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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

U.S. airstrikes killed 230 civilians in Mosul overnight

Over 130 civilians were killed in attack on a single building in western Mosul.

Doubling down on war in Yemen

It’s shocking how easily American Presidents make foreign policy decisions involving intervention in countries where Congress hasn’t declared war.

U.S. and UK ban laptops on Middle East flights

No electronic device larger than a smartphone is allowed on flights from these countries.

“Our water, our right”: 10 global struggles for public water

We bring you 10 inspiring stories of communities and cities working to reclaim public control over water and wastewater services from major private water multinationals.

Why spend $54 billion more on the Pentagon? To start a war, obviously.

The president apparently wants to put the U.S. on a permanent war footing to sustain his unpopular presidency.

Prepare, pursue, prevail!

Onward and upward with U.S. Central Command.

Amid spike in civilian deaths from U.S. strikes, Trump requests lifting policy limiting casualties

U.S. airstrikes has been escalating since Donald Trump took office two months ago.

Baiting the hermit kingdom: No change in North Korea policy under Trump

Diplomacy may take time and patience, but if policymakers would put as much faith into it as they do to the military solutions that we’ve seen fail time and again, we might see some progress in easing tensions in many of the world’s hotspots, including on the Korean Peninsula.

Kenya joins growing fight against plastic pollution

Kenya's plastic bag ban, which begins in September, will require sweeping changes to business as usual.

Women in the Changing World of Work – Planet 50-50 by 2030: What does...

Navigating the progression of gender equality to a sustainable future demands a change to institutional language.