nation. Was he paid by agribusiness a sum he could not refuse? There is currently no way of knowing, though he will surely have to respond to his ridiculous claims that GMO foods are literally the same health-wise as organic.

In an effort to reminder Dr. Oz of the research that defies his claims, I would recommend he look at the peer-reviewed research that links Monsanto’s Roundup (used in larger and larger doses on Monsanto’s GMO crops as they are ravaged by resistant insects) to over 29 conditions including:

  • DNA damage
  • Infertility
  • Liver damage
  • Lymphoma
  • Hormonal disorders in children

Roundup that organic food items do not use. But it seems Dr. Oz thinks that Roundup is perfectly safe, the same Roundup that researchers found at ‘normal’ levels contributed to tumor development and organ damage. And these are just a few examples.

This information will undoubtedly be brought to Dr. Oz by activists and health conscious citizens from around the globe who will demand answers from the celebrity doctor attempting to align himself with the alternative health crowd while simultaneously pushing vaccinations, many Big Pharma creations, and now GMO-laden foods. But will he issue a public apology, or continue to push Monsanto’s agenda throughout the mainstream media?

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ABOUT Anthony Gucciardi

Anthony is an accomplished investigative journalist whose articles have appeared on top news sites and have been read by millions worldwide. A health activist and researcher, Anthony’s goal is informing the public as to how they can use natural methods to revolutionize their health, as well as exploring the behind the scenes activity of the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA.

One great way to check for

One great way to check for allergy symptoms safely and conveniently are the allergy testing kits. Today, there are tons of different selection of allergy testing kits so before choosing, make sure it's FDA approved. Allergens or intensified effects to an external substance are one possible result of allergies.

No offense but after

No offense but after educating myself on all the for-profit and political agendas going around these days, I don't trust the FDA, the DEA or any political agency for that matter and think anyone who feels differently should watch "Farmageddon" but don't stop your own research on it and see for yourself if what you find isn't disturbing beyond measure! Please understand, I'm not trying to steal your thunder, I'm just say'n.

With the millions of people

With the millions of people you impact, you have with these paid for lies, lost all credibility and pose a major health risk to millions of people who believe your
sold soul and well paid propaganda. Welcome to the dark side.

It is a very apparent that

It is a very apparent that people like Oz are in the business of earning a living. While I do not watch his show, his statements appearing in the news surprise me and make me wonder if there is financial gain on his part from backing some of the things that he does. It goes back to the tenet that we should not take someone's advise just because they have MD after their name or have a TV show.

Common sense says to avoid toxicity when possible - it causes inflammation, now the leading cause of disease. Monsanto is wanting to prevent anyone from growing their own food and selling it and that is a monopoly. Cause right there to avoid their products. Support the people in your community who grow organic food and be grateful we still have the option!

I just recently discovered

I just recently discovered Dr. Oz, and watched his show, occasionally, when I had the time at 4 PM. I found it refreshing, compared to most of what passes for information and entertainment on the tube. Now, the TV stays off when he's on. There is real stuff to be done.

Hey all. Monsanto just would

Hey all. Monsanto just would like to tell you all to shut up and eat.

Fact: Food genetic giant,

Fact: Food genetic giant, Monsanto, submits fake scientific data regularly to governments around the world to get its products on the market.
90% of the information on drugs doctors get is false and misleading because the drug companies furnish the information. The drug companies lie and distort in the pamphlets regarding their new drugs though their own studies show detrimental effects that they keep secret. They understand that by the time the FDA catches up to the problem, the drug companies have already banked $4 billion and are willing to pay out $1 billion to those they harmed. I'm guessing that Dr. Oz is reading up on Monsanto's false propaganda.

Get the facts (and a great holiday gift) at WWW.TRUTHGUM.COM

What seems to be missing in

What seems to be missing in all of this is a discussion of the herbicide Roundup
(and pesticide) load that we are all ingesting from GMO foods. Glyphosate (Roundup), for instance, is being sprayed in ever heavier doses. It is a systemic poison both in our bodies and in the ground beneath the Roundup-ready GMO foodstuffs. YOU CAN'T WASH IT OFF THE FOOD. Responsible research seems to indicate that this is a proven toxin. It must logically be mentioned in the same breath as GMOs in general

I wonder how much he got paid

I wonder how much he got paid to say that. He must fall for the propaganda bigpharma puts out. He needs to take a vacation from himself.

