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John Nichols
NationofChange / Op-Ed
Published: Saturday 8 October 2011
“Fighting on the fighting lines” would seem to qualify as classic fighting words. And that was hardly the only instance where Cantor, now the No. 2 Republican in House, employed divisive, us-versus-them language in talking up the Tea Party movement.

Eric Cantor’s Hyper-Partisan Hypocrisy: He Hails Tea Party for “Fighting,” Condemns Occupy Wall Street “Mobs”

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If share values could be devised for hypocrisy, Eric Cantor's would be soaring.

When Tea Party activists swarmed Washington, D.C., in 2009, the Virginia congressman hailed them with "fighting" words.

Now, however, the No. 2 Republican in the House is attacking the "Occupy Wall Street" movement for pitting "Americans against Americans."

Cantor's not the only protest hypocrite. Republican presidential contender Herman Cain, a Tea Party favorite known for his anti-Muslim rants, is attacking "Occupy Wall Street" protests as "Un-American." Rush Limbaugh is condemning the demonstrators as "parasites."

But it is Cantor who is cornering the hypocrisy market.

From the stage at the September 12, 2009, "Taxpayer March on Washington" rally that was organized by Tea Party groups rally near the nation's Capitol, the House Republican Whip told the Tea Partisans that they were  “fighting on the fighting lines of what we know is a battle for our democracy."

"Fighting on the fighting lines" would seem to qualify as classic fighting words. And that was hardly the only instance where Cantor, now the No. 2 Republican in House, employed divisive, us-versus-them language in talking up the Tea Party movement. He regularly referred to the Tea Party as "the tip of the spear" in the fight against the Obama administration, Democrats in the Congress and liberal ideas in general.

The Tea Partisans certainly saw things that way. Posters compared President Obama with Adolf Hitler. They employed the Iraq War terminology of "shock and awe" to describe their approach to lobbying. A few months later, when the Tea Partisans returned to Capitol Hill, the Washington Post reported: "Members of the Congressional Black Caucus said that racial epithets were hurled at them Saturday by angry protesters who had gathered at the Capitol to protest health-care legislation, and one congressman said he was spit upon. The most high-profile openly gay congressman, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), was heckled with anti-gay chants."

Cantor continued to hail the Tea Party.

Now, however, as the "Occupy Wall Street" movement grows, Cantor is complaining.

He specifically refers to the crowds on Wall Street as "mobs," and suggests they are mounting "assaults on many of our nation's bedrock principles."

Why? Because they are "pitting Americans against Americans."

And, of course, he decries the handful of Democratic officials who have expressed solidarity with a movement that has far, far less to do with the Democratic Party than the Tea Party did with the Republicans. While some Tea Partisans were mildly critical of the GOP, they always reserved their harshest criticism for Obama and the Democrats. The "Occupy Wall Street" movement tends to condemn both parties, and Obama does not get much more slack than Cantor from those rallying against the corporate control of the Democrats and the Republicans.

So how, exactly, does Cantor get off saying things like this at the conservative Value Voters Summit? "This administration’s failed policies have resulted in an assault on many of our nation’s bedrock principles. If you read the newspapers today, I, for one, am increasingly concerned about the growing mobs occupying Wall Street and the other cities across the country. And believe it or not, some in this town, have actually condoned the pitting of Americans against Americans...."

That's easy. Unlike the "Occupy Wall Street" activists, who are more than ready to criticize both parties, and who are attracting interest and support from across the political spectrum (welcoming Ron Paul supporters to their events across the country) Cantor is a Triple A-rated, high-value hypocrite.

This story originally appeared in The Nation.
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ABOUT John Nichols

John Nichols, a pioneering political blogger, has written the Beat since 1999. His posts have been circulated internationally, quoted in numerous books and mentioned in debates on the floor of Congress. 



Other than his fringe-right

Other than his fringe-right supporters, does any decent American really support this poor excuse for a human being, let alone one of those that was elected to represent the People of the United States of America!? For SHAME!

Way to go, OWS! Those of you

Way to go, OWS! Those of you in DC should march up to and shut down both houses of CONgress until Cantor emerges and self-immolates on the porch. Oh wait, don't leave then! There's the rest of the 290 CONgress Critters who should be escorted to at least a life of destitution and poverty without their self-appointed Universal Health Care and life-long pension plans as they plot to maneuver back and forth through the Corporatocracy's Revolving Door. Continue the nonviolent protests and marches, chants and demands, OWS!. You are the true patriots exercising true Constitutional values.

