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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

U.S. airstrikes killed 230 civilians in Mosul overnight

Over 130 civilians were killed in attack on a single building in western Mosul.

Doubling down on war in Yemen

It’s shocking how easily American Presidents make foreign policy decisions involving intervention in countries where Congress hasn’t declared war.

U.S. and UK ban laptops on Middle East flights

No electronic device larger than a smartphone is allowed on flights from these countries.

Why spend $54 billion more on the Pentagon? To start a war, obviously.

The president apparently wants to put the U.S. on a permanent war footing to sustain his unpopular presidency.

Amid spike in civilian deaths from U.S. strikes, Trump requests lifting policy limiting casualties

U.S. airstrikes has been escalating since Donald Trump took office two months ago.

Facing famine, 20 million people need food, not bombs

Famine in these four countries is avoidable.

Donald Trump meets the heir apparent of the Saudi throne: Oil boycott or bromance?

Trump is dedicated to keeping petroleum profitable as long as possible. This stance pleases Saudi Arabia.

The refugee crisis is a sign of a planet in trouble

We must shift the structures of society to ensure the Earth remains healthy and everyone has access to a decent livelihood.

The surge delusion

An Iraq War anniversary to forget.

American carnage

Fighting the forever war.