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GMO Soy Repeatedly Linked to Sterility, Infant Mortality, Birth Defects

Lisa Garber
Natural Society / News Analysis
Published: Saturday 12 January 2013
GMO studies with troubling results are cropping up worldwide.
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The genetically modified crop soybean grown on 91 percent of US soybean fields is repeatedly attributed to devastating reproductive and birth defects in animal studies. Nevertheless, the powers that be—in both the private and public spheres—continue to allow Americans to shovel GMO soy onto their dinner tables.

Rats Fed GMO Soy Experience Reproductive Difficulties, Hairy Mouths

Russian biologist Alexey V. Surov and his team fed three generations of hamsters varying diets (one without soy, one with non-GM soy, one with GMO soy, and the final with higher amounts of GMO soy). By the third generation, the pups from the fourth group suffered a high mortality rate and most of the adults were infertile or sterile.

Earlier in 2010, Surov co-authored a paper in Doklady Biological Sciences, recording the incidence of hair growing in recessed pouches in the mouths of hamsters, most prominently in those of third-generation hamsters fed GM soy. “This pathology may be exacerbated by elements of the food that are absent in natural food, such as genetically modified (GM) ingredients (GM soybean or maize meal) or contaminants (pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals, etc.).”

Just five years earlier, Irina Ermakova (also with the Russian National Academy of Sciences) noted in her study that within three weeks, over half of the babies from mother rats fed GM soy died—over five times the mortality rate in the non-GMO soy control group. The pups from the GM group were also smaller. Later, Ermakova fed all the rats in her laboratory a GM soy diet. Two months later, the infant mortality rate reached 55 percent. The testicles of male rats fed a GM diet, where once pink, turned blue.

Both Farmers and the Environment Suffering

GMO studies with troubling results are cropping up worldwide. The Austrian government released a study in 2008 that found that mice fed GM corn produced fewer and smaller babies than those fed a non-GM diet. Everyday farmers—like Jerry Rosman—are even beginning to notice that US pigs and cows fed GM diets are becoming sterile. Even corncob bedding could be partly to blame for strange reproductive habits (or rather, the lack of such habits) in rats, as discovered by Baylor College of Medicine researchers. They also found that the GM corn material contained compounds that curtailed male sexual behavior, stopped the sexual cycle in females, and contributed to breast and prostate cancer call growth in cultures.

We need only to look at nature to see the devastation GMOs and Big Ag wreck. The environment cries out in the form of polluted waterresistant insects, and ravaged crops and low yield over time.

What Skeptics are Saying

Like the other studies listed here, Surov’s met a storm of criticism—sometimes even rightfully so.

In reference to another GM study, Mark Tester, a research professor at the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics at the University of Adelaide asks, “If the effects are as big as purported, and if the work really is relevant to humans, why aren’t the North Americans dropping like flies? GM has been in the food chain for over a decade over there—and longevity continues to increase inexorably.”

Sadly, North Americans are dropping like flies. Well, sort of. Genetically modified foods and related technology, like Monsanto’s Roundup, are quite often linked to significant organ disruptionsterilityimpotence, and even obesity, one of the American public’s weightiest topics. While the contributors to those conditions, even in animal studies, can hardly be attributed to GMOs alone, they should not so eagerly be cast out of consideration.

In fact, Surov himself warns against jumping to conclusions. “It is quite possible that the GMO does not cause these effects by itself,” but may also be influenced by the herbicide Roundup (found in greater levels in Roundup Ready GM crops).

To be fair, many critics of these studies have reasonable points. There are factors in Surov’s and others’ studies worth scrutinizing, such as the breed and strain of animal used. King’s College London’s head of nutritional sciences research division, Tom Sanders, notes that Gilles-Eric Seralini of the University of Caen—in a French study that found rats fed Roundup-doused GMOs or given water contaminated with Roundup died earlier than those on other diets—didn’t provide data on how much the rats were fed. “This strain of rat is very prone to mammary tumors particularly when food intake is not restricted.” Moreover, David Spiegelalter of the University of Cambridge criticized Seralini’s control arm of the study, in which most subjects also developed tumors.