As a non american but a true

As a non american but a true friend of the U nited

As a non Amarican but a

As a non Amarican but a friend of the United States who does not accept the two often negative perception of your country,I consider these honest protest about social injustice as proof of the power of democracy. Keep up the good work for all of us , because we all are victims of the class war that high finance be it Wall street or Fleet street and the other money grabbers around the world are waging on all of us.

As a non american but a true

As a non american but a true friend of the U nited

As a non american but a true

As a non american but a true friend of the U nited

As a non american but a true

As a non american but a true friend of the U nited

As a non american but a true

As a non american but a true friend of the U nited

As a non american but a true

As a non american but a true friend of the U nited

As a non american but a true

As a non american but a true friend of the U nited

The Oppose Wall Street

The Oppose Wall Street protestors are not bringing guns to the meetings(as we saw some protestors do last summer). They're not doomsayers. I'm glad they have arisen on behalf of the 99%. It's trilling. I pray they will diligently follow non-violent means. We should all try to think of how they can continue to occupy Wall Street while being nice to the neighbors.Carmen in Maine

For those who would criticize

For those who would criticize #Occupy Wall St. for lacking focus or a clear agenda I would say this: The medium is the message. It is inherent in the conservative agenda to keep the people fighting against each other in some Randian struggle of an atomized polity, In the kind of "Social Darwinism" that is at the core of the conservative bullshit paradigm. The core of the #OWS message is the act of coming together, a physical manifestation of E Pluribus Unum as opposed to the conceptual version that conservative like pay such lip service to but freak when they see it in reality. That cantor would characterize #OWS as a "mob" is no less than one would expect from someone whose wealth and political power is predicated on Americans fighting Americans.

No Mr. cantor.... It's not Americans fighting Americans, It's the American people fighting YOU and your traitorous fellow plutocrats.

We all know Obama needs

We all know Obama needs Congress to help get things done Thats our system but GOP vow is not jobs /economy but to Break Obama / Make him fail Thats devious I have nothing but comtempt for Cantor and his Tea Baggers .. Boehner McConnell too. Why do cons keep voting against their own interests ? I am a Former CON I did not know any better and I had no real info to base my vote on Fox & Rush are a disgrace Even CNN has drifted to the right at times and not covered stories fairly I so miss CNN 's TED Turner He had guts

Cantor ought to be growing

Cantor ought to be growing "concerned" over the protesters's his a$$ they're coming for....

Thank you John, Love your

Thank you John, Love your work!

You want to see fighting against Wall Street and the Right?! Wait until you see this take hold. I am NOT giving up on this.

To President Obama: "We are tired of your talk and want!"


This story is not about glamorized or fictional piracy. This is, “real piracy.”

Hundreds of our wealthiest leaders and most powerful corporations know that in the next few years, they will be able to siphon, skim, and steal, so much “NEW CASH,” that they and their progeny will be ultra-rich for generations to come.

No, this is not funny, or fiction, or a conspiracy, it is just simple greed and simple theft.
The new pirates of America have launched an all-out siege on us in order to capture, amass, and hold trillions of dollars for themselves.

All of the recent political power grabs and nonsensical debating is purely a slight-of-hand deflection. President Obama, Democrats, Republicans, the International Press, and even the Tea Party, are watching the tiny pea in the shell game…while the rich and powerful “Piratical Right” is stealing America right out from under us.

Consider that their combined total plunder from corporate flipping, downsizing, offshore labor, speculation, price fixing of oil and energy plus, corruption in defense, health care, banking, student loans, foreclosures, etc., etc., is a trillion dollar treasure for these pirates.
Go ahead, put your own calculator to it.

Are they smarter than we are? Yes, and they are laughing at us. I, we, you, and all of us, have not been able see the big picture of what is happening to our own country and to our own people. The rape and theft of America, has been cleverly packaged, promoted, and sold under the guise of “cost-cutting,” “deregulation,” and “free enterprise.”

The “Piratical Right” is directly responsible for millions of people dying, getting sick, losing their jobs and homes, losing their ability to fight, their spirit, and even losing their will to live. The sick smell of this carnage now permeates the air across America.

To us, this is all unimaginable, because we look for some sense or the morality of things. These modern-day American pirates however, have no moral compass. They are devoid of any conscience, humanity or soul, and are feeding on the flesh of the American people.

Don’t look to the President, the Senate, Congress, the press, or any political party to help. Sadly, they just don’t see it, don’t care, or are part of it. “We the people” are on our own. Start asking questions. Demand answers. If we don’t fight back America…who will?

History has taught us how to stop piracy.