As a physician, I have often

As a physician, I have often disagreed with 'Oz'. Now I know why and who supports his lifestyle: He's in cahoots with the profit-motive-only corporations wanting to keep us serfs in our proper place.

Weatherman's picture

I've managed to ignore him

I've managed to ignore him thus far... seems like a good course of action for most of the media hype folks... Don't ya think...duh!...

This strikes me as very

This strikes me as very strange. Dr. Oz hosted a debate on the subject on his show, and while I don't think he really came out either for or against GMO's themselves, he did seem to support labeling and to advocate consumer choice. So what's changed in the interim?

Even if I agreed with Dr. Oz

Even if I agreed with Dr. Oz on this I would not buy GMO foods because they OWN THEM and require that growers buy a new supply of seeds every year. They want to OWN our food supply into perpetuity and it would just be stupid to agree to that.

This guy's a cardiac surgeon.

This guy's a cardiac surgeon. Why does anybody listen to what he has to say about genetics? It's like asking Dr. Phil for advice on how to deal with a hernia.



Really "Come on." A person's

Really "Come on." A person's name is from heritage. I haven't looked it up, but assume that the name is Middle Eastern--See his first and last names. We don't pick our names, (except show biz), families, gender, and other GOOD stuff. Let's not confuse intelligent observation and comment with their opposite.

Sounds more like the Wizzard

Sounds more like the Wizzard of Oz to me. "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain". We need a real life Toto (Dr. Mercola) to set him straight.

Sounds like someone is deep

Sounds like someone is deep in someone else's pocket, no? I'd say more but everyone else has already expressed my thoughts even better than I could have.

But why would anyone pay

But why would anyone pay attention to a showbiz whore who once upon a time was a physician?

Jeez, could it be that Dr. Oz

Jeez, could it be that Dr. Oz is in it for the$$$? Say it ain't so!

Monsanto's contract w/farmers

Monsanto's contract w/farmers gives farmers absolutely NO rights. It basically is a return to a feudal system, so perhaps we are entering the New Dark Ages.

As it now stands by court decisions, if you have 12,000 acres of real food under cultivation and Monsanto finds ONE single contaminated plant w/their genetic BS in it, they own the ENTIRE crop AND all the profits from that crop. Period.

The Canadian gent that fought Monsanto for about a decade decided that if Monsanto contaminated his crop without his knowledge or desire, and that if Monsanto OWNED that crop as they claim and the courts agree, then Monsanto had the responsibility to remove it from his fields. Monsanto refused to do so, and refused to pay the small amount due when he hired neighbors to remove the plants for him.

Monsanto pretended to be nice at one point and offer a settlement, but he, AND his heirs IN PERPETUITY would never be allowed to say ANYTHING at all negative about Monsanto.

Look at the big picture here. Monsanto wants to have total control over the entire food chain. When you want a potato, pay whatever they demand or starve. They don't care. (their executives/investors are literally psychopathic by definition of world's foremost authority)

They will do this the easy or hard way. They have 34 employees/subsidiary employees in govt (appointed by Bush & Obama +) and these people in State threaten France and Spain with lawsuits if they aren't allowed unrestricted GMO planting. Monsanto's super exec, Michael Taylor is the guy that initially lied to us as he ran the FDA in 94 i think it was. Now Obama appointed him to the FDA again to judge whether food is safe enough for our food chain. Right.

As for Dr Oz? about 95% of all MDs have NO training in biochemistry or nutrition. Wonder where he falls? With that quack busting idiot of the 90's who put vitamin supplements down? (The root of vita - min is tied to being necessary to survive. No vitamin C, you die. No B-vitamin, you die, etc. D, E, K, you name it, you need it.) This is "medical advice" one should ignore, like Dr Oz's implied equivalence when it is proven that GMOs are NOT the equivalent of their replacement food.

