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Richard (RJ) Eskow
Published: Thursday 6 October 2011
“I’m publicly offering to buy the man a beer, at the time and place of his choosing, with no strings attached and if he’s willing, I’ll do something else too: I’ll take him to an Occupy Wall Street demonstration.”

Hank Williams, Jr: Bring Him Back, Buy Him A Beer - And Invite Him to #OccupyWallStreet

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By now everybody knows that Hank Williams, Jr. was suspended from ESPN and Monday Night Football for that strange and now infamous interview where he seemed to compare the President of the United States to Adolf Hitler. I say: Bring Hank back. Bring him back with no conditions, limitations, fines, fees, or rules.

What's more, I'm publicly offering to buy the man a beer, at the time and place of his choosing, with no strings attached.

And if he's willing, I'll do something else too: I'll take him to an Occupy Wall Street demonstration. That'd get him off that weak, corporate-brewed Tea Party tea and onto the hard stuff (caffeine, that is). We all need some of that, because it's time to wake up and smell the coffee: The big banks and corporations are ripping us off, and we’re being distracted by big media, big banks, and big money.

You said what?!?

I'm not defending his comments. The man they call "Bocephus" said a dumb, offensive thing. But if I refused to watch football with anybody who ever said something dumb, I wouldn't watch very much football. And you don't change anybody's mind by closing them out.

Besides, firing people because they said something you don't like doesn't feel a whole lot like free speech to me.

One takeaway is, Don’t ask Hank Williams Jr. any questions before noon. From the looks of him he wasn’t hitting on all cylinders. And if you want misguided economic and political analysis, the airwaves are filled with people who do it professionally. Don’t try it at home, kids.

But give the man a break. Give him his gig back, then tell him why you think he’s wrong.

Another Family Tradition

Maybe I come at this a little differently because I played in country bands for so many years. I used to spend my days at the World Bank or the State Department, then spend my nights singing in biker bars or "Iron Horse conventions" in Virginia or West Virginia or Maryland. We got a lot of request for Hank Jr's songs in those bars, almost as much as for David Allan Coe's.

Compared to the people there, Hank Jr. is an effin' Noam Chomsky.

I was born almost nine months to the day after Hank's daddy died, so I used to think that maybe some of him got reincarnated in me - that is, until I started writing songs and shot that theory down. And my brother John wrote a great profile of Hank Jr. in the 1970's. All of that made me predisposed to go easy on the guy.

But this isn't really about any personal biases for or against the man himself. The point is, we need to learn to disagree like we’re having a family quarrel and not a war of attrition. Yes, it sounded like Hank Jr. was saying Obama was a traitor. But it's not a reason to treat him like one.

Besides, I bet Gandhi would buy him a beer. Gandhi tried to get along with everybody..

What was the question again?

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t live to meet famous people. And it's not like I can't live without Hank's ESPN song. I like it well enough, except for that line "Are you ready for some football?" Shouldn't the answer be self-evident? Of course I'm ready for some football, or I'd be watching the Food Channel!

But the song's part of the Monday Night ritual now. And it's a good gig for Bocephus, I imagine. You don't win people over to your side by punishing them. You win some of them over by, to use a Homer Simpson expression, "beering" them.

Hank Jr. should be open to this offer. After all, he’s the guy who sang "Why Can't We All Get a Long Neck,” where he suggests that the whole world work out its differences by getting drunk and dancing in a honky-tonk.

I don’t drink anymore - which means I don’t dance anymore either - but I’ll still buy the man a beer while I drink a cup of coffee.

Not tea; coffee.

Teed Off

Here's part of the statement Hank Jr. released the next day: "Working class people are hurting – and it doesn’t seem like anybody cares. When both sides are high-fiving it on the ninth hole when everybody else is without a job – it makes a whole lot of us angry. Something has to change. The policies have to change.”

It just so happens that I agree with every word of that. So do a lot of people.

Hank Jr. was way out of line about Obama, but he's right here. "Bipartisanship" has brought us nothing but trouble lately, because it means something different in Washington that it means in the rest of the country. Outside the Beltway, "bipartisanship" can be seen in the poll numbers that show that most people, including 76% of Tea Party members, are against cutting Social Security to lower the deficit. Yet the two men on that gold cart, Barack Obama and John Boehner, nearly cut a deal to do exactly that.

Obama’s shifting gears now. His jobs act would put a lot of people back to work, but it's going to take hard work to cut through the right-wing noise machine and explain that to people like Hank Williams, Jr.

Here’s a message that’s easier to deliver: This country needs a lot more of our "bipartisanship" - we want more jobs, no cuts to Social Security or Medicare - and less of their "bipartisanship," which ends up with deals that only serve the interests of corporations and billionaire-funded "think tanks."