By Mr. S. Pimpernel 10/08/2011

Foreclosures are only one of the snatch-and-grab assaults engineered by the "Piratical Right."

I have secretly worked inside of a famous Right Wing organization plus, have 30+ years working with the Fortune 100 and face-to-face with their Presidents. If anyone thinks my comments are over-the-top, then I suggest they put a couple of good researchers and accountants on it and crunch their own numbers.

The fact that the

The fact that the conservatives and libertarians make a habit of calling the rest of us "parasites" tells you all you need to know about them. Their disgraceful lack of respect for their fellow citizens shows how much having overwhelming privilege distorts their ability to relate to us as people with legitimate concerns. It's like they have no ability to see us as people or care about the problems we face in everyday life.

It is the rich who need to learn humility and their true place in the world. America will always have richer people and poorer people. There is just no need for the rich to be SO rich, or the poor to be SO poor. The rich only have their money because we have worked for them and made profit for them-- and them we take our earnings and give them business by buying their products and services. Their wealth is all FROM US!
They need to learn that, and give back through higher taxes to keep needed government services funded.

And they also need to stop taking the profits of American labor and investing that money overseas. If they are "job creators" they now are only creating jobs for the Chinese, not Americans who provide both labor and customers for American corporations.

Cantor is a do nothing,

Cantor is a do nothing, political hyprocrtic and need to be place on unemployment list in Virgina! Keeping it honest: Remember the Movie: “Wall Street?” Isn’t Greed supposed to be NOT good? So many news articles stating that American protesters have “no clear “agenda? It seems crystal clear to the middle class America that they are frustrated by the lack of concern that exists for the people in this country who need jobs and hope to support themselves and families. Millions of unemployed people looking for work in this country are being ignored and slowly erased by mega-corporations including Big Oil, Banks, Computer Co., Drug Insurance Companies, whose only concern is for their obscene profits far exceed anyone’s understanding! The beauty and treasured tradition of America allows people the freedom to unite and speak out to draw attention to these huge social injustices. It’s about time that Americans did and said, “we are mad as hell and we are not going take it any longer!”For the record, “Greed is Not good”; it’s ugly, selfish, obscene and destructive for our society. After all, We are a still a democracy, not aristocracy, nor a Banana Republic! Just look around this great county! " It's no surprise that the Romney campaign and his republicans in the Congress are raising money from Wall Street by saying they want to repeal consumer protections sand allow Wall Street to write its own rules, AND the recipients of dollar tax payer bailout with no conditions and used it for non-performance bonuses!

The capitalist system is

The capitalist system is poised to go over the cliff and into the ashbin of history due to its own internal contradictions. It is collapsing world wide. It is incumbent upon the rest of us to give it however much of a push that we can. Toadies and parasites like Cantor and Limbaugh know that they will end up over the cliff and in the ashbin as well.

Thank you for your thoughts.

Thank you for your thoughts. Well said.

Only an indigent or a lunatic

Only an indigent or a lunatic could live through the Bush administration, and blame the result on liberal or progressive ideologies. I really feel bad, I don't mean to lump indigents, and lunatics into the same category as these fascists.

Its time to tar and feather

Its time to tar and feather Cantor, Cain and Limbaugh, then run them out of town on a rail! Take the tea baggers with them!
That won't happen, but they need to be thrown under the bus like they're trying to do to the 99%. You would think that 99% should be able to raise enough Hell to get things back where they should be! To be heard.
Everyone needs to contact their legislators - repeatedly - to get the point across. This is a case of nice guys finish last - or aren't allowed to finish.

By No means is Cantor a

By No means is Cantor a hypocrite. The Revolutionaries courageously engaging the enemy with truth and the basic human compassion that the Creator instilled in us all do indeed threaten his values and those of like minds as his. When we hear the word "values" we instinctly associate such a word with all that is good about human nature. A reaction that is easily exploited. Let's go beyond our general sense of "value" and be explicite about what "values" Cantor finds under threat. First off: Take from the poor and give to the rich for the rich are God's chossen dominions over the masses. And: Question not those who claim in writing or interpretation that they are divinely superior to all those except those like themselves or be condemned to suffering. :Hate, bigotry, lies and violence are the manna of profit and power. Do not counter such blessings with love or peace or kindness or caring. And so on.... It may not yet be clear in such a short synopsys, but a peaceful compassionate expression of human unity is terror unimaginable to the Cantors of this world. His is not hypocriy. His is genuine fear!! Like it says in the Constitution of the United States, Power to People!!!!!! Righteousness Love on!!!

I'll second these last 3

I'll second these last 3 comments!

