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Drones in NYC?

Lindsey Needham
Published: Tuesday 28 February 2012
“Within the last month, a NYPD street sign was discovered in the Bronx, warning passersby of drone activity in progress.”

A decade ago, no one knew what drones were. They might be something you would see in a futuristic sci-fi movie, but beyond that, they did not concern us. More recently, we’ve heard of drones being used in secret high-tech assassination plots, but they were still just a foreign concept. Indeed, there has been no reason to suspect they would ever figure into the daily lives of Americans. Within the last month, however, an NYPD street sign was discovered in the Bronx, warning passersby of drone activity in progress.

As it turns out, the sign was one in a series of fake street signs posted throughout New York City by an army veteran turned art student, who wishes to remain anonymous. The artist, who had worked with drones during two tours of duty in Iraq, was horrified by the potential use of drones by law enforcement here in America. To spread awareness, he created official-looking street signs, which displayed messages such as “ATTENTION: Drone Activity in Progress,” or “ATTENTION: Local Statutes Enforced by Drones,” or “ATTENTION: Authorized Drone Strike Zone, 8am-8pm, Including Sunday.”

While some may dismiss the artwork as a hoax, there is reason to suggest that these signs will become a more permanent fixture. According to an email uncovered through the Freedom of Information Act, the New York Police Department has consulted the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on the use of drones as a law enforcement tool. With controversy brewing around many NYPD policies—from racial and religious profiling to mobile street scanners—New Yorkers have much to fear with drones in the hands of their local enforcement.

Earlier this month, Congress expanded the use of drones in the US by passing legislation that requires the FAA to make room for unmanned drones in US skies. Police departments in Miami and Houston have already experimented with the use of drones.

Near each of the fake NYPD street signs, the anonymous artist has etched words by Benjamin Franklin:

They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

As police departments all around the country prepare to utilize drones in the name of public safety, we must consider the inherent threat to liberty.

It's just technology people.

It's just technology people. It's been going on since humans started walking upright. We said the same thing about computers and how they would end the world. Come on. Technology is good. It pushes social cahnge and as history has it, always in a good direction. For sure, technology can be used to subvert, but that's a double edged sword.

Technology shared leads to

Technology shared leads to progress. Technology harnessed and controlled by the corrupt never ends well.

Sounds like "Skynet" is

Sounds like "Skynet" is winning.

Remember Chaplin's "Modern

Remember Chaplin's "Modern Times"?

75 years ago the great comedian had a scene set in his factory where our hero, thinking he could take a toilet break, found appearing on the wall there a giant TV screen, with the factory's boss angrily telling him to get back to the assembly line floor.

That was, then, preposterous. But this is now, when the current president, even before taking office went back on his campaign promise to investigate America's giant telecoms, who'd joined Bush's patently illegal domestic spying programs.

This is now, when America's schools, and their teachers, cravenly ditch the teaching of kids for prepping them instead for the giant corporate monitoring and tracking programs known as standardized testing.

More police in all the schools. More local police everywhere militarized. More prisons -- further privatized for the corporate interests. More online tracking to surveil all who use the Internet.

We're numbers, folks, commodoties, units, markets in Corporate America's great game so to reduce, plunder, and exploit all.

Always remember that the

Always remember that the authorities rule by superior brute force, NOT superior morality or superior intellect (Alex DeTocqueville, "Democracy in America") so the New Orwellian Order may be extremely hazardous to our health.

Let the War on Poverty take on new meaning.



- Nanofiber/Ultrasilk "anti-insect" nets strung between buildings
-"White-RF" all-band emitters abandoned to disrupt command/control
- IR+ (non-actinic)UV + strobe light saturators (no lasers needed)
- Strong Bernoulli-effect "window/wall fans"
-Strategic green wind generator placement
-Control/data antennas blocked by "party" tinfoil / Mylar balloons
-RF wideband intermittent burst = RF C3I disruption
-Simple blockage of line-of-sight xmissions on all bandwidths:
cardboard v. laser, tinfoil v. RF
-"Party Glitter Saturation" disrupts sensors/comms/tiny hardware
-Metallized Mylar balloons that burst into many tiny pieces
at 500 ft. pressure altitude AGL
"Cluttering an area with harmless toys denies it!"
-SWAT IT DOWN! = $8-80,000 gone

Good news about drones;

Good news about drones; They're cheaper to operate than a helicopter. Bad news; They're cheaper to operate than a helicopter. While it may save urban police depts. cash, it means that drones, along with all other forms of passive surveillance are becoming ever more ubiquitous. And I think that it will be a matter of very little time that police drones will be made to be active (armed that is) in police activities. One more step in the thorough going militarization of the police. If you think we've had problems with our military's drones hitting the wrong target in Pakistan, wait 'til you get a load of drones patrolling, and "enforcing" the law in our inner cities. Could a "terminator" or "Robo Cop" be far behind. A few software glitches or bad intelligence and someone dies. But don't worry, When someone finds themselves on the ass end of mistake by the police, it will only be poor people, not someone important.

Humans will make more

Humans will make more mistakes than machines, as proven by computers' calculating ability. Yes, glitches will happen, but as the technology matures, less and less mistakes will happen, and human expertise will soon be surpassed. Note that innocent people die due to cop shootouts too. With computer guided bullets, those mistakes may soon be history.

Are drones that different

Are drones that different from police helicopters, robotic bomb disablers ? Wouldn't micro drones be of great value in hostage holdings and similar
situations ? Of course legal regulations would be required, but small scouting drones could be quite valuable and life saving.

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