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GOP Rep Promotes Shutting Down the Government: It’s a ‘Good Thing’

Igor Volsky
Think Progress / News Report
Published: Monday 14 January 2013
Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., echoed a growing consensus within the Republican party, insisting that lawmakers should close the federal government or allow the U.S. to default on its debt if President Obama does not agree to drastic spending cuts.
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Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (TN) insisted that shutting down the government should be “on the table” as Congress and the Obama administration deal with passing a continuing resolution, raising the debt ceiling, and addressing the sequestration cuts.

Appearing on MSNBC on Monday, Blackburn echoed a growing consensus within the Republican party, insisting that lawmakers should close the federal government or allow the United States to default on its debt if President Obama does not agree to drastic spending cuts. “We are going to look at all of these options,” Blackburn insisted. “You know, there is the option of government shutdown. There is an option of raising the debt ceiling in short-term increments”:

CHRIS JANSING (HOST): [But are your constituents] willing to see the government shut down? Are you hearing that, Congresswoman?

BLACKBURN: Yes, they are. Yes, they are. But they want us to be thoughtful in what is done. And this is the good thing. You know, maybe it’s better to keep it open so we can keep cutting it. [...]

JANSING: Would you be willing if you don’t get the kind of cuts that you think are necessary, would you be willing to go into default or to shut down the government?

BLACKBURN: I think that there is a way to avoid default. If it requires shutting down certain portions of the government, let’s look at that. Let’s put these options on the table, be very thoughtful, but get this spending pattern broken. We cannot afford a $4 billion a day deficit and trillion dollar plus deficits every single year.

Jansing warned that should the government shutdown, the FBI would stop working, “prisons won’t operate, the court system closes, tax refunds won’t go out, the FAA would go off line.” But Blackburn dismissed these concerns by arguing that Republicans will set priorities for government spending and start eliminating “waste, fraud, and abuse.”

The line of thinking has caught fire with “more than half” of the Republican House caucus. As House Republican Conference Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) told Politico, “I think it is possible that we would shut down the government to make sure President Obama understands that we’re serious.” “We always talk about whether or not we’re going to kick the can down the road. I think the mood is that we’ve come to the end of the road.”

This is a great move if

This is a great move if you're shorting US treasuries, like this guy:

Why don't we call this what

Why don't we call this what it is: sedition.

So this is the way the people

So this is the way the people of Tennessee intend to punish the rest of the nation by sending this brainless twit to Washington to bring down the government. I consider all of the Republicans TRAITORS, especially the TeaParty morons because they have given their oath to protect the Constitution but are a FIFTH COLUMN doing everything that they can to bankrupt the government.The Republicans in congress are much more lethal than Al Qaeda and could make the World Trade Center attack look like childs-play. They are TRAITORS. There is no other way to say it. Hang them all starting witm Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Paul Ryan. Hang them all, and hang them HIGH.

Marsh, Marsha, Marsha ... you

Marsh, Marsha, Marsha ... you ignorant witch ... the Debt Ceiling needs to be raised to PAY FOR the crap the congress has already spent in the BS bills you pass to bring PORK back to your states. Why didn't you stupid conservative idiots "get fiscal religion" BEFORE you spent like Wall Street execs in a whorehouse !!

One thing is self-evident ... we can add the IQ points for the entire tea bagger congressional delegation and still have a SUB-NORMAL VALUE !!! Maybe we should pick and choose who to defund ... like the entire republican't delegation and all of their staff members. Then, we stop sending any Federal funds to any RED STATES who actually elected these MORONS !!!

Oh! By all means let us

Oh! By all means let us encourage the good Congresswoman. Let the tea bag doofuses in the house bring on shut down. The ensuing chaos should make for a fitting coup de grace for the tea bagger movement in general but most especially, it will make them utterly toxic in the house.

