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Friday, January 20, 2017

Health care repeal is a stealth tax break for millionaires

If Obama's health law is reversed, taxes will go down for the rich and up for the poor, while millions lose coverage.

USDA grants final approval for Monsanto/Scotts’ genetically engineered grass

"USDA's approval of this genetically engineered grass is as dangerous as it is unlawful."

Media silence after water protectors and police clash on MLK Day

On MLKDay 2017 water protectors were shot at and tear gassed once again by law enforcement in riot gear.

Fighting the Black Snake at Two Rivers: How Standing Rock-style protest came to west...

The actions, along with arrests, will likely continue in the coming weeks and months.

Big protests are fine, but here’s a to-do list for lasting change

After the inauguration and the Women’s March on Washington, what comes next? To make real change, we’ll need to build power where we live.

When women revolted

The coming years promise grave challenges, but a revived feminist movement can move us in the right direction.

Monsanto, California battle over listing glyphosate as a carcinogen

Since Monsanto's lawsuit was filed, a number of organizations have intervened on both sides.

We can beat back the reign of Trump

It's up to us to stop playing along.

Even Trump voters are pissed about losing Obamacare

It still isn’t straightforward as to what the Republicans can actually do to Obamacare without some support from the Democrats.

Employment report: Solar employs more than coal, oil, and natural gas combined

Solar specifically employs the largest share of workers in the Electric Power generation sector.