Food as God intended I

Food as God intended I believe is by far better than food as Monsatan intended.

Perhaps it is best that we

Perhaps it is best that we all exhibit some self control, do research on the subject and all the related ramifications such as bankrupting farmers if their crops are corrupted by GMOs (yes, it does happen!), and see what our hubris did to the midwest (The Dust Bowl suggests destruction of our food supply could happen again). Indeed, subsidizing Organic farming as we do industrial farming might result in a better agricultural bill and policy than the current go-ahead for GMO producers to plant their new seeds before even 3-month testing complete. The devils are in the details but that shouldn't be our excuse to ignore them. I don't watch Dr. Oz (what an interesting name!) but I do read about biology, agriculture and if you want a good book, pick up Claire Cummings recent study: "Uncertain Peril".

The real tragedy is the resistance to knowledge: long-range health and toxicity testing in the US. If there is nothing to fear, why not study possible effects over more than 3 months. Such studies should require at least a few years...several generations of lab animals...before we can even test humans. Labeling would allow tracking to observe consumption of trans-genetically, lab-generated food products...So before jumping to conclusions try to understand some of the science...It's actually fascinating and very rewarding.

I would have but two

I would have but two questions for Dr. Oz.
Would you join the drive to have GMO foods identified on the labels so individuals could make their own decisions?
If not why?

This is the sort of

This is the sort of endorsement that can ruin a person. Studies are ongoing. Soon there will be long term information available also. The fact that Kaiser Permanente has recommended avoiding GMOs speaks volumes. If Kaiser Permanente had found the opposite, that GMOs actually helped their bottom line, they would support them.

There is one thing about corporations that we know for fact: They will always support what is in their own best interest.

I had just gotten to like Dr.

I had just gotten to like Dr. Oz. What a shame that he would write an article like that. It's not just the GMOs, but to call those who try their best to buy organic "elitists" and "snooty?" He's lost all credibility with me. I hope he understands that he just ruined his reputation. I trust he's being adequately compensated for selling out.

I so agree! I will not waste

I so agree! I will not waste my time watching any more of his false information. What a shame that the corporations got to him. But that's how this country and the medical community seem to want to program us.

Only time will tell whether

Only time will tell whether or not he's another sellout. Somehow he has chosen the big tobacco approach to obscuring scientific research. That he deems Roundup harmless, if true, is a blow to consumers around the world. I, for one, shall continue to pressure for pesticide-free/chemical-free produce/hormone-free foods. Dr. Oz has a lot of explaining to do in a forthright, non-defensive manner.

I long for anti-biotic free

I long for anti-biotic free food. I long for non-irrigated fields and a 5 crop rotation combined with a year of grazing livestock. I long for food on my plate that I saw growing up. Instead I get food trucked in from 1000's of miles away that is weeks old by the time it hits my grocer's shelves, it is covered in crap, literally, and it is still genetically modified to be a certain size, shape, and/or colour. Then add the modification for it to mature faster and then not to rot too fast. Then I get the added insult to have to pay more for it because of one word - Organic.

Dr. Oz is no different than anyone else, ignore the reality and the science facts in favour of what makes you the most profits.

Ok, where are the crop

Ok, where are the crop experts? How about interviewing a few of them. They should be able to tell you exactly how GMO's differ from the genetically modified "organics".

Many people are just plain ignorant of what they put in their mouths. They foolishly believe that because the label says Organic it is safe to eat. It is not any safer to eat than the food that does not come with that word on the label.

Vandana Shiva has become a seed crop expert by educating herself and learning from row crop scientists. But can we get an interview with her? No, because she does not spout the right mantra. She tells the truth. The problem with GMO's is all about failing to deliver sustainable farming. Then there is the seed company dictatorships. Then much lower down on the list is the health issues.