Would someone who actually

Would someone who actually was competent enough to hold that job please run against her? Seems she thinks HER OWN CHECK would continue to be paid... and her trips home... and her office staff... and her state's welfare payments... social security... medicaid... That is right... her own state would suffer more than the rest of us because they TAKE more from the federal government than the rest of us. Do you suppose her constituents know what a mentally bankrupt person they put into this job?

jackwenayscott's picture

Well, la dee dah, there IS a

Well, la dee dah, there IS a way to ace poor ole Jack! Yup, all ya haffta do is shut down the most powerful government in the world! Yeah, looks like the Republicans are about to stop my checks, Mother and I can hold out for a little while, I wonder how disabled Iraq veterans are seeing this, do sooner to they get a bandaid on their head and a VA check than the radical right wing finds a clever way to punish ME for refusing to lead the Nazi party of Washington State! But, listen to "Jack" FM radio for a minute, they declare, "Would anybody like to hold Jack while I beat the cr#p out of him?" (ya gotta understand, "Jack" in this isn't really a bad radio station, he's a bad man who refused to watch any television when he was a small boy) So, Libertarians Sumner Redstone (CBS) and Rupert Murdoch (FOX) swing the American voters to the opinion that stopping my checks would be just the thing! Anyone starting to feel like an Indian? Do you start to feel like a bombed out neighborhood in Syria? The hard-working, Entertainment Empire-loving Libertarians are going for the throat!

Weatherman's picture

The average expense of one

The average expense of one session of Congress cost taxpayers more then five million dollars. (old NYT report). Congressional pay and benefits (plus retirement pay, health care, personal spending accounts, spousal benefits, etc.) is estimated to be in excess of SIX BILLION dollars per year... give or take a little. Not a large sum comparatively speaking... Certainly enough expense to justify shutting Congress down! They are just not worth the expense...

Waste, fraud, and abuse

Waste, fraud, and abuse indeed. Let's start by shutting down Congress and sending the whole lot packing. When, and if, they get home they can answer to their constituents why there is no mail, social security, transportation, medicare, etc. I can't wait to hear the explanation, especially since the Federal Reserve will still be buying back junk mortgage backed securities from the banksters (QE whatever).

This is an attack on Social

This is an attack on Social Security - they passed increased spending for the military with the Fiscal Cliff baloney. There is no talk of cutting it. There is no talk of cutting Foreign Aid. Nothing on the ware on drugs ( not even with the annual increased poppy cultivation in Afghanistan ( year after year after yeaar)).
Do you hear a whisper of the SECRET BUDGETS OF WASH-ING-TON????
Where's the talk of the space program - - we paid for the space program and we pay for any discoveries descovered - - selling and charging us twice - coming and going.
. . the alternative is to give in to the my way or the hgighway GESTAPO - as much as people find that title offensive its the truth. WHAT is the alterative if the republicans are not confronted....where is the relief aid for storm SANDY - - - americans un concerned about fellow americans???? Gee, they voteed themselves pay raises....
increased military spending with 0ver 800 military installations world-wide - DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE........increased foreign aid for "ENDURING PRESENCE" LONG TERM BASES IN AFGHANISTAN ?? DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.........THEY WEREN'T PAID ENOUGH "FOR THE WORK THEY DON'T DO???" DOESN'T MAKE SENSE....

And don't forget that

And don't forget that infrastructure jobs bill! If there was one good thing about old hat economics, it was that they put out an equation on how different money transfers affect the economy.... and what you will find is that government spending is every bit as good as investment from the people... note I say people, because in a downturn, the rich don't invest... they have not invested for about seven years now. The only thing keeping this economy afloat is that Obama is keeping the rest of us feeling like we CAN afford to live and buy those appliances so we don't have to go back to fireplace cooking and line drying. DEMAND FUELS our economy. DEMAND INCREASES when people have jobs. DOWNTURNS CUT OFF NORMAL CHANNELS of investment. WE MUST HAVE A JOBS BILL.... especially since it has been shown that we get five times the circulation of those same dollars in a DOWNTURN JOBS BILL. It is a BREAKEVEN phenomenon. We get it back in new taxes... and the world keeps on moving.

it is amazing the amount of

it is amazing the amount of columns,postings,etc by people who do not have a clue on budget more than enuf $$ come in to pay interest,military,basic services [medicare and medicare are not budget items that is just an obama scare tatic] bho should take 1 day off from golf and get with his advisor and come up with a proposal and get senator hairy to agree yes anono looks like she went to pelooski's doctor

OLDHAT, Government is

OLDHAT, Government is equivalent with civilization. Decipherable grammar is equivalent with at least a reputable high school education.
Anything "under" the OLDHAT?

Good one, woetopoe!

