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Four Big Oil Companies Are Members Of ALEC Task Forces

Rebecca Leber
Think Progress / News Report
Published: Monday 7 May 2012
“ALEC’s agenda includes crafting legislation that kills carbon pricing and renewable energy targets, turns over public lands, and prevents fracking disclosure laws, among other harmful laws.”
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The American Legislative Exchange Council’s anti-environment agenda is fueled by none other than Big Oil companies, which sit on ALEC’s “task forces.”

The watchdog group Common Cause published ALEC’s full member list, revealing four of the five major oil companies behind the group’s anti-environment legislation. These four oil companies — Shell, BP, Chevron, and ExxonMobil — are also the four most profitable, taking a combined $30.6 billion profits in just three months this year.

Koch Industries, ubiquitous in funding right-wing causes, is also one of ALEC’s corporate members, while ConocoPhillips has its own history of funding the group.

ALEC’s agenda includes crafting legislation that kills carbon pricing and renewable energy targets, turns over public lands, and prevents fracking disclosure laws, among other harmful laws.

The latest chapter of Big Oil shaping local and state laws occurs later this week, where state legislators from 15 oil and gas states will meet with oil and gas companies presenting a fossil-fueled vision for the future.

Buy Citgo gas. No taxpayer

Buy Citgo gas. No taxpayer subsidies and nationalized oil. The way it should be throughout the U.S. and the world. Oil should belong to and profit the citizens that own it through the Commonwealth.

We need more oversight for

We need more oversight for oil companies-government needs to penalize these companies more stifly- These corp are having record profits and very little of the profits go into technologies to more effectively clean up after oil spills like the recent BP oil spill - it's obscene that they get away with this- we need to hike up the penalties-make it painful enough that they divest funding to avoid the spllis-In addition, we need to move to green energy- oil companies are like old vampires sucking the life out of our planet. We need to kill them with a silver bullet i.e. invest in alternative fuel, reduce our oil comsumption etc..

Poisoning and Pillaging the

Poisoning and Pillaging the Planet for PROFIT -- Big Oil.

Historical, Obscene, Record Profits with NO Tax Liabilities!

Keep the Taxpayer Subsidies/Corporate Welfare Flowing!

Boycott OIL!

Boycott OIL!

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