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Extensive List of Politicians Paid Off by Monsanto

Anthony Gucciardi
Natural Society / News Report
Published: Tuesday 28 May 2013
Keep in mind these are the figures we know, which means that behind the scenes expect these numbers to multiply extensively.
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Democrat, Republican, it doesn’t matter. As long as you can help Monsanto slide its icy tentacles into the food chain, then there’s some financial tip available to you. Thankfully, many such ties can be exposed through some data digging, and thanks to diligent readers who send comprehensive news tips and other researchers out there, we now have an extensive list of politicians getting paid cold hard cash from GMO juggernaut Monsanto.

Keep in mind these are the figures we know, which means that behind the scenes expect these numbers to multiply extensively. But what is most amazing is that these politicians just don’t care that you know they’re receiving thousands of dollars from Monsanto! They sweep it under the carpet, but they are openly taking money from this corporation that has been caught running ‘slave-like’ rings and disregarding public health. We’re talking about a corporation that primarily aided in the creation of Agent Orange — the Vietnam-era chemical weapon that killed over 400,000 people and led to 500,000 plus birth defects.

Looking at these figures, over $260,000 was openly pumped into the House, and $122,000 was pumped into the Senate. And again, this is openly. I’m speculating, but I would imagine the real number to easily be in the millions. Can you imagine how much they must pay these politicians to shoot down GMO labeling bills that 90 plus percent of the entire country wants?

Monsanto paid Senator Roy Blunt to ‘help write’ the Monsanto Protection Act that grants Monsanto immunity from federal courts? Roy’s cash payment is not included in this list, however RT reports he received $64,250 towards his campaign from the company. Surely they expected nothing in return.

Politicians Paid By MonsantoHouse of Representatives:

Total paid by Monsanto to Democrats: $72,000Total paid by Monsanto to Republicans: $190,500

Barrow, John (D-GA) $2,500

Bishop, Sanford (D-GA) $5,000

Boehner, John (R-OH) $10,000

Braley, Bruce (D-IA) $5,000

Camp, Dave (R-MI) $5,000

Cantor, Eric (R-VA) $10,000

Clay, William L Jr (D-MO)$10,000

Cleaver, Emanuel (D-MO) $5,000

Conaway, Mike (R-TX) $2,000

Courtney, Joe (D-CT) $4,500

Crawford, Rick (R-AR) $2,500

Fincher, Steve (R-TN) $8,000

Gardner, Cory (R-CO) $7,500

Goodlatte, Bob (R-VA) $4,500

Graves, Sam (R-MO) $5,000

Griffin, Tim (R-AR) $1,000

Guthrie, Brett (R-KY) $1,000

Hanabusa, Colleen (D-HI)$5,000

Hannemann, Mufi (D-HI) $1,000

Hartzler, Vicky (R-MO) $3,000

Holden, Tim (D-PA) $1,000

Huelskamp, Tim (R-KS) $2,500

Hultgren, Randy (R-IL) $2,500

Jenkins, Lynn (R-KS) $2,500

Johnson, Timothy (R-IL) $3,000

King, Steven A (R-IA) $2,500

Kingston, Jack (R-GA) $7,000

Kinzinger, Adam (R-IL) $3,500

Kissell, Larry (D-NC) $5,000

Labrador, Raul (R-ID) $2,000

LaMalfa, Doug (R-CA) $1,000

Landry, Jeff (R-LA) $1,000

Latham, Tom (R-IA) $10,000

Loebsack, David (D-IA) $5,000

Long, Billy (R-MO) $2,500

Lucas, Frank D (R-OK) $10,000

Luetkemeyer, Blaine (R-MO)$5,000

Lungren, Dan (R-CA) $1,000

McIntyre, Mike (D-NC) $1,000

Neugebauer, Randy (R-TX)$1,000

Noem, Kristi (R-SD) $1,000

Nunes, Devin (R-CA) $3,500

Owens, Bill (D-NY) $2,000

Peterson, Collin (D-MN) $10,000

Rogers, Hal (R-KY) $7,500

Rokita, Todd (R-IN) $5,000

Roskam, Peter (R-IL) $1,000

Schilling, Bobby (R-IL) $3,000

Schock, Aaron (R-IL) $5,000

Shimkus, John M (R-IL) $5,000

Simpson, Mike (R-ID) $10,000

Smith, Adrian (R-NE) $5,000

Stutzman, Marlin (R-IN) $5,000

Thompson, Bennie G (D-MS)$10,000

Thompson, Glenn (R-PA) $1,000

Upton, Fred (R-MI) $5,000

Valadao, David (R-CA) $2,500

Wagner, Ann L (R-MO) $10,000

Walden, Greg (R-OR) $1,000

Walorski, Jackie (R-IN) $2,500

Womack, Steve (R-AR) $1,000


Total paid by Monsanto to Democrats: $37,500Total  paid by Monsanto to Republicans: $85,000