But even with the criticism, it doesn’t change the fact that GMOs are simply not proven safe by any means, and are being approved for human consumption prematurely.

Both Parties Guilty of Bad Science

Statistics can be turned and science performed badly, but this sword has two edges. The very scholars, researchers, and scientists accusing Seralini, Surov, and Ermakova of bad science are often guilty of advocating the widespread cultivation and consumption of genetically modified material after nodding at or performing themselves 90-day trials, assuming that the absence of side effects in what isn’t even a generation for a rat is evidence of safety in lifetime consumption by humans. Many, no doubt, are patted on the back for speaking against anti-GM movements by Big Agriculture and even the US government, repeated found deep in bed with industry.

It’s not like Big Ag and the government are making it easy to believe them when they say GMOs are safe to eat. Here are just a few examples of their sketchy past.

  • Monsanto bought out a research firm that pointed its finger at herbicides in colony collapse.
  • Processed food manufacturers and GMO firms contributed millions of dollars against GMO food labeling in Proposition 37, and were helped out by the Food and Drug Administration…
  • Which makes sense because, once-VP and lawyer of Monsanto is the chief commissioner of foods at the FDA. He was also a US Department of Agriculture commissioner.

In Ermakova’s case, mysterious hands burned paper on her desk and stole samples from her laboratory; her boss, under pressure from his superior, told her to stop researching GMOs. Patents on GMOs and contracts forced upon farmers make it even more difficult to perform studies unless paid for by Big Ag itself.

“We have no right to use GMOs until we understand the possible adverse effects, not only to ourselves but to future generations as well,” says Surov. “We definitely need fully detailed studies to clarify this. Any type of contamination has to be tested before we consume it, and GMO is just one of them.”

Ok. All you guys that keep

Ok. All you guys that keep talking about the 'science' of it and 'peer reviewed' articles and other nonsense. Shut up about the 'science' of it. It's a choice issue.

All ANYONE (including all you 'scientists' yeah right!) need to know is NOT what some 'peer reviewed' BS says.

Don't want it, don't need it. That's all you need to know. Who cares why!! Because! That's why! I simply don't want it. Millions of people DON'T WANT IT! The science of it all be damned! I don't trust that it's good for me, I think the people making GMOs do NOT have my best interests at heart (for ex. my health). I don't trust them and I want to know if that garbage is in the food I buy. I am not being unreasonable. All of you 'scientists' do the same when you buy a car, or a house or whatever. You buy those things from (as far as you can tell) honest, people using transparent practices otherwise you wouldn't buy the said item.

Shut up about science. TLJENSON probably hasn't read a study in his life and now with this issue these 'studies' are all of a sudden the basis of his retarded decision??!! It makes you wonder how the food gets from his plate to his mouth!

No more talk about science ok?

I really getting tired of all

I really getting tired of all the stupid arguments made on this site about GMO's there basing this article on ONE STUDY, in RUSSIA of all places. That isn't good science, you have to independently replicate a study for it to be valid. DUH!!! Dam woo woo liberal crap!

I am very liberal, I am democratic socialist, and don't buy into liberal pseudoscience. Science is science whether you on the right or left politically.

The whole GMO's are dangerous until we know more is BS, reminds me of the anti-vaccination crowd. They just keep moving the goal posts, justify their BS theory. The scientific majority have no problems with GMO's.

Anti-GMO's is to the left as Global Warming is to the right. The right does the same thing with Global Warming by sighting a few studies and saying we don't know enough to worry about global warming, before we give up on fossil fuels.

bcbossarte's picture

Your either working for the

Your either working for the man or are very ignorant of the facts. Wish it was just one study. There are hundreds coming in from all parts of the world. What do they have to gain by publishing their results? I am not going to do your obviously needed research on this. Just read the book "Seeds of Destruction". It will get you started....if you can handle the truth.