Sold American

Here's something else Hank Jr. said the next day: "Every time the media brings up the tea party it’s painted as racist and extremists – but there’s never a backlash – no outrage to those comparisons…"

Some of us have been saying for a long time that we need to talk to Tea Party folks, rather than insult them, because they're angry about some of the same things we are. We said there was trouble brewing in 2009, when country singer John Rich wrote "Shuttin' Detroit Down" and got Mickey Roarke and lefty hero Kris Kristofferson to act in the video. There was genuine rage out there, and we were warning people that somebody was going to tap into it.

The corporations did - with money from the Koch Brothers and the services of longtime Republican Party hacks like Dick Armey.

Gotta give 'em credit: They saw an unfilled market niche - anger at the banks that robbed the rest of us - and filled it with policies that help those very same banks.

24-Hour Party People

When Obama decided to echo some of the banks' and corporations' talking points and policies, it only helped the banks fool the Tea Party folks. Most Tea Partiers are good people who know they’ve been shafted. They’ve just been tricked into blaming the wrong people.

Now the President and some other Democrats seem to be changing their tune. I’d say give some of them a chance. I’m not a political party operative, but one thing's for sure: The Republicans aren't the answer. If Democrats have been too willing to give Wall Street a pass, the Republicans have been standing at the bankers' tables like waitresses, steno pads in hand, ready to take their orders and serve them up with a smile.

Mitt Romney? John Boehner? Rick Perry? All they know how to do is walk up to Wall Street executives and say “May I tell you about today’s specials?”

The Real Deal

Not that I'll bend Hank's ear about this stuff. We can just talk music, or football. Or if he'd rather drink with someone he knows, I'll nominate songwriter Bobby Braddock. He's right there in Nashville, a brave, lone liberal who makes a lot of sense. (Plus he wrote "Would They Love Him in Shreveport," a must-hear for right-thinking followers of the real Jesus that loves the poor.)

But they really should see Occupy Wall Street. It's what the Tea Party pretends to be: An uprising of real people who know they've gotten a raw deal and are determined to make things right. They've already won over some Marines and the tough, hard-working folks in the Transit Workers Union. They're the real deal.

So I hope Hank Jr. takes me up on my offer. But I do have to warn him: I'll start by saying, "You said a dumb thing, Bocephus." That's what Americans do when they're having an argument. That's what family does. We fight each other - but we don't fire each other.

So why can’t we all get a long neck – or for some of us, a strong cup of coffee? Hell, I’ll even buy the man a cup of tea if he insists. Why? Because it's like they say: Just 'cause he's wrong doesn't mean he's not family.

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ABOUT Richard (RJ) Eskow

Richard (RJ) Eskow is a well-known blogger and writer, a former Wall Street executive, an experienced consultant, and a former musician. He has experience in health insurance and economics, occupational health, benefits, risk management, finance, and information technology.

nobody cares about some black

nobody cares about some black singing dude vointg for another black dude not beause he is qualified or not but because he is black.yet a white person is considered racist if they vote for a white guy and not black.

It has been said that you can

It has been said that you can stay silent and some will think you are an idiot or you can speak out and prove it. You can't fix stupid.

In having no concern to

In having no concern to follow the exploits of one of wall street's prostituted for profit drunken monkey circus acts, your assumption that "everyone" knows the details of the basis for your column turns it into nothing more than another self edifying intoxicated baboon's butt rant justifying and enabling the abuses of alcohlism, drug addiction and corporate funded societal exploitation, retardation and degradation. If you're unaware by now that monday night football is nothing more than a for profit corporate propoganda pageant, and that Williams essentially got fired for biting the Big Bank hand that feeds him, you need to cut the denial that you no longer drink and find your local AA meeting.

DUANE ALFORD's picture

buh bye bigoted redneck,your

buh bye bigoted redneck,your 1st amendment rights are in tact.

People don't think before

People don't think before they act and don't realize that sometimes these selfish actions affect many, sometimes hundreds of people. Think of all the people who are now out of this paying gig that they had. Lighting and sound techs, band members, set constructors, camera ops, and hey, how about the millions of us who enjoyed the opening of Monday Night Football with his Are you ready for some football? I'll personally miss it but I feel for those who due to Hank jr's sense of entitlement and lack of control are now out of a job.

I don't think the

I don't think the Teanderthals protested the bank bailouts, instead, they hated the car industry bailout because those companies are union. I never saw any signs criticizing Goldman-Sachs, etc. Perhaps I missed them because of the incredibly poor spelling by the T-Pigs! People may paint the critique of their spelling as trivial, but I think it demonstrates that the Teabaggers are incredibly dumb.

Most T-Pigs are ignorant,

Most T-Pigs are ignorant, authoritarian jerks.

