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Four Dollars For a Gallon of Water? The Dream of Monsanto and Other Corporations Wanting To Privatize Water

Sarka-Jonae Miller
Natural News / News Analysis
Published: Wednesday 18 April 2012
“Companies, brokers and billionaires are buying up groundwater rights and aquifers. Groundwater is necessary for agriculture and more water is needed to meet a growing demand for food.”
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Four dollars for a gallon of gas is ridiculous enough, but $4 for a gallon of water could someday became a reality, that is if oil tycoons like T. Boone Pickens and water bottling companies have their way. Privatization of water in which companies control the public's water sources and free water is a thing of the past appears to be what Pickens and corporations such as Monsanto, Royal Dutch Shell, and Nestle are banking on to increase their vast fortunes.

Companies, brokers and billionaires are buying up groundwater rights and aquifers. Groundwater is necessary for agriculture and more water is needed to meet a growing demand for food. Many countries have already over-pumped their groundwater to feed increasing local populations. Combine this with climate changes and an ever-increasing strain on water resources due to a rapidly growing world population and you have got a future where water is called "blue gold" because of its scarcity and high cost.

Bleak future

The Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development estimates that half the world's population will reside in areas with significant water stress by 2030. According to a government report entitled Global Water Security, the demand for water will be 40 percent above sustainable water supplies with needs around 6,900 billion cubic meters due to population growth. By 2025, the world's population will likely exceed 8 billion people.

Private corporations already own 5 percent of the world's fresh water. Australia is an excellent example of a country already suffering from multiple water droughts. Farmers are selling water rights to brokers, unaware of the long-term effects.

The United States is by no means immune to these plots. Royal Dutch Shell owns groundwater rights in Colorado and oil tycoon Pickens is buying up all he can in Texas. He owns more water than any other person in the U.S. His plan is to sell the water owns, around 65 billion gallons annually, to Dallas and other major cities affected by droughts. Pickens hopes to profit off of desperation, saying "There are people who will buy the water when they need it. And the people who have the water want to sell it. That's the blood, guts, and feathers of the thing." He also owns a massive wind farm in the area and natural gas resources, but has admitted that he is no environmentalist, only an entrepreneur who goes where the money is.

Stopping the madness

The public might not even be able to rely on the government to do the right thing and protect everyone from private water owners buying up all the water and then selling it for as much as people are able to pay. Lawmakers in most states did not foresee water privatization because water was once plentiful. As such, in some cases the only people who legally have a right to stop water privatization plans are the people who reside on the water property. For Pickens and his land near the Ogallala Aquifer this means that he, his wife and three of his employees are the only people who have a say in his privatization plans, according to

The only way people can fight this despicable process is to refuse to support it. Water districts across the U.S. are refusing to purchase water from private companies. If Pickens, Monsanto and others have no one to sell the water to then they will give up. They are only in it for the money. No buyers means no profit.

ABOUT Sarka-Jonae Miller
Sarka-Jonae Miller is a health writer and novelist. She was certified as a personal fitness trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. She also worked as a massage therapist, group exercise instructor and assistant martial arts instructor.
Miller's premiere novel, "Between Boyfriends," was recently published.

I agree. Politicians have to

I agree. Politicians have to be pressed to stop this privatization of water. I think Bechtel managed to get water rights in Peru years ago didn't they? Then the people revolted as I vaguely recall because it was against the law to even save rainwater.

Nestle's also owns Poland

Nestle's also owns Poland Spring, Deer Park Nestle's Pure Life, and some other big names in bottles water. They are world wide suppliers of bottled water. Considering that in the old west they were many fights over this, it should not be a major surprise. Alternative Radio just aired a program about this problem recently. Based on past performance, I would not be trusting the government to fix the problem in our best interest.

New World Order, here we

New World Order, here we come. If it gets to this point, there will be and should be violence in the streets.

I think we need to go the

I think we need to go the civil disobedience route on all this crap their trying to shove down our throats!

This is when the serious

This is when the serious corporate ass-kicking starts. When they try to corner water I can't imagine ANYONE standing for it. Ever, anywhere.

We've got power in numbers!

We've got power in numbers! Please click this 1minute video :)

They can have all of mine

They can have all of mine they want when I'm through with it.

They can have all of mine

They can have all of mine they want when I'm through with it.

Jesse Venture had one of his

Jesse Venture had one of his Conspiracy theory episodes about this a few years back. G.H.W. Bush also has bought the land in Paraguay that has the world's second largest aquifers under it. Nestle's has rented land in Michigan for 99 years for mere pennies on the dollar and has already drained the Little and Big Au Sable rivers, wetlands on the west side of the state and is draining the great Lakes. Every time someone has an Ice Mountain bottle of water you can thank Nestle's for getting this water for the price of bottle costs for them, the rest is total prophet and the majority of the residents of Michigan have no clue.

Access to clean water, clean

Access to clean water, clean air and good soil are basic human rights, in my view. The land, the water and the air were here long before we even existed and are literally what keeps us alive.
That means no-one can 'own' these things. The plans of these corporations and other thieves are utterly despiccable and must be stopped now, before it's too late. New legislation may help here but, as stated in the article, refusal to buy is probably the most effective. And then there's civil disobedience... refusal to cooperate in any way with the perpetrators of such evil ways to make themselves even richer than they already are. Think about it, good people, but don't think too long...

Commericalizing needs (like

Commericalizing needs (like to air and water) creates an addictions industry.

And let's not overlook this

And let's not overlook this great tragedy where our great lakes are being bottled and sold to China...

When and how are we, the 99%,

When and how are we, the 99%, going to put a STOP to this kind of treason for profit? Our politicians are either spineless or in bed with these obscenely wealthy 'entrepreneurs'. It just keeps getting worse and the primary culprits are the rethuglicans and their brainwashed supporters...against their own interests and to their own demise eventually.

What T Boone Pickens is doing

What T Boone Pickens is doing should be stopped in its tracks - immediately. Water is becoming more precious than oil and is being shipped by enormous amounts overseas.

Pickens is draining ancient aquifers and selling the water. The aquifers cannot replenish -

And foreign investments are buying other aquifers -

We must stop this activity or we will be paying $4 a gallon for water !

Everyone should watch the

Everyone should watch the Canadian movie H2O, starring and produced by Paul Gross!

Check out CD, songs of Phil

Check out CD, songs of Phil Oches, What's that I Hear, for a song about Monsanto, guess they've been messing people over for a long time.

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