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Grassroots: After GMO Labeling Shot Down, Citizens Start Labeling Themselves

Anthony Gucciardi
Natural Society / News Report
Published: Thursday 15 November 2012
When government legislation is shot down through corruption, it becomes a grassroots responsibility to take action and make a real change.
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Activists and concerned citizens around the world have had enough with corrupt corporations censoring their right to know what’s in their food, and frankly they’re beyond upset. And if the government will not side with the 90 plus percentage of consumers who are in favor of GMO labeling, then they are going to do it themselves.

As it turns out, many are doing just that through the ‘DIY’ GMO labeling campaign known as ‘The Label It Yourself Campaign’. Sporting a skull with cornstalks for crossbones, the DIY labels inform customers as to whether or not a product ‘may’ include GMO ingredients or most certainly does.

Below is one label taken from the campaign website that activists are now placing on products found in grocery stores, homes of friends and family (to incite discussion), and just about everywhere else:


gmolabelingsticker 345x345 Grassroots: After GMO Labeling Shot Down, Citizens Start Labeling Themselves


People Will Not Stand for Corporate Food Lies Any Longer

With 80% or more of many staple crops like corn and soybeans already genetically modified, there is a large chance that most products containing these ingredients (or deriviatives) does indeed contain GMOs. Even more so for highly processed high-fructose corn syrup and other harmful ingredients which are arguably modified 100% of the time. You can print out the labels from the campaign website and stick them on products for yourself.

With a lack of real GMO labeling thanks to dirty tricks by pro-GMO groups like No on 37, grassroots initiatives are the only methods of alerting the public to what they are putting into their mouths. Pro-GMO campaigns have impersonated and illegally used the FDA seal, posed as phony cop and democrat groups, and poured more than $45 million into keeping consumers into the dark.

Now, citizens are fighting back through peaceful grassroots initiatives. As a picture from one Treehugger blog shows, consumers are honestly labeling processed foods across the shelves of international grocers.

As for the legal aspect? The Label It Yourself Campaign states:


“At the moment, the law protects misinformation and private property above truth-telling, and public well-being…”


Meanwhile, corporations like Monsanto continue to pump out GMOs that have been time and time again linked to disease, environmental disaster, and even the center of ‘slave labor‘ issues. When government legislation is shot down through corruption, it becomes a grassroots responsibility to take action and make a real change.

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ABOUT Anthony Gucciardi

Anthony is an accomplished investigative journalist whose articles have appeared on top news sites and have been read by millions worldwide. A health activist and researcher, Anthony’s goal is informing the public as to how they can use natural methods to revolutionize their health, as well as exploring the behind the scenes activity of the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA.

Many of us used to be open to

Many of us used to be open to evidence and discussion on the possible merits of particular GMOs. After all, GMO companies patent their organisms and, to farmer and food processors, they go to the trouble and expense of advertising and bragging about their GMOs' allegedly superior qualities.

But here in California, confronted with Prop 37, they went massively bi-polar, and spent tens of millions of bucks to contradict their own advertising: to conceal the presence of their allegedly wondrous GMOs. So now, from sheer precaution, many of us will avoid all GMOs - and insofar possible other products from corporations that sell GMO-laced foods. (By the way, the Organic Consumer Assn site now has a list of anti-Prop-37 donor corporations whose opportunistic product portfolios include organic and 'natural' foods.)

Not having a clue when they were well off, these arrogant corporations fought Prop. 37's call for minimal and non-judgmental - not warning - labeling. It will serve these corporations right that in coming years all indications of GMOs - or even the lack of 'no-GMOs' labels - will universally be taken as toxicity warnings.

Nedlong, I hope very much

Nedlong, I hope very much that the Californians who voted against labeling learn how they were duped by that unindicted felon Rove and vote for labeling when the next ballot occurs.

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How the Hell did this

How the Hell did this initiative get shot down? Something doesn't smell right in California.
People first

Re jon's remarks, I can

Re jon's remarks, I can understand where you're coming from. Living in Ca and experiencing the campaign and trying to educate a small populated rural-like county, i found that many folks did care and appreciated our educating folks outside grocery stores and post offices. But there are a lot of poor people here, too, who either don't care or just don't have the resources to learn from and are just trying to keep food on their table each day even if it has to come from WalMart (if you want to call that food!). But the anti-Prop 37 ads were atrocious--bombarding the people with lies such as 'it will cost you $400 a year to label GMOs' and simply 'the prop is poorly written' via TV and the mail...oh, the mail. And the people bought it. When you spend $9 million (which at one time wasn't something to sneeze at for a grassroots effort) vs the $45 million corporations spent, it truly is an uphill battle. But battle we will do and labeling GMOs one day shall prevail as it does in Europe.

The lies and propaganda from

The lies and propaganda from the GMO-lobby certainly are a huge obstacle to informing the public. The difference between the US and Europe is that no one here (Europe) would ever believe any of that propaganda or for that matter that Romney had a plan to create jobs which many American voters seemed to believe. The propaganda machine in the US is well-oiled and unfortunately working as intended.

It is not only GMO labeling

It is not only GMO labeling but regular ingredients on which there exists dubious labeling. Now that many consumers avoid sugar, food companies use creative twists of language: "sucrose," "cane sugar," "natural sugar," and get this: "natually milled sugar." As one of the corn industry's own ads state, "Sugar is sugar" - only they say that to let you know high fructose corn syrup is not something's just sugar. So, again we see the manipulative power of rhetoric.

On another front of the same battle with sugar, some of the ethnic stores in cities carry products like aloe vera juice that say no sugar, yet one 24 ounce bottle has 700 calories. Aloe vera, pectin and citric acid alone would have maybe 30 calories, so there has to be sugar. I am worried a diabetic would pick up these items and go into a coma. I told my state food and drug dep't as much. And certain items misrepresent the calorie count. My Russian food store does this inflating of calories. It goes the other way...people on diets will not buy items they think are off the charts when they are not. Pomegranate juice listed at 150 calories at 20 servings in a 37.8 ounce jug - really?!

Let's demand safe labeling of sugar and calories to protect diabetics and overweight people.

I have boycotted anything

I have boycotted anything with corn or soy in it. If consumers stop using corn/soy and its products for one year, the GMO companies would likely be forced to change their ways... Best way to hit them is in their pocketbooks. They buy governments and their decisions, we stop cooperating or using their products. We are 99%. They are 1%. Do the math!

It is hard to argue that 90%

It is hard to argue that 90% of consumers want labeling when California just voted not to label. One could argue that not even 50% of consumers give this issue a second thought and of the ones who do only maybe half (this is a generous estimate) are in favor of labeling. The basis problem here is that most people are completely ignorant/stupid about this issue, as the referendum in CA has proved. It is not possible to force such people to act in their self interest.

Jon, Californians and Prop 37

Jon, Californians and Prop 37 were targeted with a $40 Million-plus campaign of lies by Dow and Monsanto. In some of the most urban counties thousands of votes have not been counted (shades of Florida). It is amazing that Prop 37 did so well.
The hundreds of million of dollars that Karl Rove, the unindicted felon, ushered into this last election fizzled on impact; this means that voters are wising up to the truth that bad products need massive advertising to stay afloat.
Power to clandestine labeling. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the little skull-and-cob stickers.

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