Good one, woetopoe!

woetopoe is a disgrace to

woetopoe is a disgrace to whatever school it went too

and you, OLDHAT, you DO have

and you, OLDHAT, you DO have a clue?
Please write back in complete sentences using English that follow rules of English grammar so we can divine your wisdom.
Do you think that national government budgets are constrained, or even ought to be constrained, to work on the same principles that household budgets do?

sorry i abbreviate some words

sorry i abbreviate some words --if you had command of the english language you would understand . please tell me your natve tongue and i will try to translate into it.

Never in my adult life (I'm

Never in my adult life (I'm 76) have I heard such stupidity. Have these people no clue as to what would ensue if the proposal she espouses were to be taken? First, let's look at the default proposal. There are $16.3 Trillion in US paper held around the world. A large portoin is held here at home by banks, state governments, retirement funds, insurance companies and other financial institutions. The largest holder of US debt is the Social Security Trust Fund. Then there are the national banks of other countries like Great Britan, China, Saudi Arabia and many more who hold trillions of dollars as reserve currancy.
So what happens if the US defaults? On the first day the credit rating of the US falls but everyone sits tight to see what happens next. On the second day, holders of large quantities of US debt begin to sell some of it off fearing further declines in value. On the third day, panic begins to set in as the market value of these assets plummits. By the fourth day the selling frenzie becomes accute. The rush to unload paper at any price brings economic activity to a halt. Credit markets are frozen. Stock prices fall rapidly and business begins to shut down. By the fifth day, governments around the world are looking for ways to preserve some liquidity. National borders are closed, military forces are called up and panic begins to appear in many places around the world. If it continues into the second week, governments begin to collapse and fighting breaks out. Sound extreme? Maybe, but only the timing is off a little. Still think that allowing the US Government to default is good idea?
As for shutting down the US government: which parts did you have in mind? Just the parts that you don't like? Consider that there are about 2 million federal employees plus 1.7 million military personnel. That is almost 4 million folks who would be without a paycheck. Instant recession! Shut off just the social safety network and you produce the same effect from the other side. Turn off just Social Security payments. That's about 38 million people with sudden loss of most or all of their income. Same result, recession. The entire concept is utter nonsense. It is the talk of people with no knowledge or idea of what they are talking about. Any member of congress who even thinks such stupid thoughts should be impeached and run out of town. It would be suicide for both the US and the developed world. Please, please, let's stop this nonsense.

How would teabaggers and

How would teabaggers and Republicans like it if people who owed them money stiffed them?!

Shut down the Republican Congresspeople's salaries, benefits, pensions, and special retirement health care benefits -- they shouldn't be paid for obstructing the payment of services rendered and goods delivered.

This Rep. will take the

This Rep. will take the bribe. Watch and see. Tea party isn't about principals it's about cash. Just offer more than the Koch brothers and they will sell out.

It's hard to believe that an

It's hard to believe that an educated, three-term elected official would offer up a proposal such as "shutting down" the government. Does she know, sense, or even understand the short or long-term impact of even considering such a proposal? God help her constituents.

The ignorance shown by this

The ignorance shown by this group is astounding. Let's start the cuts by cutting her salary and all her benefits as well as all of congress. If they do manage to bring the disaster they seem to want, they will be the first to cry and blame it on everyone else.

This would imply that the

This would imply that the Congresswoman (who also wants to take all govt. money from Planned Parenthood) is willing, along with her allies, to give up all perks and benefits (including healthcare for her and family), and go to work in the private sector they are so enamored with. No government=No job. And, of course, no unemployment insurance.

I'm all for "shutting down"

I'm all for "shutting down" parts of the government...especially the most wasteful, fraudulent and abusive bits!

Let's start with the phony "war on drugs(tm)", "war on terror(tm)" and most of the egregious and self-damaging war budget! That would take care of the "deficit" right there and leave a bonus to deal with climate change, infrastructure, education and the social contract!

Then replace the failed USAmerican for-profit corporate sick care system with a REAL Health Care system like the rest of the industrialized nations have done and -- voila! -- we'd take care of the debt in no time as well.

"Shutting down" what parts of

"Shutting down" what parts of the government? Obviously given her approach we need to keep funding for mental health in place! Bring ALL of the troops home - not only from Bush's illegal war in Iraq, but from Afghanistan as well. And then let's look at Germany, Japan, Okinawa, and all the other areas where we have troops, equipment and the like. Balanced budget almost immediately?

The facelift hasn't done her

The facelift hasn't done her any justice. She should have went to Palin's plastic surgeon. But maybe a brain implant would. It'll go with her gray roots.

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