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Imprinted: Kids’ Brains “Branded” with Fast-Food Logos

Elizabeth Renter
Natural Society / News Report
Published: Sunday 3 February 2013
With an estimated 1 in 6 United States children being obese, this is certainly concerning.
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If you think the millions that fast food restaurants spent on commercials don’t have a profound effect  on our brains, you may be in for a surprise. It turns out their logos are having a serious impact on the brain—in particular, the brains of children.

According to a study from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and the University of Kansas Medical Center, children’s brains are being branded early on in life—even before they know how to read. While we can’t blame logos solely for the childhood obesity problem, there is little doubt that a the association a child’s brain makes with these logos could be having an effect on their relationship with food.

The study analyzed children’s brains when being shown food logos. The children, ages 10 to 14, were shown 120 logos—60 of them food-related and 60 of them non-food-related.  Using MRI technology, the researchers monitored their brains for activity. When shown food logos, the children’s brain activity was significantly increased compared to when they were shown non-food logos.

Specifically, the areas of the brain controlling rewards and appetite control “lit up” when shown the food logos, similarly to how they would if they were shown actual food.

To call this “worrisome” (as the researchers did) is putting it mildly.

“Some research finds that children identify the golden arches for McDonald’s before they know the letter M,” said Dr. Amanda Bruce.

In children, the areas of the brain governing self-control are not yet formed. When the logos of these disease promoters like McDonald’s are imprinted on the brain before self-control is developed, the results could be tragic.

According to Bruce:

The theory is the increase in risk-taking behavior in adolescence is attributed to uneven development in brain regions associated with cognitive control and emotional drive. … The brains of children are ‘imprinted’ with food logos. Without the necessary inhibitory processes to aid in decision-making, youth are particularly susceptible to making poor choices about what to eat.

There is no question that advertising and entertainment are shaping countless people’s minds – especially children. In western society, the subconscious mind of the individual is often subject to a number of heavy influences, through entertainment mediums especially. Television, movies, music, and of course, advertisements, create a profound subconscious effect on the human mind that influences and helps to dictate the choices that they will make.

With an estimated 1 in 6 United States children being obese, this is certainly concerning. Add to that the fact that many American parents underestimate the risks of an overweight child, and we have a recipe for raising another obese generation.

So let's make sure our little

So let's make sure our little kids never watch advertisements. Turn off the tube!

--- Steve

Expecting corporations to put

Expecting corporations to put people before profits is irrational; the law has to step in and draw the lines.

While I definitely believe

While I definitely believe that we need to make our kids and teens exercise much much more, marketing fast food and other junk food to young kids should be a crime. I know that in some countries such things are illegal, such as giving away a free toy with a fast food meal. I believe San Francisco proposed such a law too, although I do not know if it actually passed or was implemented.

No doubt the cancervative

No doubt the cancervative pro-rape argument applies here as well. Like a woman's body will shut down to prevent a pregnancy from, the human digestive system will shutdown to prevent the absorbtion of unhealthy foods and poisons. Therefore, since people who live on McDooDoo's don't look at all like they're starving, McDooDoo's food must be healthy and nutritious and rape a good thing since it doesn't cause unwanted pregnancies and abortions like conscentual sex. It's simple Reaganlogics.

This is another nail in the

This is another nail in the coffin of "just say no." It's not a level consumer playing field for we are purposefully and slyly being brain manipulated for profits. We can't even get proper labeling so how is it we have choice? Telling us we have choice is almost like blaming the victim as in you asked me to do this to you.
The average person on the street doesn't have a psychologist, neuroscientist or market researcher following along with them to help them make choices so as to always see clearly what greedy capitalists are up to. It is not a free market but it is profits before people.

The food industry couldn't

The food industry couldn't care less about the people or the poison they use in all the fast food, junk food, in the snack shops, restaurants and on the super markets shelfs all over the U.S.A. and the world... It is Profits before People..

Well Duh! Ding a bell and the

Well Duh! Ding a bell and the dog salivates. Pavlov figured that out long ago, as did advertisers. Everyone else just now figuring out that we're just trained circus animals and pets???

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