To state on one hand that

To state on one hand that GMOs are the substantial equivalent of real food, and then to say they are so unique as to qualify for patenting. . . .

GMO's fail on EVERY level, even if they WERE safe, and Monsanto's own "science" proves toxicity to human organs.

There are hundreds of dead Americans from the first GMO product foisted off on us: Showa Denko's l-tryptophan. In addition to the approx 125 people killed outright by the GMO l-tryptophan, there are (like my bud) about a thousand people who have permanent Central Nervous System and immune system damage. There were an estimated 10,000 or so people with temporary CNS damages.

The ONLY reason we knew that the GMO l-tryptophan was guilty was because the onset of symptoms was virtually immediate, was extremely painful, damaging, and required immediate treatment, and thus was able to be tracked.

A risk anyone wants to take? Consider this then: NOT ONE of the promises of how GMOs would be better has come to pass. Less herbicide/pesticide? Wrong - it requires more. Drought tolerance? Nope, that is standard breeding, not GMO. Viral protection? Well they got ONE there in the Hawaiian mango(?) papaya(?) crop - but there are NON-GMO trees with the same viral resistance. Higher nutrition? Worse nutrition. Saline tolerant? None, but standard varieties are available w/saline resistance. Medicine in foods? What idiot would want that? Put an expensive patented drug into an expensive patented seed, and have broccoli that is going to kill someone that "needs" to take another medication? That's brilliant. (not) GMOs cheaper? Hell no, and farmers lose their rights. Actually becoming a slight variant on feudal servitude if they sign a Monsanto/GMO contract. Horizontal Gene Transfer not going to happen? It has. Superweeds impossible? They are here, including GMO crops themselves becoming superweeds. No need to hand pick weeds? Gotta do it now.

In short there is not one legitimate reason to risk the proven damages of this technology.

By the way, this is the same crooked patent office that GAVE away Dr Stanislaw Burzinski's anti-neoplaston therapy patents to a drug company for ???? Dr B got them back, but still, can one say corporate control of the patent office? When a job w/Kmart or McDumpster will force you to give them the rights to ANY idea you come up when working (and for a couple years after) for them? Yeah, patenting is NOT proof of any valid thing.

Did the GMO corporations invent DNA? No. They take the best of the best germplasm and change a couple little things with unknowable and uncontrollable results, program antibiotic resistance into it every time, feed it to inhumane, unhealthy, and bad quality CFAO food systems where the antibiotics are literally fed by the ton, and you have the perfect recipe for developing antibiotic resistance.

With the kidney and liver cell necrosis (death), with fertility issues, with endocrine system disruption, increased diabetes, etc. NONE of these issues are going to be immediate, intense, and obvious. We could actually have FAR MORE deaths being caused by GMOs but unaware of them simply because the etiology is not clear and instant.

When I was a kid I never knew

When I was a kid I never knew there is such a thing as fertility clinic, neither did my parents. How many of them are there now, they are absolutely everywhere. I will try not to stray to too far from GMO topic but GMOs are just one small part of the bigger problem. Monsanto sued hundreds of farmers when their crops got contaminated through no fault of their own. 250.000 farmers in India committed suicide when bt cotton crops failed to materialize. The number is correct, Google it please if you don't believe me. 'EndTheIllusion' above made comment about Californian's showing their collective wisdom... are you sure about that? 6 million votes in California went 'missing', there is more to that story that meets the eye friend. Wherever you look, whichever continent you look GMOs have been a failure with disastrous consequences. In US, their countryside is under siege by pesticide resistant weed that nothing can kill any longer. They are spraying their countryside with Agent Orange - chemical weapon from Vietnam war. Is that what you want on your dinner plate? What will happen in 5 years time when weed becomes resistant to that?! Where is the study to determine consequences of that stuff entering food chain? Where is the study to determine the effect on the countryside and nature around it? There isn't one so I guess let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. Learn on America's example, damage to their countryside is irrepearable and irreversible. If GMOs are so good then why are biotec companies spending absolute fortune hiding it from us. What is wrong with having a freedom to choose? For the first time in history, there are 4 bodies that work together - government, legal system, biotec and pharma companies with the same purpose - to put you in hospital using any means necessary. What will it take for people to wake up? Don't give me that 'what can I do' nonsense, please. You have the power in your wallet to make the choice, however small and insignificant you may think it is. The only way forward is to stick together, make a conscious decision and say NO to GMOs. Some people say that organic food is expensive. Fair enough, then spend your money on medication and hospital bills instead. Let me know how much is that going to cost you.