Many people just bleat like sheep. They really don't know what they are talking about. Organics come from genetically modified seeds. Organics use chemicals to control weeds and insects and these chemicals are just as dangerous as the non-organics. Organic foods are more often than not the source for food borne illnesses. This is commercial farming people, get real. If you want better and safer food, then look up Ms Shiva's work. Start growing your own food. Buy local and really get to know the farmer. Don't buy food just because the label states Organic. It is not any better for you and you are shelling out a lot more money. Then whatever you do buy, WASH IT with Water, not that chemical veggie cleaner crap. And listen to the row crop and food safety scientists instead of dieticians, TV doctors, and others who don't harmful chemicals from good ones.

To state that the non-GMO

To state that the non-GMO seed propagation is gene modification is totally disingenuous. It is allowing a strength from one germplasm to combine into a plant with other traits to develop characteristics that are advantageous somehow. Note, that other than GMO plants, the breeding is kept within the same plant genome. If you think this is the same as putting fish genetics into tomatoes, you need to reassess.

True organics do not use toxic petrochemicals and this is the difference. Nicotine in the greenhouse can kill whiteflies, but you will not get xenoestrogens from that like you will with virtually every single petrochemical product. (Swiss study showing fertility/erectile dysfunction in males drinking from plastic H2O bottles, 99% of all breast cancer tumors found to contain parabens, increased cancer rates for plastic industry workers, microwaving food in contact with plastic increases carcinogenic properties of that food and GREATLY increases it's xenoestrogens, petro insecticides primarily work by messing up the insect's hormone system to prevent breeding, etc. etc. )

To say poison A is the same as Roundup is again, disingenuous. It implies things that are not true at all.

It is impossible to tell exactly how the GMOs are different from the real food. My friend was damaged in 1982 by recombinant l-tryptophan from Showa Denko. This GMO "supplement" killed over one hundred Americans, permanently damaged over a thousand, and gave serious central nervous system damage of a temporary nature to an estimated ten thousand.

The ONLY reason we know the GMO caused this problem is because it was almost immediate, and very, very, painful and damaging. Thus people knew what they had consumed recently. We could have thousands of people developing all sorts of illnesses because of GMOs but if the establishment of the symptomology is not immediate, it will be almost impossible to prove the cause as being GMOs even if it is.

As for people cheating on organics? That is NOT the fault of organic food. It is the greed of the (usually corporate) farmer being dishonest.

As for differences, there are definite toxicity differences although e. coli can get washed from the insanity of feedlots and pollute anyone's irrigation system downstream. This AGAIN is not the organic farmer's fault.

The first study i read about organic food was in 1977 by Duke University. They found that organic food consistently had higher levels of trace minerals and micronutrients in them. This is actually critical for health. In studies read back in the late 90's one showed that of over 200 corpses dead from stroke, EVERY ONE had a copper deficiency. Copper makes blood vessels elastic and less prone to rupture. Huge # of bodies dead from myocardial infarction: every body deficient in selenium.

This means that when you eat a plant raised on Roundup (basically every GMO plus) the Roundup GUARANTEES bad nutrition in that it prevents the uptake of scores of ionized minerals, including our friends, selenium, and copper. Missing that zinc now? Who needs a healthy immune system, right? It goes on and on.

Thanks for outing the phony

Thanks for outing the phony wizard.

To clarify: Roundup is an herbicide to kill weeds not insects. It is the GE Bt corn and cotton that is an insecticide. Of course, both are terrible for humans.

And Bt is an organic approved

And Bt is an organic approved pesticide.

GMO Bt is different than the

GMO Bt is different than the organic, in usage, toxicity, and dosage.

The "genius" of taking a food plant like corn and making LITERALLY every single cell within that plant toxic is beyond stupidity, pushing new levels of insanity.

Yes Bt is an organic

Yes Bt is an organic compound, the latest research in which with rats fed a diet of organic, Bt toxin sprayed (conventional method,) and GMO Bt the only rats to develop problems were the ones fed GMO Bt. Its the Genetically Modified Organism which cause problems. Not to say that spraying millions of pounds of any pesticides is OK, its the GMO's wreaking havoc

I would hope that MDs would

I would hope that MDs would be guided by empiricism in any decision regarding things as significant as diet. That Oz sees fit to not even sound somewhat objective does indeed leave open the question, why not? Sounds too much like he has downed the Kool-Aid and is now puking it back at his credulous audience. Does he have no reservations about GMO at ALL? Not even for the under-researched secondary and tertiary effects? Not for it's effect on desirable insect life? Not for possible unintended consequences that have yet to appear? Not very scientist-like for the good Dr. I want a second opinion.

