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FDA Quietly Pushes Through Genetically Modified Salmon Over Christmas Break

Anthony Gucciardi
Natural Society / Video Report
Published: Thursday 27 December 2012
“These fish of course threaten the very genetic integrity of the food chain when considering the fact that they will ultimately be unleashed into waters with other salmon and likely even the ocean at large.”

While you were likely resting or enjoying time with friends and family over the Christmas break, the United States Food and Drug Administration was hard at work ramming through genetically modified salmon towards the final acceptance process. Despite the frankenfish actually being blocked by Congress last year over serious health and environmental concerns, the FDA is making a massive push to release the genetically modified salmon into the world as the FDA-backed biotech giant and creator of the fish AquaAdvantage screams for profits.

These fish of course threaten the very genetic integrity of the food chain when considering the fact that they will ultimately be unleashed into waters with other salmon and likely even the ocean at large. The AquaAdvantage genetically modified salmon have been engineered through genetic manipulation to grow double the size and weight of the average salmon. Hitting 24 inches instead of 13 and weighing in at 6.6 pounds instead of 2.8, the GM fish contains both a gene from another salmon known as the  Pacific Chinook as well as an eel-like fish.

This unnatural genetic infusion allows the fish to generate a growth hormone 24/7, making it a massively mutated ball of growth hormones and disease.

Genetically Modified Salmon Threaten Genetic Stability of Food Chain

In the event that awareness is not spread and Congress allows the FDA to approve AquaAdvantage’ GM salmon, it will become the first approved GM animal for growth and human consumption.

Modified salmon will mate with regular breeds, creating hybrid mutations that may likely never be tracked. Hybrid families that may continue to repopulate for generations, all containing modified genes. After being consumed by predators like sharks or others, the sharks are then affected by the genetically modified fish through the development of various health conditions conditions. In mice trials alone it was found that eating GMOs triggered mass tumors and early death in the animals — and that’s just cropsGenetically modified crops are concerning enough, but are much less complex than animals.

The fact of the matter is that no one truly knows the long term effects of GM crops, let alone GM animals. But hey, why not test it out on the public? After all, who cares? It’s not like the FDA will do anything to Monsanto despite the numerous studies linking GMOs to disease. Instead, they just say it’s pseudo science and that only FDA-backed ‘science’ is worth anything. Forget the fact that the only lifelong rat study done on GMOs found it led to tumor development.

So what can we do?

There are a number of methods here, but first and foremost the word needs to be spread far and wide that genetically modified salmon is being pushed through by the FDA. People despise GM products on average, with 90 plus percent in favor of at least labeling. In addition, there is a petition going around to send to politicians to ask them to stop this approval as they did in 2011.

Ultimately, it comes down to opposition. If enough people know this is coming and are very upset about it, they will have trouble ramming it through. That’s why they announce these things over Christmas weekend. They don’t want anyone to even hear about it — they want to make it harder to popularize since hardly anyone saw it.

We can beat this as we did back in 2011, and the FDA knows it. Their dirty tactics are not effective in the technological age in which the transfer of information is more powerful than ever. Share this news and spread the word. Block genetically modified salmon from getting put on your dinner table without any labels.

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ABOUT Anthony Gucciardi

Anthony is an accomplished investigative journalist whose articles have appeared on top news sites and have been read by millions worldwide. A health activist and researcher, Anthony’s goal is informing the public as to how they can use natural methods to revolutionize their health, as well as exploring the behind the scenes activity of the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA.

We will not benefit from

We will not benefit from eating GMO's of anykind.
But the Companies w$ll.

"AquaAdvantage’ GM salmon" is

"AquaAdvantage’ GM salmon" is this the same dead animal (not sure it is a fish) that Wally World labels and markets as 'salmon'? Since I moved to WV 20 years ago I have only eaten one fish that even came close to the flavor I remember of salmon from Crescent City, CA and I got it from, of all places, Shoneys. A week later I went back for more but although advertised as Pacific Salmon it was that mystery meat from Walmart. I'd rather eat possum.

Factkneader is accurate in

Factkneader is accurate in his description of the situation, I believe. All of the other comment sound to me like hysterical rants. The artcle itself is vague in describing the GM salmon as containing genes from an 'eel-like fish' what fish is that? just curious. And the article mentioned observed tumors in a rat study where rats are fed GM feed? where's the citation to the literature describing this study? I do believe all GMO's should go thru extensive safety studies before release for human consumption, and all GM food should be labelled as such so consumers can decide for themselves.

The folks at AquaAdvantage

The folks at AquaAdvantage and at the FDA that are stealthily pushing this through and actually PLANNING to RELEASE GMO salmon into the wild, deserve to have their own genome altered to produce growth hormone 24/7. It would probably cause them to look like that fat lady that is pushing a half ton of body weight, and bring their lives to a painful and rapid end. I disagree with Factkneader that the GMO salmon would not out-compete wild salmon - how many humans could compete against a giant twice our size for a scarce food resource and potential mates. If the frankenfish go free, our only hope is that the bears will like them better than the smaller wild fish, and join the humans in hunting them out of existance - hard to do when the eggs are fertilized externally - after the female & male frankenfish make their respective deposits, the death of their parents has no impact on the survival chances of the fry. And Ron in NM may have a hard time finding any place in the world that will have salmon with uncontaminated genes. People who want to preserve the original salmon genomes will be forced to try to raise the wild genomes in fish farms to prevent them from being contaminated, which will likely be very difficult if not impossible to do.

It is very unlikely that

It is very unlikely that there will be any affect on the native salmon population even if a few modified fish escape from fish farms. Natural selection has operated over thousands of generations to determine the optimum size and growth rate for wild species. If there had been any selective advantage in the characteristics transmitted to the commercial fish, mutations would have installed them in the wild genome long ago.

I would be less concerned about the dangers in eating these engineered fish than about dosing on the many "natural" herbal remedies which profit motivated companies foist on naive consumers. Many are simply useless (most "enzyme" preparations) and many contain an assortment of mother nature's own poisonous alkaloids as naturally selected insecticides. Evolution certainly didn't select them to benefit man. Remember, strychnine is all natural!

So why do you think the gmo

So why do you think the gmo producers spend so much money to keep labels off of their products? And do you think the gmo salmon is not for profit?

But of course. The FDA is

But of course. The FDA is owned, lock, stock and barrel by the criminal profit-makers with absolutely no concern for WE, the PEOPLE and our health and the safety of our foods. All they care about is the almighty dollar - and - it's allowed by the administration. NO ONE has the balls to stand up and say NO! Least of all our administration. They won't even allow WE the PEOPLE to know what is in the food we buy. WE have to be told what our pillows are made of, what fiber content is in most of our clothing, what our mattresses and blankets are made of. BUT - - we are not allowed to be told what is in our food.



HEY MARSONE! Please turn off

HEY MARSONE! Please turn off "all caps".

I really resent this. I think

I really resent this. I think the FDA is totally worthless to the general welfare of the public. They have too many ties to the industries they should be regulating.

If this goes through, and genetically modified foods don't have to be labeled, then I'll just find another source for my Omega-3s. Up till now, I've consumed at least one salmon meal a week, but I can't trust the industry or the FDA when they assure me these GMO foods are safe. Maybe they are, but it hasn't been proven, and plants and animals are being modified just to increase the profits of the industries involved. To me, that's no guarantee I can trust.

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