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GMOs: The Walking Dead of the Food Industry

Fritz Kreiss
Nurse Degree / Infographic
Published: Saturday 20 April 2013
This huge industry has been infectious to farmers, restaurants and government officials everywhere, and while many times they are unsure about what they are doing in the beginning it’s almost impossible to get rid of such an infectious virus such as Monsanto’s GMO industry once the whole system is infected.

If you look at the prevalence of GMOs in our food industry and government and at how the genetic engineering industry itself behaves, you may find it seems remarkably similar to a “zombie apocalypse”.  This huge industry has been infectious to farmers, restaurants, and government officials everywhere, and while many times they are unsure about what they are doing in the beginning it’s almost impossible to get rid of such an infectious virus such as Monsanto’s GMO industry once the whole system is infected.  And considering the “Monsanto Protection Act” that was recently signed into law, I also have to wonder if they’ve been eating our brains all along (note: many GMO products and related pesticides are known neurotoxins that can reduce mental functioning including IQ and cause or exacerbate a variety of diseases and conditions).  So, let’s take a look at the numbers:

GMO: Genetically Modified Organisms engineered from DNA of different species of plant, animal, bacterial, and viral genes. [1]

  • Global Area of GMO crops:170.1 million hectares [2]
  • Area of Alaska: 171.7 million hectares [3]
  • 70: percentage of items in American food stores containing GMOs [4]
  • 0: percentage of items in American food stores containing GMOs prior to 1996 [5]
  • 50: nations (including all EU countries) restricting or banning GMO production/sales [6]
  • In the US: FDA ruled GMOs not significantly different from naturally occurring foods
  • Approval based on studies conducted by GMO manufacturers themselves [6]
  • 87: percentage of consumers who want foods containing GMOs to be labeled
  • 53: percentage of Americans who would refuse to buy genetically modified food
  • 80: percentage of conventionally processed food containing GMOs in the US – labeling not required
  • GMOs are manufactured for herbicide tolerance, particularly to glyphosate (RoundUp). Some negative effects:
  • Glyphosate builds up in the soil, contaminating it. [7]
  • Weeds resistant to glyphosate develop, spawning super weeds. [7]
  • 1: breeds of weeds resistant to glyphosate (ryegrass found in Australia) prior to 2010
  • 6: US states where glyphosate-resistant weeds have been reported in the past three years [8]
  • 1500%: increase in herbicide production since GMOs introduced [7]
  • Signing of “Monsanto Protection Act” prevents government restrictions on GMO food found to cause health risks [6]
  • One corn GMO type threatened to wipe out Monarch butterfly larvae by contaminating milkweed [8]
  • “None of the genetically modified food crops currently on the market offer benefits to consumers in terms of price, nutrition, or new products.” [8]
  • Over 40 genetically modified crops are allowed to be sold in the US. [8]
  • GMOs make it possible for allergens in one food type to emerge in a completely different species. [8]
  • GMOs found to transfer genetically altered DNA into the DNA of bacteria living in the human stomach, reproducing indefinitely. [9]
  • GMOs can contaminate existing species being grown organically. [9]
  • GMO producers can actually sue farmers whose crops are infected by GMO contaminates for intellectual property theft. [9]
  • As evidenced by the percentage of crops containing GMOs, producers like Monsanto have a virtual monopoly on the US farming industry. [10]

Top foods containing GMOs

  • Sugar Beets (95% of US crop)
  • Soy (94% of US crop)
  • Canola (90% of US crop)
  • Cotton (90% of US crop)
  • Corn (88% of US crop) [9]

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ABOUT Fritz Kreiss

Fritz Kreiss is the founding head of Occupy Monsanto. He has a history in natural health, nutrition, herbal medicine, Eastern Medicine, acupuncture, kinesiology, physiology, and many years of practice as a professional massage therapist and teacher.

This is the most horrific act

This is the most horrific act imaginable. Corporate greed and the fact that their money manipulates the puppet strings of our government has rendered the American population as hapless, helpless victims. We are slowly waking up, but I fear not enough people are waking up fast enough. My other fear is that since I live in France and the EU so far has fought American pressure to accept GMO's, the power of the almighty Ugly American will ultimately win, forcing the EU to fall into the same cesspool. Our poor children.

Forget terrorists, asteroids

Forget terrorists, asteroids and viruses, the ever-increasing lust for money is going to do us in. Monsanto says we need new technology to feed a hungry planet. But just like drinking seawater to quench thirst, eating gentically modified foods will not, in the end, save the planet from hunger. Non-industry-sponsored tests show that GMOs are harmful to life.

Isn't tinkering with our food supply considered a crime against humanity? Much of the world thinks so, and they are watching.

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