Dr OZ just lost all

Dr OZ just lost all credibility with me. I will never watch him again.

Dr. Oz needs to go hide

Dr. Oz needs to go hide behind the curtain. He's drinking the kool-aid of Monsanto and their ilk that have no credibility, as they've distorted the political process of "consumer choice" in this country beyond what's been done anywhere else in the world when it comes to food rights. That alone disqualifies them as a credible contributor to the issues of our food sources. Moreover, their scientists, who have more commercial resources to ferret out dangers of GMO foods than most universities, has no desire to disclose any human health issues with their efforts in the laboratory, as they would be liable for damages.... a catch 22 of epic proportions where innocent Americans may eventually pay the ultimate price for their hubris.

A tobacco company like ruse redux.

Signed: Buy Local Food advocate who will pay more and get better food and avoid having my body contaminated with "!@@#@# that shouldn't be there!

Speaking of thinking people,

Speaking of thinking people, where are they?
Think of why the Bush administration packed our government with Monsanto personel, and why did the Obama administraton retain them?
Think of two piles of food, one organic, the other GMO. Unleash dogs and cats and observe the result. Anyone can perform this easy experiment. Submit your results and observe the Oz brained spin doctors tripping over there cow tongues.
Think of this Oz factor and apply it over other technologies. If your brains haven't been harvested by Monsanto yet, you might get a clearer picture of the many things foisted on the plebes.
Think of how easily Monsanto identifies it's GMO products that have contaminated our farms. And why there is, to date, no GMO home testing kit? Could Kaiser help us out with this?
Oz, like his bogus name, is out there.
The only way to prevent eating GMO is to forage and relearn our true genetic heritage. You might even slough off many health complaints.
Natural is natural, nothing else is.

Ms. McFadden: You make no

Ms. McFadden: You make no sense! And neither does your boy, Oz! Either Oz is on the right side or he's on the wrong side---you can't be both! Let me remind you that there are many people, doctors included, who have had the strength of character to stand up to big business rather than allow big business to bully them into submission. Dr. Mercola, for example, happens to be one of those independent souls who, rather than sell his soul to our controlled media, has done quite well through his own independent web site, dispensing useful information to anyone who is interested. He also stepped out and contributed over $1,000,000 of his own money in support of Prop.37.

" dare you condemn him without knowing the whole story" ? While a bit of a bullying statement, it seems that the "whole story" is all right there in front of us------it's no mystery. I suggest you view the excellent documentary, Burzynski to see how one doctor has fought his guts out for what he believes rather than simply caving in to the big bullies!

And, by the way, I wish that big business today were more like the mafia, which is like benign child's play compared to the global control that these companies today have. And, the worst control they have is over the corrupt politicians that WE THE PEOPLE vote into office----we allow them to sell us down the river for the few bucks they get from the big business lobbyists!

I can't get involved in your

I can't get involved in your anger. If you can't see that someone
can do something good, which Oz did earlier this year, but might be
under such pressure that he broke as different than someone who is a
total 100% pro-gmo guy, even when you could bother to go to the
archives to independently check it out, you are not thinking rationally.
I am not thrilled with the TIME article Oz wr0te, but Anthony should
have written the whole story. Oz did speak out courageously on our side,
before he screwed up. That deserved at least a mention. Instead of being a
devil, perhaps Oz is more a fallen angel. Big business, especially gmos, is like the mafia today. You know nothing about the mafia if you call it benign child's play. I suggest wikipedia or a good book on the subject.

Dr. Vandana Shiva recently spoke on A New Kind of Mafia, meaning the gmo companies. I hope you know who
she is. If not, wikipedia has a good article on her. Good luck.

Write all you want, but please learn to control your temper.