The fear of the Government

The fear of the Government was put on a church in California when a sermon suggested that when evaluating candidates, look at the whole person and not a single issue. The single issue was abortion. The Church was sued by the Bush White House and Justice Department to have their tax free status revoked. This is the only case known at the time. And yet, when you listen to other churches they will condemn people for their stance on a hot issue like, but not limited to abortion. This may be the reason you do not see churches stand with people whose objective is to better the human condition.

Or is it because the churches can manipulate the poor easier than any others. I believe it was Marx who said "Religion is the opiate of the masses", and if their lives are miserable they will fill the sanctuary.

Mr. Cantor has long been

Mr. Cantor has long been owned by corporate and bankster interests. He is a mouthpiece for the wealthy elite and paid well for it. These hypocrites will pay dearly when the Revolution goes into full swing and anyone bribed to protect the powerful will be held accountable. The tides are turning...we must hold their feet to the fire until fairness prevails again....

When will the churches,

When will the churches, Temples, and all kinds of religious entities openly support "Occupy Wall Street"?
Will we, the "Occupy Wall Street Movement"be wise enough to escape the seductive power of the rich? Will we all be wise enough not to want also to be rich? to make all of us protestors also like to be rich like them??
If the protestors Also would like to be rich, they then THEY, the rich, have power over the movement.
I fear that all the protestors would also like to be rich, and then lose their souls too, just like the rich have. There is no good billionaire/millionaire at the bottom of his heart-: they treat close friends and family well, but despise the actual idea of sharing their wealth with equanimity, hating this "Occupy" group with a Rush Limbaugh- styled, hideous hatred. They pose as nice guys, but will never surrender their wealth for the good of their own nation and never learn to live like You and I do; simply, with no live in 3rd world country maids and nannies, no chef, no yacht, no country home, no chauffeur, not even a car, and love life like that. We can do it as long as we have a satisfying moderate income job and a little money for a little night out occasionally.. THEY want to stop us from having even that little joy in our lives, and take everything from us until we are serfs.

it is ok to destroy and riot

it is ok to destroy and riot if you are pc but if you gather peacefully and leave the area cleaner than it was before but you do not get nichols approval you are evil

What the hell is o.h. trying

What the hell is o.h. trying to say? Are you saying that the Occupiers are not peaceful? What riot have they started? Remember this, when the T.P. was in D.C., the police were there to protect them. When the Occupiers are somewhere the police are there to harass them. The reason for this is because they threaten the robber barons of Wall (ed off) street. I amnot religious but I wish them Godspeed and good luck.

Eric Cantor is a big-mouthed

Eric Cantor is a big-mouthed little twerp and a world class hypocrite. His main accomplishment other than being annoying, is to make it evident just who the Tea Party is. The far right wing of the Republican party. And the biggest, fattest parasite of all time, Rush Limbaugh is calling the OWS crowd parasites? That is just plain laughable.

Eric Cantor, Hypocritical

Eric Cantor, Hypocritical ??? Dah !!!
Seriously , Mr. Cantor is bought and Sold, when He speaks, I always
look for the strings I'm sure are operating him. Talk about what is wrong
with America? Well I'll tell you whats wrong, this puppet is the majority whip of
the United States House of Representatives.

Goldman run Wall St & Fed

Goldman run Wall St & Fed - Huge corps DC Lobbyists run US gov't , our laws, our courts , our very lives Why ? We kept voting for the crooks who made it all happen. Bush chose crook Enrons Ken Lay to be his Energy advisor !! Lay wiped out his workers 401 K - froze their accts while
Lay made millions. McCain pal foremr SEn Phil Gramm & his lobbyist wife made 900 K off sleazy Enron deal . pushed thru by the infamous .Enron loophole . Google Gramm & Enron loophole a disgrace among many Thats the system Obama walked into and worst economy since 1930 - 2 long failed wars Iraq based on lies , profits making more enemies that ever IRAQ war was a Gift to AL quada Thank the Bush admin

No strings, just a huge

No strings, just a huge corporate hand up his ass

MOB ? Parasite ? NO

MOB ? Parasite ? NO peaceful folks who want crooks banksters to be held accountable. That comment is so typical for you GOP Baggers Cantor You are a disgrace to our country and I hope you

Rush's context when he called

Rush's context when he called them parasites
was hearing some were protesting that
the fed's were not being socialistic enough
with the school financing assistance .
. what is actually the parasite here
is our collective agreement
to support free parenting
and then expecting kids to fend for themselves
when everything is already owned .
. nothing left for our pilgrims
but crime and schemes .

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