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GMO Cops: Biotech Giant Hires Former Cops to ‘Enforce Patents’

Anthony Gucciardi
Natural Society / News Report
Published: Friday 30 November 2012
Another term to describe these individuals may also be the ‘GMO Mafia’.
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A new private force of former police officers which I have dubbed ‘GMO Cops‘ will now be hunting down any farmer who is replanting biotech giant DuPont’s GM seeds to save their failing genetically modified harvest. That’s right, they’re literally seeking farmers who replant Roundup Ready soybeans who are in violation of DuPont’s patent. And as the second largest seed company in the world (second only to Monsanto), DuPont is hiring dozens of former cops and sending them across the entire continent of North America to track down farmers who haven’t paid up.

GMO Cops or The GMO Mafia?

Another term to describe these individuals may also be the ‘GMO Mafia‘. Literally sent to ‘protect sales’ and essentially shake down struggling farmers who may actually be replanting DuPont’s ‘patented seeds’ without paying the company in licensing fees, the GMO Cop Mafia’s mission statement is to ensure that “illegal beans” do not get planted. After all, if a farmer were able to replant these beans, then it may slightly make up for the horrible yields produced from the crops. The same yields that have been a major factor — if not the factor — in over a quarter of a million farmer suicides.

Farmers who lost everything after signing on to deceptive deals with the likes of Monsanto and other biotech companies.

The GMO Cops Mafia news also comes literally just 24 hours after it was revealed that GM cotton crops fell by at least 40% according to mainstream government reports. Similar news has been making the headlines about GM corn, which is being absolutely ravaged by heavily ‘mutated’ rootworms that are resistant to the pesticide-producing capabilities of the GMO crops. Pesticide producing GMOs that ultimately end up in your stomach.

It should come as no surprise that DuPont also fell 5.6% this year in the stock market.

So perhaps DuPont has realized that they better start shaking down their clients now before their empire ultimately collapses along with Monsanto. And if it’s not resistant rootworms, horrendous failures to yield, or a disturbingly high rate of farmer suicide, its the numerous country-wide bans on GMOs that continue to be announced each month. From Russia to Peru (which passed a monumental 10 year ban), GM crops are effectively being phased out of the international food supply.

The bottom line, it seems, is that DuPont is out to get every last penny before the company faces serious resistance. As one research professor told Bloomberg:

 “Farmers are never going to get cheap access to these genetically engineered varieties… the biotech industry has trumped the legitimate economic interests of the farmer again.”

But regardless of the GMO Cop Mafia, DuPont will not be able to weather the mass opposition to GM crops that is continually mounting on a grassroots level. Like their cohort Monsanto, even all of the political brute force in the world cannot save the

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ABOUT Anthony Gucciardi

Anthony is an accomplished investigative journalist whose articles have appeared on top news sites and have been read by millions worldwide. A health activist and researcher, Anthony’s goal is informing the public as to how they can use natural methods to revolutionize their health, as well as exploring the behind the scenes activity of the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA.

In a Washington Post article

In a Washington Post article i read about 17 months ago this was written:

(pretty near a quote. Figures are exact)

"Managers from Monsanto found that a fish dipped into a nearby creek died within ten seconds. It bled profusely and it's skin peeled as though it had been dipped in boiling water. Fish in a nearby creek were found to contain over 3,500 times the allowable levels of contaminant (PCBs @ Anniston Ala - brad) Internal memos reveal that managers decided not to change their discharge practices, or notify the local communities, stating: "we need every dollar of business we can get".

They did the same basic thing at Nitro WV in making Agent Orange. And they get away with it because they have (Monsanto/subsidiaries) about 34 employees emplaced in key positions in govt. Despite promising to label GMOs in his first campaign, that liar Obama APPOINTED Michael Taylor - Monsanto employee extraordinaire - AGAIN to a key position in the FDA, where he keeps lying to the public about GMO safety and it's (totally disproven) "near equivalence" to real food.

Monsanto's contract basically

Monsanto's contract basically reinstates the feudal farming system. If they find ONE GMO contaminated plant on your property/crop, they have been given EVERY bit of that crop by our "justice" system. Even if the other plants do not have contamination. All the profit for that crop "belongs" to Monsanto too.

It's not like Monsanto invented genetics. They take the best of the best germplasm and in a really stupid move change a few genes (in literally uncontrollable and unpredictable ways) and claim the ENTIRE DNA STRAND!

The only reason they could do this may be Clarence Thomas who voted for gene patenting on the Supreme Court. Of course he used to be a lawyer for Monsanto. He is PROVEN to be dishonest as he filed taxes for 10 years stating that his wife stayed at home and made no income. Unknown to him, she was a lobbyist making lots of money each year. The laws of our country REQUIRE that he be investigated so that we can be assured the infraction was NOT illegal and that we can trust his decisions. Surprisingly, he STILL is not scheduled for his mandatory investigation. Hmmmm The FIX is in.

. . I don't agree with their

. . I don't agree with their policies. . . I'm a small gardener.... and I mean small about 3/4 feet by 16/20 feet...I always save the last tomato for the seeds for next're saying I can't do that ?? It's normal to save seeds from one year to the next. "I find it abnormal not to be sble to save or use last years seeds"
For a business policy it is wrong - once you buy something it's supposedly yours
. . If you buy a new car this year - - You can't use it next year ????
....I had cucumber seeds left over from last year..planted them - they grew......

Where's Kevin Folta?

Where's Kevin Folta? hahahaha

He got his blood money from

He got his blood money from big ag once prop 37 was defeated. He successfully scared the shit out of 52% of Cowardlyfornia. His job is done. Hell has a special place for guys like him.



The top management of Du Pont

The top management of Du Pont & Monsanto should be tried for crimes against humanity, & locked up.

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