Akin, Todd (R-MO) $3,500

Baucus, Max (D-MT) $1,000

Berg, Rick (R-ND) $10,000

Blunt, Roy (R-MO) $10,000

Boozman, John (R-AR) $5,000

Casey, Bob (D-PA) $2,500

Chambliss, Saxby (R-GA) $5,000

Fischer, Deb (R-NE) $5,000

Gillibrand, Kirsten (D-NY)$1,000

Grassley, Chuck (R-IA) $2,000

Hirono, Mazie K (D-HI) $1,000

Johanns, Mike (R-NE) $1,000

Klobuchar, Amy (D-MN) $5,000

Landrieu, Mary L (D-LA) $1,000

McCaskill, Claire (D-MO)$5,000

McConnell, Mitch (R-KY) $10,000

Moran, Jerry (R-KS) $2,500

Nelson, Ben (D-NE) $13,000

Rehberg, Denny (R-MT) $2,000

Risch, James E (R-ID) $3,500

Roberts, Pat (R-KS) $9,000

Stabenow, Debbie (D-MI) $8,000

Thompson, Tommy G (R-WI)$5,000

Wicker, Roger (R-MS) $1,000

Wilson, Heather A (R-NM)$2,500

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ABOUT Anthony Gucciardi

Anthony is an accomplished investigative journalist whose articles have appeared on top news sites and have been read by millions worldwide. A health activist and researcher, Anthony’s goal is informing the public as to how they can use natural methods to revolutionize their health, as well as exploring the behind the scenes activity of the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA.

Since Congress is exempt from

Since Congress is exempt from insider trading laws, many members may take stock tips or options in addition to or in lieu of cash. I just wrote about my local organic co-op's brainless campaign to lobby Wonen in the Senate for GMO labels:!.pdf With at least 5 of the 16 female Democratic Senators openly taking money from Monsanto, there aren't many left for them to lobby.

Glad to see the Missouri

Glad to see the Missouri arrogant holier than thou politicians got their cut!!!!!!

cleaver needed his cut to pay for that car wash that tax payers are hung out for.

mccaskey needs her cut to pay her taxes which she convenently forgot to pay.

blunt just took his cut because he could.

Doesn't make you proud to see what we put in office to represent us???????? Sounds like a bunch of elitist holier than thou azzwipes!!!!!!!!

Hope they spend that money wisely and rot in hell.

So Senators Franken and

So Senators Franken and Warren sold their votes....for free?

Anyone who believes that

Anyone who believes that campaign donations do not come with a quid pro quo is living in a dream world.
Much like the Supreme Court Justices and the Department of Justice.

And this goes too far, to the

And this goes too far, to the point of treason. We should all be mad as hell and ready to do something.

To make this complete though,

To make this complete though, we really ought to check and see how much Monsanto contributed to their opponents in their last election. Most corporations hedge their bets that way.

Why are we surprised. The

Why are we surprised. The Supreme Court of the United States endorses, no encourages, the purchase of our politicians. The Citizens United decision was issued as an attempt to protect Capital from the rabble.
According to our Supreme Court, little folk should not be bothering big folk.

Maybe we the people need to

Maybe we the people need to come up with our own labeling system and refuse to buy otherwise if we have a choice. Bypass the bought-and-paid-for government. Then do what Garbrielle Giffords suggested for gun control: If you can't change their minds, change Congress. All while you're at it, look up the definition of Fascism.

Exactly. We ought to be

Exactly. We ought to be encouraging/pressuring (depending on the response) local and regional grocery stores to purchase and label the NON-GMO items they carry (easier than labeling all the ones that ARE GMO) and then supporting them! It's a cut-throat business at the retail level. Any edge might make us more allies. Try the carrot, before the stick.



I am sorry to see three Hawaiians on the list

Mazie Hirono
Gwen Hanabusa
Muffie Hanaman

Wot no shame?

Norman Allen's picture

The representatives of the

The representatives of the rich and famous sold the 99% to Monsanto for under $500k. They make $billions in profits and taxpayers spend billions more to keep Monsanto safe from lawsuits, people's anger and the health consequences to the humans, animals and the planet from poisoned food chain... What a racket.....

Quite a bit of quid. I guess

Quite a bit of quid. I guess we can safely assume what the pro quo was.

Anybody shocked at the amount for Ben Nelson of Nebraska? Me neither.

Thanks for the article ! Good

Thanks for the article ! Good to see SOME media coverage! I found myself AMAZED at just how CHEAPLY our representatives BETRAY us!

How do YOU spell

How do YOU spell MONSTINKO???!!!

I'm not surprised by the

I'm not surprised by the republicans but shame on Democrats. This company's products are more to do with death and destruction than food.

Alot of the Democrats listed

Alot of the Democrats listed are either in Midwest agricultural states, or the South though.

LOL yep ! just SEE what our

LOL yep ! just SEE what our Govt. can accomplish when they work in a Bi-Partisan manner?

I'm not surprised by the

I'm not surprised by the republicans but shame on Democrats. This company's products are more to do with death and destruction than food.

Is it any wonder why Monsanto

Is it any wonder why Monsanto is on top? Our countrymen sell out the Americans to the highest bidders!! They have been doing this for years do we expect it to change. We always have hopes that they will uphold their oath. But so far it is all them and nothing else seems to matter

The Monsanto bribery list

The Monsanto bribery list should be used at sentencings of those influence-peddling Congress criminals and Monsanto's lobbyists.

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