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Facebook Removes March Against Monsanto Event

Lauren Berlekamp
EcoWatch / News Report
Published: Wednesday 21 August 2013
The group March Against Monsanto announced yesterday on their Facebook page that Facebook removed an event page promoting a rally in St. Louis, MO, where the biotech giant is headquartered.
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Facebook has been accused of being a facade for free speech as it has been known to censor controversial content. For example, earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg was called out for practicing censorship when a Facebook ad by CREDO Mobile was pulled for criticizing his financial and political ties to the Keystone XL pipeline. 

The group March Against Monsanto announced yesterday on their Facebook page that Facebook removed an event page promoting a rally in St. Louis, MO, where the biotech giant is headquartered.

The rally is set to take place on Saturday, Oct. 12, with a broad coalition of regional groups and solidarity activists planning to converge at the company’s corporate headquarters. While the event did not contain derogatory or inappropriate content, it was removed for violating Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. The group has since created a new event page for the rally.

Back in May, history was made when 2 million people participated in solidarity protests across the globe to raise public awareness of Monsanto’s toxic legacy in genetically engineering (GE) the food supply. The protests also aimed to promote sustainable farming while exposing the company’s predatory corporate farming and corrupt business practices.

Not only has the outrage over Monsanto driven people to the streets, but it is also driving people to the polls. More than 90 pieces of legislation to label GE ingredients were proposed in at least 26 different states across the U.S. over the past year, with Washington State’s Yes on 522 campaign pushing to let voters decide on mandatory GE labeling. The increased consumer demand for labeling is also driving down Monsanto’s stock price as it becomes increasingly risky for long term investors.

It’s safe to assume that the censorship by the media will continue as critical mass awareness is being reached on the issues that are challenging systemic corruption. But with March Against Monsanto planning more than 600 solidarity events worldwide with an estimated 3.6 million people pledging participation, it is also safe to assume that no amount of censorship is going to keep that awareness from growing.


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ABOUT Lauren Berlekamp


Lauren Berlekamp is a news curator of EcoWatch. She completed her BS in Journalism, with a focus in Public Relations, and minored in Popular Culture at Bowling Green State University.

With her multimedia background and over a decade of experience using online communication platforms, Berlekamp enjoys observing trends and cultivating network strategies that imitate the rhythm of natural ecosystems.

As her media experience grew, Lauren worked as a social media consultant and independently produced both music and public affairs radio programming through her affiliation with the Bowling Green State University campus radio station, WBGU-FM.

Lauren is certified in Permaculture Design. She has participated in health awareness initiatives through the application of the design principles for a variety of sustainability projects, most of which create support for holistic local food systems.

As a social entrepreneur, Lauren remains focused on providing insight and solutions to compliment the growing movement of sustainable businesses and organizations committed to the resilience of the Earth and its ecology.

Facebook has worldwide

Facebook has worldwide recognition but how long are users going to put up with censorship? Facebook can delete messages but as more people become aware of its censorship through twitter, linkedin, etc. it will loose credibility. Is Mark Zuckerberg going over to the dark side, doing the bidding of the corporatocracy?

I knew it! I knew it all

I knew it! I knew it all along! Facef**k is nothing more than a way to gather info about us. Friends, real ones, not virtual ones, keep telling me it's so useful, such a handy way to 'keep in touch' with everyone. Yeah right!
I know fine well that everything we put out on the net is scrutinized by the powers that be, including personal emails. So be wary, folks, be very wary what you tell about yourself and others. We can still keep using the internet for actions etc. just keep personal info out of it.

This is utterly shocking, and

This is utterly shocking, and yet, not surprising at the same time. So we don't even have any internet free press as well as corporate-owned propaganda press. This is truly scary and everyone should be outraged by this. Do these people who are sudden billionaires totally forget that America was supposed to be a shining example to the world as to what it mean to be a free speech country. Every day they suppress us a little more. What's it going to take to end this suppression and take this country back for ourselves.

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