Dr Oz should take some time

Dr Oz should take some time to educate himself and read this: YOUR FOOD, YOUR HEALTH: Latest on BiotechFood, GMOs, Pesticides, Chemicals, CAFOs, Industrial Food

FOOK Dooctoor Ooz. Anoother

FOOK Dooctoor Ooz. Anoother sell-oot to tha coopoorate poopets of tha .001% Elite: Tha foor hoondred families tha' oon almoost everythin' in tha U.S., uns want 'a kill oof tha rest oov us wid infertility indoocin' GMO 'food-like' soobstances.

I'm not Scots, and I know how to spell. I wanted to get that first opinion in.

afeschyn's picture

Is Oz an expert on GMO foods?

Is Oz an expert on GMO foods? If not, why is anyone listening? Half of all doctors finished in the bottom half of their class.

Is anyone surprised that

Is anyone surprised that Monsanto et. al. , fresh off their narrow but effective victory in California, have extended their media disinformation campaign? They know that the fight is not over with one victory. The tactics employed are the same as used in California, flood the airways with lies and misinformation until the gullible are thoroughly confused and simply acquiesce. The fog of war.

I don't care what Dr. Oz

I don't care what Dr. Oz says. I have chronic disease and my dietician is telling me to avoid GMOs. Those of you who are blessed with perfect health can gamble and eat whatever the hell you want. Call me elitist and a snob. I don't care. Pregnant women and people with chronic disease should not be eating GMO foods. It is NOT the same as organic. I highly recommend you all ditch (as I have done) Kellogg's, General Mills, Nestlé and find organic alternatives. Nature's Path cereals are delicious and are GMO free. Since those previous companies sided with Monsanto and spent millions of dollars to scare the frightened, fragile idiots of California to vote against Prop 37 I do not support those companies.

That vote was fixed. No way

That vote was fixed. No way they could have won in California. There was a push for a recount, and when it came to the county filled with the agri-vultures, the price of the recount went skyhigh; prohibitive.

If it were ONLY a question of

If it were ONLY a question of whether or not GMOs are safe to eat, that would be fairly easy to resolve -- retry for a "Prop 37", get the food labeled, and then avoid eating GMOs and their byproducts.

But eating is only a small part of the GMO problem. There's a long list, but my "favorite" item is the huge increase in herbicides (RoundUp, and maybe 2,4-D coming up) that accompany GMOs and which are in themselves serious environmental hazards. What impact, for example, do these chemicals have on cancer rates and all sorts of other health issues?

My other "favorite" is the overall question: what are the long-range consequences we face as a result of altering the planetary gene pool? Nobody knows, but I'd bet it won't be pretty.

Nancy McFadden, until you

Nancy McFadden, until you wrote your confused comment, I had no idea who you were. Now I have a picture in my mind of a house full of cats, and a TV set tuned to Dr Oz. >>> "They probably put him through hell, and he did what he could to get out of it. Unless you have been threatened like this, how dare you
condemn him without knowing the whole story. "
Do you have any proof that THEY put Oz through "hell"? Perhaps "hell" was offering Oz a HELL of a lot of money. Or a HELL of a long renewal for his TV show.
The FACTS are that a pro-GMO article appeared in the Time bird cage liner, and Oz's name was attached. Deal with that. If Oz didn't write it, he should sue Time.
Read the Mike Adams piece, and you will see other instances of Oz "selling out" to big agra, big pharma, and other big things that don't care about you or your many cats. Adams says: "Dr. Oz has just made himself irrelevant to thinking people everywhere."

Learn more:

Come on, Chris, you do not

Come on, Chris, you do not have to insult me to make a point. It detracts
from your knowledge. First, I have no cats, one dog, mostly outside. I watch almost no regular daytime tv, which includes Oz and the other
doctor show. I think I watched Oz that day because someone else told
me he would be speaking about gmos. So, shake that image from your
head because it is delusional.

If I have free time during the day (since I no longer work), I am more
likely to pick up a nonfiction book and read than to watch t.v.

I never said what Oz did for TIME was perfect. But he did good stuff
before this. I think a comprehensive article would have censored him,
but not treated him as he was treated.

Given the welcome that you have given me, like the phoney description,
which is something I expect from junior high students, you can have
this space to rant and rave all you want. Try to talk like an adult.

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