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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thousands of emails from Oklahoma office of Trump EPA administrator Scott Pruitt published

The emails shed new light on the relationship between Pruitt and the sphere of advocacy outfits and legal groups funded by Koch Industries' billionaires Charles and David Koch.

Fracking caused 6,648 spills in four states alone, Duke study finds

Most spills occurred in the the first three years of a well's life.

The student-built website that keeps government climate data safe

Since Trump’s election, scientists have been scrambling to save climate change data sets. And one Michigan graduate student thought the more copies, the better.

Wind power sets new record: Briefly provides majority of electricity for 14-state grid

In 2016, wind power was the largest U.S. source of renewable electric capacity and is now the country’s fourth-largest energy source.

James Baldwin and the meaning of whiteness

“There are days, this is one of them, when you wonder what your role is in this country and what your future is in it.”

Brazil becomes the newest country to refuse GMO imports from the United States

As of 2015 there were 38 countries that had banned GM crops.

Fracking caused Pennsylvania earthquakes, new report confirms

The disposal of wastewater produced from fracking has led to the alarming increase of earthquakes.

House passes NRA-backed bill legalizing the killing of bear cubs in wildlife refuges

“Killing hibernating bears, shooting wolf pups in their dens, and chasing down grizzlies by aircraft and then shooting them on the ground is not the stuff of some depraved video game.”

Dakota Access owner says pipelines safer than rail yet owns rail hub connected to...

“Both oil-by-rail and pipelines are dangerous. The argument that one is safer than the other is simply a distraction.”

Colorado attorney general sues Boulder County to end fracking ban

Records show that energy companies have spent millions of dollars to stop the anti-fracking measures.