By the way, the US is an "at

By the way, the US is an "at will" employment nation. Actually, he didn't loose a job, although he may have lost royalties, which are much like capital gains on artistic works. It's sad that so many people don't understand that the Bill of Rights only applies to government. I'm required to take a drug test for many construction jobs and I have to empty my pockets, the equivalent of a search, before the test. You hang your rights up at the door when you enter private enterprise. This also applies to consumers. Get too loud complaining at a store, you may be arrested.

Hank Williams, Jr. is a no

Hank Williams, Jr. is a no talent loudmouth redneck jerk riding his daddy's coattails. The first amendment only applies to governments. You have no constitutional right to be employed by a TV show.

Hank Jr. does have a

Hank Jr. does have a constitutional right to say anything he likes and in a capitalist system ESPN has a right to get rid of an embarrassment. Which he was. He was out to slander Obama on Fox News.....which of course they tend to encourage guests to do, and maybe they also encouraged him to get drunk before coming on, he was defiantly primed up. The Tea Party right wingers are political morons, seems Hank Jr. fits that mold and proves he's pretty much toxic and a loser. Your saying we shouldn't condemn an ignorant, narrow minded drunk because his father was a genius. He would be nothing with out his name. I have always felt Hank Jr. was very limited musically and intellectually.

Hank Jr. does have a

Hank Jr. does have a constitutional right to say anything he likes and in a capitalist system ESPN has a right to get rid of an embarrassment. Which he was. He was out to slander Obama on Fox News.....which of course they tend to encourage guests to do, and maybe they also encouraged him to get drunk before coming on, he was defiantly primed up. The Tea Party right wingers are political morons, seems Hank Jr. fits that mold and proves he's pretty much toxic and a loser. Your saying we shouldn't condemn an ignorant, narrow minded drunk because his father was a genius. He would be nothing with out his name. I have always felt Hank Jr. was very limited musically and intellectually.

Trisha Ward-Allen's picture

Throw the bum to the curb.

Throw the bum to the curb. Obviouslly he is not aware it is 2011!!!!!I thought his was a great start to my favorite sport of football, but civil rights and the daily grind of CIVILITY must be mastered, even by those who believe they are entitled. Money should buy so much more than what this has been has to offer.NO thanks.

I disagree with the opinion

I disagree with the opinion of Hank Jr. being fired violated his right of Freedom of Speech. Just as Hank Jr. chose to express his feelings about Obama being similar to Hitler on Fox News, ESPN chose to subsequently terminate the use of his services.. Each had their respective right to do as they individually did.

With freedom comes responsibility.. The two go hand in hand.. With freedom comes consequences that choices made by exercising one's right to use the freedom that they have been granted.. The consequences can be good, acceptable, tolerated, or, they can be detrimental.. One who choices to exercise that freedom must or should be mature enough to understand those consequences. Whether Hank Jr. understood the consequences that could or would result from what he was about to utter is unknown Thus the saying about, engaging your mind before engaing your mouth comes into play... Too oftern in the heat of passion that reminder is not in the forefront of one's mind. Again, merely throwing out comments can be hazardous..

It seems to me that somewhere along the way being respectful has been replaced by bluntness or relying on our freedom to say whatever we happen to feel or want to express.. My upbringing, since I was born in the mid 30's, was to be respectful of others. The term "Political Correctness" has come about. Many folks take on "PC " means being on tippy toes , being mindful that you don't say anything offensive. Also, my having been Southern borne, "PC" nor , being mindful about being offensive only applied to being around women folk... Using racial derogatory speech was quite acceptable..

It seems to me that being respectful is not acceptable anymore. Now it's "acceptable" to say whatever your feel or want to say (the Hell with being "PC") as along as you "apologize" afterwards.. Like, "You must understand that he was drunk when he peed on your sofa". Or, " You know in the heat of the moment he wasn't aware of what he was saying. He surely didn't mean or intend label your wife as being a ho." Suddenly we, the offend, must take on the mantle of being all understanding... all forgiving of the offender.

Hank Jr. did what he did. ESPN did what they did.. Each was entitled to do as they chose. Each will bear the brunt of their respective choices..

if you bring his to Occupy

if you bring his to Occupy WallStreet make sure he is conherent and in line with the issues being expressed there. Otherwise keep him and all the other full and part time politicians away. This movement is not about trying to make famous people more famous just by showing up

Brooklyn Dame's picture

The beauty of the

The beauty of the Constitution is that it allows for anyone to say (nearly) anything, however distasteful, s/he pleases. That said, it becomes tiresome to sit down and throw back a beer with people who refuse to be confused with facts.

Amen, Brother!! Just because

Amen, Brother!! Just because we don't like what he says, does not mean he CAN'T say it..... That is what being an American is about. I love Obama and would not have said something so dumb, but he said it and he has that right per OUR Constitution!!

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