Amen, Why is there a

Amen, Why is there a concerted effort to keep the long term effects of GMO food consumption a secret? Why is it that Societies that share the medical costs of all citizens have tabooed GMO foods from their tables? Peddler of GMOs are selling us poison with out having to face any consequences as long there is silence. Greed trumps reason in silence!

bcbossarte's picture

US patent law allowed

US patent law allowed exclusive patent rights on GMOs or seeds on the argument that they were uniquely altered, or say substantially transformed. The law again sided with them under the Bush 1992 ruling that their GMO crops were 'substantially equivalent' to ordinary crops, not "substantially transformed, " hence no need to label. So they are different to get the patent but not to get the no labeling, see anything wrong here? Surely everyone must see that they got cake and are eating it too!
The justice system is bought just like most of our elected officials. We should be focused on banning GMOs like other countries because we know they are making us sick. But the AMA , and big pharmaceuticals will dig into their pockets to fight that as they make their living off all us being sick .
When PBB was added into animal feed (accidently), it contaminated over 8 million people in Michigan. It was the farmers who dropped their dead cows on the state capitol steps that finally got enough media attention to force elected officials to do something. It took 9 months before action was taken and millions where poisoned in the mean time and it effects on untold future generations is like a ticking time bomb. Watch the movie " Bitter Harvest".
It is very simple to find the truth about a topic: FOLLOW THE MONEY!
What do these independent scientists have to gain by finding the
results they are showing? Nothing! Who stands to loose financially? Monsanto and other big corporations. Follow the dots, it is people fighting for their environment and health against actions like the coal trains, XL oil pipeline, mountain top strip mining , the list goes on and on all the while our elected officials take the money from the elites . They do not care about us, believe it and start dealing with it!
If you want to understand the "big picture" planned for agriculture please read the book "Seeds of Destruction". And then start praying for karma!

The people of California

The people of California showed their collective wisdom when they voted against proposition 37 , which would have mandated labeling of any GMOs in the food you eat. The people of California basically said "I do not want to know what is in my food".

As long as the sheep keep voting against their own best interests, the corporations will keep growing their dominance over the masses.

Please take the time to watch

Please take the time to watch the Jerry Rosman interview. It is long but stunning. We need to support more farmers like Jerry in their independent research.

not that I'm a gmo fan but,

not that I'm a gmo fan but, where are the references to the peer-reviewed articles off-handedly mentioned here?? I would like to read the original papers. seems the gmo opponents have not supplied references in any of the articles I've seen that oppose gmo's. the gmo manufacturers have not provided proof of safety either. this is ridiculous

@Dave Moff - Here's an

@Dave Moff - Here's an article you should read with a fitting title:

Let's stick to the topic of GMOs only.

So let's scrap soy from ur

So let's scrap soy from ur diets!

If it's true that GMOs are

If it's true that GMOs are causing sterility and early deaths among humans, the animals that are destroying the Earth as a viable habitat, isn't that a good thing?

Especially if it's done in time?

No, because the elite,

No, because the elite, megalomaniacal assholes whose world views and greed have been driving the degradation of the planet don't eat GMO foods. They eat organic while funding GMOs for the masses. Bill Gates case in point.

Worth noting, I think, that

Worth noting, I think, that soybeans of any variety have a high level of plant estrogens. When consumed by men they can have a large number of serious side effects, weight gain among them.

The soybean was highly touted as a "health food" for decades". I believe that should be re-examined.

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