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High School Students Take Keystone XL Opposition Directly to The State Department

Michael Greenberg
Tar Sands Action / News Report
Published: Tuesday 11 October 2011
An intrepid group of high school students took the “No KXL!” message directly to the State Department.
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Tar Sands Students, a newly formed group of high school students who oppose construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, partook in its first action last Thursday: a meeting with Assistant Secretary of State Kerri-Ann Jones.

No environmental group has yet obtained a meeting with a State Department official who is higher than Jones, so it was notable that a high school group was given that level of access. Further indication that we were taken seriously is that Jones spent the full 50 minutes meeting with us, and also brought approximately eight other State Department employees to the meeting, among them her Principal Deputy, her Special Assistant, the Keystone XL Environmental Impact Statement Project Manager and National Environmental Protection Act Coordinator, and several policy analysts, assistants, and aides.

Going into the meeting, my hope was to completely convince Jones of the pipeline’s true perniciousness. Although we many not have done that, we did successfully convey our concern to Jones; she seemed receptive, cordial and interested. Our group combined broad emotional appeals with specific analytical points. For example, at one part of the meeting, a participant told Jones that approving the pipeline would mean prioritizing short-term jobs and energy over long-term population and planetary stability, while later, I put Jones on the spot by asking her, “if your claim, that oil companies will be able to exploit the same amount of oil with or without Keystone XL were true, how would you explain the fact that environmental groups are spending so much money to stop the pipeline, while oil companies are working furiously to get it approved?”

The size and diversity of the group that attended the meeting was a testament to how concerned young people are about this issue. Even though the meeting was scheduled less than 72 hours in advance, 29 students from 14 different high schools attended. The students came a total of six counties in Maryland, Virginia, and Texas, as well as from Washington, DC, and represented a Jewish school, a Catholic school, a Quaker school, a secular private school, a home school, and several magnet schools and conventional public schools. There were so many of us that most of the participants couldn’t fit at the conference table, and had to sit at the periphery of the room.

The Keystone XL would enable almost a million barrels of the continent’s dirtiest form of oil to be extracted, processed, and exported every day. Exacerbating this concern is the fact that production of tar sands oil is three times more energy intensive than production of conventional oil, the fact that an area of Canada’s boreal forest the size Florida will have to be clear cut for the tar sands to be fully exploited, and the fact that First Nations groups would face increased rates of cancer and other diseases as a result of the pollution that would be caused.

Approving the Keystone XL pipeline would be nothing less than a crime against the planet and its people. That is why Tar Sands Students took action once, and will soon be taking action again.

Go Students ! This is what

Go Students !

This is what you are up against.

Here's more ammo for you.


This story is not about glamorized or fictional piracy. This is, “real piracy.”

Hundreds of our wealthiest leaders and most powerful corporations know that in the next few years, they will be able to siphon, skim, and steal, so much “NEW CASH,” that they and their progeny will be ultra-rich for generations to come.

Welcome to the modern “Piratical Capitalism” movement. And, welcome to WAR!
No, this is not funny, or fiction, or a conspiracy, it is just simple greed and simple theft.
The new pirates of America have launched an all-out siege on us in order to capture, amass, and hold trillions of dollars for themselves.

All of the recent political power grabs and nonsensical debating is purely a slight-of-hand deflection. President Obama, Democrats, Republicans, the International Press, and even the Tea Party, are watching the tiny pea in the shell game…while the rich and powerful “Piratical Right” is stealing America right out from under us.

Consider that their combined total plunder from corporate flipping, downsizing, offshore labor, speculation, price fixing of oil and energy plus, corruption in defense, health care, banking, student loans, foreclosures, etc., etc., is a trillion dollar treasure for these pirates.
Go ahead, put your own calculator to it.

Are they smarter than we are? Yes, and they are laughing at us. I, we, you, and all of us, have not been able see the big picture of what is happening to our own country and to our own people. The rape and theft of America, has been cleverly packaged, promoted, and sold under the guise of “cost-cutting,” “deregulation,” and “free enterprise.”

The “Piratical Right” is directly responsible for millions of people dying, getting sick, losing their jobs and homes, losing their ability to fight, their spirit, and even losing their will to live. The sick smell of this carnage now permeates the air across America.

To us, this is all unimaginable, because we look for some sense or the morality of things. These modern-day American pirates however, have no moral compass. They are devoid of any conscience, humanity or soul, and are feeding on the flesh of the American people.

Don’t look to the President, the Senate, Congress, the press, or any political party to help. Sadly, they just don’t see it, don’t care, or are part of it. “We the people” are on our own. Start asking questions. Demand answers. If we don’t fight back America…who will?

History has taught us how to stop piracy.

By Mr. S. Pimpernel 10/10/2011

Background: I have secretly worked inside of a famous Right Wing organization plus, have 30+ years working with the Fortune 100 and face-to-face with their Presidents. If anyone thinks my comments are over-the-top, then I suggest they put a couple of good researchers and accountants on it and crunch their own numbers.

Bravo to the youth, the great

Bravo to the youth, the great awakening of human consciousness is in full swing! The time for positive change is upon us! The LION SLEEPS NO MORE!

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